9 Month Won T Take Baby Food Anymore Help

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deborah969 - March 29

My daughter was doing great with her food...she loved everything.. veggies, fruits, meat, etc... Now she absolutely refuses to take the baby food and I'm not sure what to feed her. I can't keep giving her cheese, toast, crackers, and soup... Help... anyone have any ideas??? I'm drawing blanks. Thanks ladies... I appreciate all ideas.


jessne - March 29

My DS went through this around 9-10 months and again at 15 months. He is 20 months know. I think it's just a phase. He seemed to snap out of it in a few days. He would love something one day, and they next day it wouldn't eat it at all.


deborah969 - March 30

I hope it is just a phase she's going through... trying to find foods she likes isn't easy. She also won't take her Tylenol when she has a fever... she just throws up. *sigh* I can't wait until she's over the teething stage. Thanks


Cathy2 - March 30

Sounds to me like your little one just wants to eat "real people" food...I know many babies that were just not into baby food and by 9 months I' sure your baby can eat most of what the rest of your family eats for dinner.


kim00 - March 30

My dd just turned 7 mnts, and started refusing baby food. So I just smash up what we're eating, and she's eating like a champ again.


wailing - March 31

My lo is 9.5 months and we give him alot of what we're eating now, just mashed or super soft. We started him on meats but I never gave him the jarred ones. I just cooked reg ground meat, chicked or turkey and chopped it up. I only give him jar baby food in the a.m but the rest of the day he eats our food. You can take frozen veggies and steam them soft as finger food. I do peas, broccoli, and mix veggies. He loves feeding himself. I think they get really bored w/ the same ol jar food. Try feeding a variety of things except the big no-no's like egg whites and shellfish. Have fun:-)


deborah969 - April 1

Thank you ladies for your replies... right now she's not really eating much of anything, as she's had a fever since Saturday and it's put her off food. I will take your advice and just feed her along with us. Thanks again.


mahagen - April 1

I know with my dd she would never eat the 1st foods of baby food well so I switched to 2nd and 3rd foods of the jar of baby food. She loved it and all she wanted was the texture of the food. Maybe she is teething too. I know that Target has that mesh food pacifier that holds things like grapes, etc so that the food mooshes and doesn't choke the baby. She might just need something for the gums.


deborah969 - April 2

Hiya Mahagen... yes, she's been teething. She cut her third tooth on March 13th, her fourth a couple days after that, and her fifth on the 23rd. So, 3 teeth in 10 days probably didn't help. And her having a fever for 3 days... she hasn't eaten much. I started giving her foods with texture and started to give her the next stage of baby foods... she did well at first, but now if she doesn't like something... she'll gag it down then throw it all up! At least she's still getting enough fluids, and that's my main concern now with the fever. I think she's just stubborn and wants some food with some taste. LOL I made some pea soup and she had 3 half bowls of it. Thanks for your help... everyone's advice is appreciated.



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