6 Months Old And Already Defiant

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BabyCay - June 3

My 16 month old has a major att_tude already!! lol.... I mean, i love her anyways but she is driving me insane. Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with this... ive been putting her in her crib when she (for example) shakes the baby gate over and over and that seems to help, for a bit, but she is now also spitting mouthfulls of water/juice/milk all over. I know that this is a stage, but i just dont know if i am handling it properly by putting her in her bed for 5 mins when she misbehaves? ...... ive made her sound like a little tyrant now! lol, Really she is a great kid.... http://spaces.msn.com/cayleighgrace2/PersonalSpace.aspx?


Rabbits07 - June 3

I have found the 'baby time out' method to be very effective in the past, but I wouldn't overuse it as they seem to become oblivious to it. I only used it when there was no other logical diciplinary measure. For example, I wouldn't use it for the water/juice/milk spitting, in that case I would take away whatever she is spitting. Just as another example, say she is hitting something or someone with a toy then take that toy...only use the time-out when there is no other diciplinary action that can be linked with the behavior. I also had a gate "offender", only he was always trying to climb it. We used baby time out and it worked very well.


Rabbits07 - June 3

I checked out your site.....she is adorable! I liked the paper towel picture...it reminded me of my 3 -year-old at that age...he loved unrolling paper towels and bathroom tissue! I never could undestand how they could be so mean and so adorable at the same time :-)


ca_pink - June 3

I think time-outs are great, but you should be cautious about putting her in her crib. She might have a bad a__sociation with it. Try putting her in the corner, a laundry room, etc. Good luck!


Annette - June 3

My baby is only 4 months so I have NO clue of what to recommend, I only wanted to say I checked out your site and she is soooo adorable! Those eyes are to die for!


Rabbits07 - June 3

We always used the pack-n-play, but they can sometimes decide they don't like whatever you use....which can be bad at bedtime. At that age you really have to have something enclosed though as they won't really stay put willingly. you could try a dining booster with the straps in it.


mama3 - June 4

Hi BabyCay, My almost 2yr old was like that at 15 months and sometimes still is. What I found that works was recomended by to therepist. You put them in time out by using there age as the minutes they spend in time out. So you would put her in for 1 min. I use the one corner of my couch. I started by telling her that was a nono and if she didnt stop she was goin into time out. At first of course she didnt know what I meant. But after a few times she got the hint. She will sit on the couch and cry till I tell she can get up if she be's a good girl. Most of the time she is alot better behaved after time out. An some days she spends alot of time on the couch. I started to tell her if she dont stpo she is going in time out on the couch then I start counting 1-2-3 most of the time I dont even get to 2. An she stops cause she don't want to go on the couch. They have a very short attention spand thats why you only put them in for a min at age 1 2 mins age 2 and so on. This also works with my 7yr old. When she spits her juice etc I first tell her I'm gonna take her cuppy if she dont stop. If she does it again I take her cuppy. She gets mad and starts crying and yelling cuppy. I hold were she can see it and tell her then no more spitting then give it back to her. So far that has work well also. Hope you can find some use in these methods. It does take time. Things wont change right away. But once she gets the idea that what she does has good and bad results she settle down. Best of luck to you.



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