16 This Morning YIKES

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sahmof3 - January 26

Mingill... do you live near Goderich? My good friend from college grew up there... she loved going to the lake in the summertime.


srigles - January 26

Torbman, where exactly around Georgian Bay do you live? I'm just south of Midland. Same temp here this morning!


torbman - January 26

Srigles, I am in Owen Sound. I love it here I just don't like this cold weather. The kind that when you turn the corner you can hear your tires on the snow crunching. I love it here everyother time lol. I am from Guelph though.


krnj - January 26

I hate winter too! It's like 11 here in NJ. I have to go out tonight too.


Mingill - January 26

sahmof3, I'm close to Southampton. Goderich is about an hour and a half drive. It's a beautiful town though, we sometimes take day trips to Goderich in the summer for picnics.


srigles - January 26

Torbman - I know the feeling. I love it here, but the winters are horrible. We get tons of squalls off Georgian Bay, and driving anywhere is a nightmare. Summers are great, though! I'm orginally from Barrie.


sahmof3 - January 26

Mingill... I went to visit my friend about a year after we had graduated from college. It was so beautiful there. We hung out on the beach and I got introduced to Tim Horton's LOL.


torbman - January 26

Yes we are in the snow belt thats for sure, but I look at it that we don't have hurricanes and hardly ever a tornado. I think I would rather deal with the snow.lol


Mingill - January 26

Good Ol' Tim Hortons, LOL. My Dh and I were just talking about how Tim's is starting to set up franchises in the states. They are mostly right by the border.


Rhiannon - January 26

I'm in Oshawa. It's just as cold here too. I hate it, we have to keep the oven on just to heat the place up a bit.


jillianT - January 26

Emily, where are you? i grew up about an hour and a half south of here. Chrisman Illinois. there are a whole 1400 people there. lol


eclipse - January 26

Not to be evil, but it is 56 degrees here in Florida, and that is cold for us. I will go now.


mcatherine - January 26

eclipse - my sister lives in Florida and I actually listened to her groan this morning about how cold it was at 55 degrees....as I ran outside in a sprint to retrieve my paper in 8 degree weather. I'm so jealous!!!


lexa - January 26

Well, this morning it was 8 degrees but windchill made it 0. We got a high of 24 but with the windchill, it fell to the single digits. We had it all! Snow, ice and freezing cold temps. Also, son was happy he had a 2 hour delay....yeay! Our schoolbus got stuck yesterday at the bus stop before ours. Had to drive him to shcool:-( Thank god for 4 wheel drive!!!


mischelly30 - January 26

well, hate to make you all jealous, but I'm in Southern California and it was in the mid-70's F today.


sahmof3 - January 26

I got so excited this evening because the weatherman said we are going to have a warm up over the next few days. Then I heard the high will be 38F...woohoo... let's break out the tanning oil and bathing suits :-(



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