9mo Doc Visit And No Insurance

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soleil - August 19

Well my daughter has had insurance with her dad up to now. He switched jobs and so he cant get insurance until after 3 mo. I barely started my new job on July 25, so i cant get insurance also until after 3mo. I dont know what to do because my daughter will be 9mo on October 16, I will be eligable for insurance after the 25th of October but dont know how long it will take for it to work. Does anyone know how much a 9mo. visit is without insurance?


N - August 19

that's a tough one.. I am canadian.. i had a similar dilema. When my son was a year, i turned 21 a month before and was no longer covered for health insurance under my mother, but hadn't finished the paperwork to have my son and I put on a new plan.. The visit was around $50 canadian.. but i didn't pay it, instead i filed my insurance and had the office refile with them for coverage and never had to pay a thing. I don't know if you are american and how it would work there.. but they gave me two months to refile my claim to the insurance company until i had to pay. I would ask the doctor's office what they would do. Also, if you can get insurance a week after.. there is no harm in taking yor daughter a week or two late to her appointment.. just make the one year a late one too. She shouldn't be recieving any shots at 9 months, so i wouldn't think the cost is too high.. your only really paying for the doctor's time and the little sleeve they put on the thingy that looks in her ears/nose.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 19

I would talk to your Human Resource Department. See if on the 25th you will have insurance. If so then just make his appt for around the 30th or so. Then you will be covered. If not, then I would look into buying private insurance. I know here just an office visit is around $50, then the shots, etc are ALOT!.


M - August 19

Sometimes some of the wic clinics well at least here in NV will give shots to your children for way cheap. Here they are about 5 bucks a shot. So call around to all of the state places and go there. Make sure you bring your shot records with you though


Mari - August 19

I guess it depends on where you go. The first dr I tried first visit was $70. I switched drs for the 9 month check up, thinking it would be about the same. It was $190, but I was given a 20% discount. So 15 minutes of her time, after her wasting 45 minutes of my time because she was running late, cost me about $150. So my advice is; ask how much a check up is upfront and what they will be doing etc.


E - August 19

Insurance is usually retroactive, so if you dont have the card by the 25th, you can have the clinic refile the claim once your card arrives. You may have to pay a fee up front, which woudl be reimbursed by the insurance company, or you will need to sign a "self pay" form. Call the clinic and ask.


katie - August 19

i live in fl- so im not sure what the local clinics are where you are taking your daughter but at most community clinic have a scale where they go by your income and can give you a discount.



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