7 Month Old With Sleep Problems

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angelinakai - April 26

My son had been sleeping 8-9 hours since he was 3 months old, but for the last month, he has been waking up a lot... I was so sleepy when he first started doing it that I would just put him in our bed and nurse him until he fell back asleep... and boy did I mess up when I did that. Now, whenever he wakes up, he screams like crazy until I come into his room and pick him up. then he stops. he does this almost all night long! I have no idea what to do anymore. should i let him cry it out? if so, for how long? i tried last night and he cried on and off for over 2 hours. i went in there and tried to consol him over and over again and finally i nursed him and he slept the rest of the night. i dont feel like i should keep nursing him back to sleep whenever he wakes up and i dont want him in our bed anymore. please help!!!!!


first-timer - April 26

I had a similar situation as you, it was like I wrote this about a month ago. What I did was let him cry it out. I know that some don't believe in that but I felt that it was what would work in the situation and I could be a better mom because I was getting sleep. For the first night he cried an hour and a half but every night after that it got significantly less and less. Now believe it or not we can just lay him in his crib awake when he is tired and he cries for like two minutes and he is out. ( He has always been a stubborn sleeper ) He now sleeps through the night no problems! BUT you need to make the choice on how you are going to do it. If you do not have the strength ( because it is tough ) to listen to your son cry then don't do it. I just wanted you to be informed that it has worked for other moms out there if you did choose to do it because if you do it you will need to be able to tell yourself it is for the right reasons and it will work. GL!


angelinakai - April 27

thank you so much. I am going to try that. At this point, i am pretty desparate... he and I both have bags under our eyes every day and its just getting old. thank you for your reply!!!!



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