7 Month Old Won T Flip From Back To Tummy

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CgGirl - December 8

Hello ladies, as the t_tle says, my dd just won't go from back to tummy. I've tried putting toys out of reach, gently pushing her and congratulating her, etc... she is close but does anyone else have suggestions???


gabby509 - December 8

Does she roll at all? Is it that she just won't go from back to tummy or is it tummy to back as well? My ds is 6 months and he started rolling around 4 months and for about a month he would only go from back to tummy and then would cry until we put him back on his back. He now rolls all over the place so I think some babies just develop the skill a little sonner or later than others.


stefkay - December 8

I don't know...I'm interested to hear what everyone says. I've posted on this a lot. My daughter is 5 mos. today and won't roll either way. Does your dd roll from tummy to back at least?


jessb - December 8

My first dd didnt roll over either way until pretty late, like about 5 1/2-6 months. Even when she finally did it, she just didnt roll a whole lot. She went to crawling at 6 months and walking at 9 1/2 months. So she just wasnt a big "roller". I wouldnt worry if she is close, she will get it soon. Have you asked the doctor? They usually just tell you that all children are different and if she doesnt do it in a month or two then they will evaluate her....


CgGirl - December 8

Thanks ladies. I'm worried about it now! Yes, she does roll from tummy to back and has done so for at least 2 months...


amanda17 - December 8

My daughter rolled from tummy to back when she was 5 months, probably because she hated tummy time so much. She didn't roll over back to belly until a few days ago (6 months old) and she's still getting the hang of it. She only ever rolls to grab something then immediately rolls back. I've always said she just doesn't want to be on her belly so she has no reason to roll :)


Kiersten - December 9

Some babies just really don't like being on their tummies. My son loved rolling tummy to back, but would NOT go the other way for the longest time because it made him mad. I think it frustrates them to not see as much as they'd like. Ask your dd's pedi if you're worried, but I'm sure she'll pick it up soon! :)



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