9 Month Old Check Up How Was Yours

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Trina_ - March 7

My dd went for her 9 month check up yesterday. Everything was just peachy. She weighs 23lbs and is 30 inches long. The doctor said she is just about the 95th percentile in both height and weight. She's a nice healthy girl! My doctor seemed concerned that she doesn't like to crawl. She wiggles around on her butt and spins around places on her stomach...but doesn't like to get up on all fours and go. However, she can freely push around this activity walking thing all by herself without our help. I was proud of her...but the doc told me we HAVE to make her crawl first. We try...but she doesn' t like it. Anyway...I'm sure about others who have baby's about this age. How are they doing? What are their stats? Do they walk? Crawl? Thanks! :o)


eliz24 - March 7

Hi,my dd is 10 months now so we had her 9 mnth check up last month. I don't remember the percentiles but she weighed in at 21 pounds and she was 26 inches long. She crawls alot and is pulling herself up and can 'cruise' holding onto the couch. I think all babies develop differrently,I would definitely be proud of your dd no matter what the doc says,she'll probably be crawling anytime now.....after she learns how you'll be asking yourself'why did I want her to do this?' lol. it's ALOT of work keeping up with them after they learn to crawl : )


Cabbie - March 7

DS had his 9 month check up this week also. He was 20lbs 11oz and 28 1/2 in long. He also is not crawling in the normal fashion. He will not get up on his hands and knees except for when he goes through the bottom of his saucer. Other than that he army crawls every where. Hasn't shown any interest in pulling up or walking yet. He can stand holding onto his activity table if I place him there to play, though. My dr said he needs to be on his hands and knees within in the next month, but some kids just don't crawl. Our good friends daughter when from rolling to walking, no crawling. DS has learned patty cake and waving bye and is saying mama and dadda. He is almost completely on "big people" food with only two front teeth. When he wants to play patty cake and starts clapping and says "PHH PHH PHH". I refuse to freak out just yet about the crawling. My first didn't crawl until the end of her ninth month. My second crawled at the end of eight months. I'm not too worried YET.


Allie - March 7

Hi. Chloe had her 9 month monday...15 lbs 8 oz, 26 inches long. She is only about 8th percentile for weight, but the dr said it's b/c sheis so mobile (crawling, trying to walk). He predicted she will be walking fully independent by 11 months. I wouldn't worry if she doesn't crawl; a lot of babies don't (mine was cruising furniture first) - also, the range for learning to crawl is like 6-11 months, I think, so you are still well within the normal range for learning.


torbman - March 7

My son just had his appt. on Monday and he is 18 pounds and 29 inches long. Not bad for being 6 weeks early. He is not crawling either. Still trying to get his legs under him. He ends up scooting backwards on his tummy. He will catch up though. You can't put babies on a time line. They do it when they want.


foxhoundsrgr8 - March 7

We had ours this morning as well. I can't believe you guys' babies seem so huge! I thought ds was pretty big, but I guess not...He was 20 lbs and 28.5 inches. He can crawl and walk with his walker - his fave hobby is pushing chairs around in the office..There are babies, however, who never learn to crawl, I can't believe some peds are saying you have to make them, that's ridiculous!


Trina_ - March 8

Thank you guys! I feel much better. I really was paranoid that she wasn't crawling ...especially when the doc told me to make her crawl before walking. She'll be walking by herself in the next month...I just know it! :o)



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