8 Month Old HATES Solids What Do I Do

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mommyofgrace - March 20

Ok so I dont know if anyone else is having a problem like this but here it is. My 8 month old daughter is healthy and active. She crawls, she babbles, sleeps through the night.... does everything an 8 months old should do. But... she REFUSES to eat solids. And I don't mean just turns her head away, I mean when I do slide the spoon in her mouth or put a little piece of banana in there, she gets this terrible look on her face and then she actually gags herself until she throws up! The only thing she doesn't mind eating is baby applesauce and rice cereal. I even gave her some pieces of macaroni on her tray the other night to let her try them herself. She put one piece in her mouth and then did the gagging thing until she spit it all back up. I am at a total loss of what to do. By 9 months she is supposed to be having at least 2 meals a day solids. How am I going to do that if she won't even give anything a try?????


excited2bemama - March 21

First off RELAX!!!! Some babies don't really get into eating much until around their first birthday. DO NOT force your dd to eat. Your only responsibilty is to offer healthy food. Wheather or not she eats it is up to her. I didn't even start solids till 8 months. My dd is 9.5 months and she eats food 3-4 times a day but just a few bites each time. Not enough to consider a meal. Its fine. Babies can do just fine on BM or formula for up to a year at least. It sounds like she has issues with texture. Did you tear the macaroni into a teeny tiny piece? My dd prefers to self feed table food. She doesn't really like baby food so we just make everything pea size or like the size of a grain of rice. Just keep offereing. WIll she grab food off your plate? My dd likes to do this.. apparently its more appealing from my plate. Try holding her on your lap while you eat and having something small and soft she can grab like rice or teeny tiny pieces of green beans etc.


lmk - March 21

Excited is right...relax...your lo won't be on liquids for the rest of her life! Check out this excellent thread on baby self feeding on mothering dot com - no dashes or spaces: mothering.com/discussions/showthread.php?t=799563



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