9 Mo Old Hit Her Head

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HeavenisMine - August 27

She was standing up in her pack n play and holding on to the side when she suddenly let go and hit her head very hard on the back wall it was up against (I know, stupid me for putting it up against a wall). She started to cry and so I immediately picked her up to calm her down. Now that she is calm she is playing as usual, making sounds, laughing and what not. Her pupils look normal and there isn't even a mark on the back of her head. I started pushing gently on it to see if she would cry, she did not even seem to notice. She doesn't seem lethargic or irritable, and she is acting normal... but I still wonder should I call her doctor's office just in case, or wait to see if anything happens? She seems just fine and I was always told what signs to look for in case of head trauma, she doesn't have any signs of injury. Just wondering... she must have a durable head.


ginger6363 - August 27

You sound like you are checking for all the right signs. If she continues to act normal, she's probably just fine. You can call your nurse, but they'll prob. tell you the same thing. My dd fell in the tub and cut her gum....it was soooo frightening b/c of all the blood. She was fine, but boy was I shaken!!!


Buffi R. - August 27

I took my 8-month old daughter to a walk-in clinic recently when she face-planted in the street from crawling out of a wagon. She had a good sized bump on her forehead and sc___ps on her nose and cheek. Other than crying for awhile and looking really battered, she acted fine. No nausea, eye trouble, etc. But I took her in the next day because I started feeling like I should "just to make sure" and the doctor did something I hadn't thought of. He felt the soft spot on her forehead and could tell it was normal. It wasn't swollen (which could indicate brain swelling), and wasn't indented either (which could indicate dehydration, I believe). It was just the usual softness. The doctor said since her soft spot felt normal, and she wasn't showing any other signs, he said she was probably fine. He said with a head injury, if there are symptoms, they usually show up in the first 24 hours, and by this time it was already past that for us, but he said to keep an eye on her and let him know if anything changed. Nothing ever changed and she's still doing fine.


amanda17 - August 27

I can't believe she hasn't hit her head before! My nephew is 11 months and he can't go one day without hurting himself no matter how hard we all try to prevent it. I think she'll be fine, don't worry :)


britt_m - August 27

I read that the sides of the head are a lot more sensitive than the front and back. Speaking of which my 15 month old just dove down the stairs on Sunday head first!! Shes very good at climbing down like a ladder and I'm pregnant so I started walking with her holding her hand, well she tried it by herself! We were rushing to get out the door and she was in my bedroom with me and DH went down stairs leaving the gate open. At first it sounded like she threw a toy bump, bump bump. So I was like dead still and I heard her shuffling around and thought yea he shut it and shes just throwing stuff down, whew... then she started screaming! I screamed for my husband as I ran out of the room and she was standing up looking at me crying like whoa! So I hugged her and checked her and hugged her again which made her cry again, lol. She was trying to get past me to the second set and go down b___t first the right way but I was still in shock and would stop hugging her. Talk about a heart attack! Oh my I'm not ready for #2 yet!!


britt_m - August 27

Sorry for not answering you though, but I would just keep an eye on her, like you did, her pupils and her soft spot if she has one, clear fluid out nose and ears would usually happen right away as thats a signal of the brain swelling.



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