7 Weeks And Only Breast Feeding Could I Be Drying Up

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TiffanyRae - October 4

Aloha everyone....I am seven weeks pp and only br___t feed. When my milk came in, about three days pp, and for the last six weeks I have had enough milk for my baby and probably three others!!! I mean I would feed DS for 15 minutes on each br___t...and still have about an ounce or two left to pump after he was done!! It was crazy! I would get engorged within an hour! But now the last four days or so my supply has REALLY dwindled. I still have enough for my DS but never enough to pump anything. They really never get engorged anymore either. I count on pumping a little bit here and there so I have backup when we are out and about and I can't BF. I guess my question is...what is causing this? I have finally gotten him on a schedule....he eats every three to three and a half hours....I have started taking the mini pill.....and since giving birth I am below my pre-pregnancy weight....could any of these changes be responsible? I am worried that I am drying up!!! I LOVE br___t feeding and want to do it for his first year! Any ideas would be appreciated!! Thanks ladies!


c_baer19 - October 4

Sounds like your supply is just evening out, my DD is 2 months now and I hardly ever feel engorged or heavy like I used to - your supply is just adjusting to your baby's needs!


jen327 - October 4

I think you are just fine. At about 6 weeks sometimes later, the baby goes through a growth spurt. So he is probably just using up what he needs. Your b___sts will make what is needed. I would not suggest pumping after a feeding unless you need to incrase the supply. Your baby will incrase it as he needs it. If you are b___stfeeding exclusivly there is no need to waste time pumping. Your body is a miraculous thing and will provide your baby just what he needs. Good luck


excited2bemama - October 4

Unless you lo seems fussy after eating or isn;t making enough diapers or gaining weight enough I would think you are fine. YOur b___sts are supposed to be soft and not engorged and your supply should even out somewhat. If you think you need to up your milk then I would drink lots of water, rest, eat lots of calories and put your lo to your b___st OFTEN.. but as long as he seems satisfied and is gaining weight and filling his diapers he is fine.


countrymom401 - October 4

I have been bf for 7 months now and I agree with the other ladies on this one. Your body has just relized that you are not feeding 3 babies and is only making what your baby eats. It is more comfortable this way. But saying that when I started taking the mini pill after it did make mine go down. That was at 3 months pp I do not take it anymore and use another form of birth control.



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