7 Weeks Old And Will Still Only Nap In Swing

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JessC531 - September 27

What do I do? I cannot get dd to fall asleep during the day anywhere but in her swing! She gets tired, and I'll try rocking her, swaddling her and laying her down, singing to her, just about everything I can think of, but she just cries and cries. Then when I eventually give up and put her in her swing, she's still fussy and has a hard time falling asleep, I think because she's overtired. But if I put her right in her swing as soon as she seems tired, she falls asleep with no problem. The only other way she'll fall asleep is in her stoller if we're walking. But as soon as I pick up the carseat to bring inside, she usually wakes up. I just really wish I could figure out how to get her to nap without the movement!! I can't go anywhere because I can't bring the swing with me... I just don't want this to last forever! Also, and this is probably just my insecurities talking, but I feel like I should be able to calm her down... I hear so many people say their babies will only sleep in their arms. Well mine wants nothing to do with my arms! :( Did anybody else have this situation? I'm starting to feel desperate.


c_baer19 - September 27

You're very lucky, because my baby only likes to sleep on me and won't have anything to do with the swing OR the bouncer! Have you tried walking around with her and kind of bouncing up and down? Sometimes that's all that calms my baby down.. it kills my arms after a few minutes, but hey, what can you do. I wish I had better advice for you, but my baby is opposite yours - sorry!


DDT - September 27

Don't feel so bad...my ds wouldn't sleep in my arms ever either. Every baby has a different personality. I don't really know what to say about the sleeping in the swing problem...hmm...the swing has become a prop and you will need to break her of the habit. She may break out of it herself eventually though. Try swaddling her and putting her in her crib with a paci, leave the room, when she starts crying go in there and gently pat her back/bum whispering shush-shush, DONT PICK HER UP. She needs to learn how to self-soothe, and by picking her up every time adds to the stimulation. She will probably calm down and eventually sleep...but then a few minutes later wake up crying again. Don't give in...carry on with the shush-shush. It could take you up to an hr of this. I felt like my arm was going to break off for the amount of time I sat at my lo's crib patting his back. After about 1-1.5 wks my ds started sleeping in his crib for naps and bedtime. where does your lo sleep at night?


excited2bemama - September 27

My lo wont sleep in my arms either. DH yes- but not me. She really only sleeps well swaddled in her crib.


JessC531 - September 27

I've tried bouncing her up and down but it doesn't do the trick. Sometimes it will calm her down for a few minutes, but then she starts in again. DDT, did you read the Baby Whisperer? It sounds like that's what you're doing. I tried it, and just couldn't do it. She screamed, and I mean screamed, nonstop. She would eventually fall asleep, but I think it was because she tired herself out with all the screaming. It just didn't feel right to me. I don't believe in crying it out, and that's essentially what it was for her. She sleeps in her ba__sinet at night, no problem. It's just the daytime that is so hard...


TiffanyRae - September 27

Hi again Jess...it sounds like our LO's are alot alike. Mine will only sleep in his swing during the days...its even hard to get him to sleep at night in his bed...though he eventually does. He will once in awhile fall asleep on the couch, on a blanket next to me...but only after a really good feeding. It doesn't bother me too much about the swing. I figure when he gets a little older i will deal with it. Oh my lo is six 1/2 weeks. But its kinda funny because when my DH puts Alex in his swing for a sleep he screams. I think DH is starting to get offended! lol I am reading the Baby Whisperer and though I do like SOME of the ideas most are not really what I believe in either!!


DDT - September 27

JessC531: Yes, that technique I got from "The Baby Whisperer" It helped me when was ds was 5-8 wks old. Wow, screamed the whole time. Do you swaddle? I agree, "The Baby Whisperer" is very helpful in some aspects but not all. It has helped me a lot though. IMO its the reason my ds was/is such a good sleeper (most of the time =P). I also like the tables of info on drinking & feeding by age. Also the PU/PD method came in handy after my ds was 4 months old. They become different babies when they hit that age. I'm sorry I don't have any more advice.


JessC531 - September 28

Hi TiffanyRae. Our los do sound alike! Does he cry a lot before falling asleep? I feel awful because there's nothing I can do to make her feel better... except put her in the swing. Even in there she'll sometimes whine for a while before falling asleep. At night she does great though. Actually, last night I fed her, burped her, and she woke up. Like wide awake. I swaddled her and put her in her bed anyway, and about 5 minutes later she fell asleep! No fussing or anything. I was so proud of her. :) DDT - While I was trying the techniques from the bab whisperer I was swaddling her, doing the shush and pat, everything the book said. It just did not work. I felt so awful listening to her cry, and just decided I couldn't do it. It wasn't getting any better with each nap like I had hoped, and I just felt like I was torturing her! I think it would be easier if she were a little older, but right now I just can't do it. Hopefully I'll figure out something that works soon!


Val - September 28

Jess - our swing was pretty much the only reliable place our ds would nap for the first 10 weeks or so, other than on me or dh in a snugli or wrap. (He wouldn't fall asleep in my arms either, except after feeding, but had no problem in the snugli after about a 10 minute walk.) Have you tried wearing the baby? I found that I could at least get some stuff done that way. As ds has grown, he's gradually gotten better about taking naps in his crib, but sometimes he just fights it. (He's 18 weeks now)


wailing - September 29

My ds is 15wks and has been sleeping in his crib great at nite but not for naps. He will nap in there for an hour 12-1 but for his long nap 2-530, I still put him in his swing. I dont' see why it really matters. At 8pm he goes into his crib and sleeps happily. It's just something about naps? I wouldn't worry unless ur pedi tells u different. I was terrified lo wouldn't sleep anywhere else but his carseat (first 3wks) but he grew out of that habit, so I'm sure they will outgrow the swing too.


musicaladdie - September 29

Hi Jess. I too had this problem for actually a few months. My dd is now almost 9 months and got out of her swing addiction around4 or 5 months. She wouldn't nap anywhere else and I was desperate too but don't worry. They do grow out of the need for it!



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