7 Month Olds New Thread

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RB - May 26

hi girls - just wanted to start a new thread. lisab, here's what i was thinking - since kyler (great name also) is still br___tfeeding and is going to bed so early i would imagine that he's probably pretty hungry in the wee hours... the first thing i suggest is to cluster feed him. meaning, feed him at 4'ish and then again at bedtime so that he fills up a bit more than say eating 3 hours apart. i did this with nolan and it seemed to work when i first started sleep training him. the next thing i would try if that doesn't work (or maybe even combine the two) is give him a bottle of formula before bed since it will keep him fuller longer and takes longer to digest than br___tmilk... i'm not sure if you want to go the formula route but i found that when my son started having formula before bed, he slept longer... and since the pacifier won't work for him, i would suggest letting him cry it out when he does wake... it sucks and i could never really do it, but i've heard that it works - if you have the conviction to stick it out for a few nights... what's his bedtime now? i got nolan home late tonight since we went out for dinner and he was sooooo grumpy at the restaurant - the moment we got home and put him on his blanket to crawl around, he was happier than a pig in sh*t... anyhow, i didn't get him his bottle till 7 and he didn't fall asleep till 7:30 so i hope it won't be a 5am morning... he seems to get up earlier the later he goes to bed and vice versa... i really hope something i suggested works for kyler's night waking... is he getting enough to eat during the day? i've read that that helps with night waking but it's never really come into place for us...let me know how it goes...is kyler crawling yet?


LisaB - May 28

Sorrry we've had a crazy weekend, Kyler had a fever Friday and Saturday he seems to be doing better now. He eats really well during the day (for him) I think hes still needs the night feedings hes only in the 40% for weight and he was a little baby I am trying everything so thank you for your help. I don't want to give him formula I guess we'll stick with the cio and see what happens. Augh!!



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