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Heather - November 16

Ok so my little one since 9 weeks can stand and hold her own head up for a good 5 mins. She loves it she hates to be lying down. She also loves to sit on the coutch like an adult. Is this normal for her to be so strong like this so young? Just wondering its our first.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 16

My son has had excellent head control since he was born. He enjoys sitting up and standing as well. I think some babies just want to be big!


Toya - November 16

Asjani hated laying down when she was that age. She always had to be on her legs or sitting on the couch as well...I'm guessing babies now just are much stronger and smarter.


erica - November 16

my son is seven weeks and he isdoing the same thing, i wouldnt worry. Maybe our children are just gifted:) lol.


New mom - November 16

My son is 9 weeks too and been doing this since 2-3 weeks now...he can hold his head pretty well too and can sit on couch for a long time , i'm giving him practice on crawling now...


Jadyns Mommy - November 16

If I had to guess, I would think that since they see mommy sitting and standing, they want to do the same. Jadyn loves to sit next to me and hates being held in the cradle position anymore (unless she is in a bad mood). She also tries to stand when you try to get her to sit on your lap. She is 6 months now but she seemed to start this before she was even 4 weeks.


Lissi - November 16

Nadya is nearly 9 weeks and has wanted to stand for the last couple of weeks too. My MIL says I shouldn't let her stand or sit yet, because it's bad for their bones at this age, but I can't stop her. She pushes herself up and she's very strong. If I try to get her to sit, she just goes completely rigid and won't let me. She also loves to sit on the couch, and pretends to talk to me. I love our conversations!


jorden - November 16

my son was born on june 20, 2005 and the day he came out, he was holding his head up...all of the nurses couldnt believe it. About a week later, he was seriously holding his head up all day long. He hated being on his stomach...and when he turned 2 months he started standing on his legs and everyone that came to visit was like "oh you shouldnt do that...it'll make his legs weird." But he enjoys standing and has since then. The doctors tell me everytime we go that he's advanced(which makes me feel really good) she's probably advanced too. My son is almost 5 months and already has 3 teeth. I think babies are getting smarted and stronger earlier.


Lesley - November 16

My daughter was exactly the same. She loved to be on her feet, could support her own head and had to be sitting up all the time. When we were out she had to be able to see what was going on around her or she cried. It was so strange! It hasn't affected her legs in the slightest. She tarted walking 1 week before her 1st birthday



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