9 Month Old Who REFUSES To Nap

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DDT - November 21

My ds always managed to sleep at least 45 mins to 2hrs for his naps. He gets 2 a day (morning and afternoon). For about the last week he is outright refusing to nap even when he is visibly tired. He will be passing out while I'm holding him but as soon as I set him down in his crib he cries...and cries...and cries. The amount of time he naps total is getting shorter and shorter daily. Today he's nap for less than an hr. He looks so tired that even his eyes are red-rimmed. I have tried CIO but he will just keep crying or just sit in his crib whining. I periodically lay him down again but he instantly goes into the sitting position again. If I go into his room to attempt to calm and soothe him he gets more worked up. I know this lack of day sleep is affecting his night sleep...he has started waking up numerous times at night crying. I think it may be teething...but then who is ever sure of that? I give him Tylenol for the pain about 1-2x a day/night, teething rings ect. What else can I try to get him better rested? any one have any ideas?


mamagoose - November 22

Sigh. Here is my unexpert diagnosis: Phase! Will pa__s! I will say one thing though... if you're going to do CIO, don't go back into his room after you put him down. I think going in to lie him down probably works him up more, and it teaches him that if he persists in whining/crying, you'll come back, which is what he wants. Once you leave the room, don't go back. But... Just check one thing for me... does he have a walkie-talkie hidden under his blankie anywhere? I think he and Tyler might be conspiring together over what stunts to pull on us next!


DDT - November 22

Hey mamagoose! I hope to God it's a phase! Today we went for a record of 45 mins total nap time (and 15 mins of that was in the car going to the store). He just will NOT nap. CIO just doesn't seem to work...he has done a combination of crying and whining for an hr (I've tried this once)...it didn't phase him in the least or make him more tired like its supposed to do. I leave him in there for periods of 20-30 mins at a time before I go into his room. I start to feel guitly after that long. Lol! and no...I checked and no walkie-talkie but they may be conversing using Jedi mind tricks. These boys are capable of anything!


alida - November 26

My dd is starting to do the same thing (9 mo today)... she just figured out how to sit up in her crib and the minute I walk out of the room she is sitting up crying. I don't know what to do? Its very frustrating because she is a great napper once she goes down...now she won't go down.



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