7th Heaven Really Over

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SonyaM - May 9

I know this isn't infant care related but is anyone else as sad as me. I know the show was a bit corny but I loved it. I have seen EVERY episode many many times and I just can't believe no more Camden's!!! It was the last show with morals that actually taught something. So sad it's really over....


Marlene - May 9

You are not alone I love that show. I watched and typed it last night so I could watch it over and over again. The Camdens will be missed...


corinne - May 9

I love that show also but I've been missing all the episodes since January because I had cla__s at the time it was on but I got to see the last episode which I thought was great


SonyaM - May 9

I LOVED the last episode, mainly the last few minutes. I thought it was great that Simon and Rose didn't get married and I just KNEW that Sandy's baby was Simon's. Glad to know I am not alone.


San - May 9

Lol...I love that show too but I'm not exactly sure why :) I thought it was a good series finale...if a little cheesy that everyone is having twins. I heard that htere's a possibility that there will be another season but that is just a rumour so don't quote me on that :)


ChannY - May 9

OMG i know!! at the end of the show they showed all the character from now to what they look like in the past..it was sad:( i almost wanted to cry:( its funny how the 3 camdens were having twins..hehe. but omg seriously put the shows back on!! add more episodes!!!


amanda.d - May 10

I know what you mean. My modays will never be the same. As gay as it sounds the show gave me the idea for my sons name (Camdyn). :( They will be missed. And how about all those twins.


Mellissa - May 10

i loved that show.. and i'm sad it's over... my only complaint is that lucy was supposedly pregnant with twins and far along enough to know the s_x... but yet she wasn't even showing!! i know, i know.. it's just a tv show.. but she should have at least had a bump!! and it was awesome that sandy's baby turned out to be simons.. but i'd be pretty mad if i was martin!!


Narcissus - May 10

I think they are the family we all wished we had....I used to watch The Brady Bunch so I could fantasize about growing up with normal parents. :P


Jamie - May 10

I haven't watched 7th Heaven since Mary moved to New York...but I'm kinda thinking I should find out if it's available on DVD.


Marlene - May 10

I was a little upset as well that Lucy was having twins and didnt have a bump at all but it is tv. And I just knew Sandy's baby was Simons. I wish they would have at least one more season!!!



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