8 Month Old Will Not Eat Baby Food

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margie - August 8

I can not get her to eat it at all....she has her lips tightly pursed the whole time and whines and then if I try to open her lips a bit with the spoon she spits all the food at me with her tongue...I tried for a half an hour today! I got a quarter of a container of baby food down but thats it. I've tried different kinds to see if she just doesnt like certain flavors but it doesnt matter what it is. I tried giving her mashed potatoes or pasta even to see if maybe its cause shes done with the mushy stuff but nope, that didnt do it either. The ONLY thing she wants is her bottle...I put a tablespoon of rice in her bottles now so that I can at least know shes getting something nutritionally but I am worried she isn't getting enough to eat. She is a good size and not underweight by any means...so does it really matter at this point how much variety she eats or is it just important that I am consistent with her feedings? Any suggestions?


ROBYN - August 8

Have you tried giving her finger like foods maybe tiny tiny cut pieces of boiled carrots stuff that she can maybe pick up with her hands nothing she could choke on. cut up pieces of cheese (about the size of a green pea), bread, banana, scrambled egg yolk.


ROBYN - August 8

I hit submit before i finished. Its really not as uncommon as you think. Some babies just dont like baby food. My kid is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Hes only 5 months old and is 21 lbs already eats 2 Stage 2 jars at lunch then at dinner its a stage 2 protein with veggies and a huge bowl of oatmeal with some fruit mixed in. On top of the formula bottles hes drinking. So maybe try a different approach with her.


tish212 - August 8

i wish i could help margie, but alexa loves all food, she is starting table foods, like pasta and such and is loving every minute of it... i always feed her when we are eating... but i dont give her, her bottle until after she has eaten that way i know she is filling up on food not just her bottle...i know it seems cruel but maybe delay a feeding a bit to see if she will do it...and eat in front of her to see her level of interest in you eating, then try the foods again, they say babies are ready for food when they show interest in adults eating if she isn't showing interest maybe she isn't ready? i would talk to her ped though to see if she needs food, after alexa got out of the hospital she refused food for a day or two and i asked her ped if just formula was ok for her and he said no she needed her solids... but i know each dr is different so you may want to ask hers (she was b___st fed until the hospital...then they put her on formula to make sure she was getting enough and now she loves it lol)


Buffi R. - August 11

Maddie really started getting into solids about two months ago at around 6 mo, but just recently I have trouble getting her to eat it. Day care doesn't seem to have a problem, but I do. All she wants to do is grab the spoon and chew on it, or look around the room, smear it in her hair, etc. I finally chalked it up to the newness wearing off and her wanting to feed herself. Now I give her some finger foods like wagon wheels, puffs, etc. and she loves those. Usually after eating some of those, she'll eat the solids that I spoon feed to her. She also likes veggies WAY better than fruits, which surprises me, but I guess that's a good thing. I would suggest trying the finger foods, either the baby-type or like Robyn said, cut up some cooked veggies, and keep on trying, don't give up. The longer you do just the bottle, the harder it'll be to break her of it later. When we started Maddie's solid feeds, she resisted a lot too until it just clicked. Except for now where she's regressed a little. :-)



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