9 Month Old Changes

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waiting100 - January 11

my ds will be 9 months on the 13th.......all of a sudden this past week he has really started changing! When put down for bed at night he wakes an hour or so later crying, full on tears until I go in there get him, we then lay in my bed together for like 2-5 minutes, he falls asleep and I carry him back into his crib. He sleeps all night but instead of waking at 7am - he has started waking at 5am but then will go right back to sleep after I go in there - he has just learned how to sit up by himself - so the past three mornings at 5 am he is sitting up and then he cries. He is also super hyper! babble, babble, babble all day long, rolling everywhere - gets up on hands and knees and rocks all day - cant crawl yet but boy is he trying! This seems to be a huge growth spurt for him - but it is wearing on me! My question is, how long will this last until he is back on a routine? What should I expect to happen next--will this growth spurt last a few days, weeks? Also, he no longer will eat any jarred baby food. He rarely eats these past few days - I have been giving him cooked carrots, green beans, avocados, bananas - and that is about it--I think he is getting bored of these things - what else can I feed him??? I want to try cheerios but I am nervous as heck to do it. What else can I feed this poor guy? Any feed back on all of this would be great. Thanks!


waiting100 - January 11

Anyone else in the same boat with a 9 month old?


lenae - January 11

First, does he "chew" whether he has teeth or not and does he have any teeth? You could try applesauce, graham crackers( not the honey ones) ritz crackers, pancakes, egg yolks, not sure about yogurt, soft peaches, pears, mac and cheese (may want to run it thru a mini chopper or something first), sweet potatoes, small pieces of cheese. It all depends on how well he handles chewing and swallowing. Mine will be 1 on monday and he's been eating most of that since 8 months or so. I also get those puff things that dissolve quickly for snacks and they help to teach self feeding.


lenae - January 11

oh and mashed potaotes with gravy, one of my son's favs


waiting100 - January 12



Rabbits07 - January 12

They sometimes tend to get out of sorts when they are going through a developmental spurt....they will generally get back to a more normal self once they master what they are trying....since yours just mastered sitting I would have thought he'd be back to norm soon, but with the attempts to crawl you may have a while yet! Sometimes though they get over it quickly though, you just never know. I would just TRY to stick to his routine as much as possible as it will be a familiar comfort to him. As for foods, you could try canned peas (frozen and fresh hulls are too hard), cubed and cooked sweet potato and squash, yogurt is acceptable at this age (Yo Baby yogurt is excellent and comes in flavors like vanilla, banana and apple and has the fruit pureed in so it's not chunky). The Laughing Cow cheeses are good too as they are soft (make sure to stick with pasteurized cheeses only). Most babies do well with the Cheerios...it has always been all my babies first finger food. They can't choke to death on it because of the hole in the middle:-)....their windpipes are big enough that half a cheerio can't block it.


eliz24 - January 12

Hi, waiting100 my daughter turned 9 months on jan. 11th so I know what you're going through! she's pulling herself up on everything and it's so scary for me because I don't want her to get hurt or anything and she isn't sleeping through the night either,she wakes about two times to be fed. She also is having terrible separation anxiety too. I do feed her cheerios and she likes them alot and it keeps her occupied for awhile too.....Well, I just wanted you to know you aren't alone! : )



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