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Barb - October 25

I FINALLY got a website up with pic's and recommend it to everyone, it's easy and FREE... here's my baby girl: That's my hubby in the first pic. and our 13yr.old in the last one...and you can put a face to my name (excuse the pj's..LOL)


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 25

Congratulations! She is beautiful! How old is she? I probably missed it somewhere else, I apologize. At work I can only access the first pages to piczo so I cannot look further into your websit to get the details. Don't have online up and running at home yet. My little boy is 10 weeks, anyway, your daughter is gorgeous!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 25

What a cute family! You have beautiful girls. Your baby is adorable and your older daughter is very pretty. Congrats! oh and dont worry about the pj's I think in every one of the pictures I was in until Amaya was like 3 months old I had on pjs! Good luck


Barb - October 25

thank you...I think we'll keep her ..LOL.. she is 13 days old, born hte 12th :) I can't believe she'll be 2 weeks fast time goes.


soleil - October 25

whoaa you have a very gorgeous baby!! I love her name tooooo! CONGRATS!!! o yea i tried signing ur guestbook but couldnt.....


Toya - October 25

Congratulations!!!!! You are so blessed!! Beautiful baby girl.


Jadyns Mommy - October 26

Oh my gosh Barb, she is a beauty!! The picture of her alone on the couch is too funny, her look is like "what now?" Congrats :-)


monica - October 26

congratulations...she is beautiful and I love her name.


Shelly - October 26

What a sweet little girl,CONGRATS. I tried to sign your guestbook but it wouldn,t let me,maybe you want to check it out.


Eryn - October 26

She is so cute, And your other daughter is very pretty as well. Congrats!


BBK ® © - October 27

Congatulations! She's a beautiful baby.


Barb - October 27

hmmm... I have no idea how fix the guestbook..why people can't sign is beyond me. Does anyone with a piczo website have any ideas??? maybe I forgot to do something??


TC - October 27

She is sooooo booooooootiful:) As far as the guestbook, try going to tools and adding a shoutout box. Or maybe you need to extend the guestbook box. Just some suggestions, I am not a pro. Here is the website for my baby boy,


wondering! - October 27

Barb, where do you live? you look SOOOOOOO familiar!


Barb - October 27

Thanks TC...I looked at your site the other day....and your boy is CUTE!!! Those are serious cheeks to nibble on..haha...and I like your site, I'm not sure how to get all those graphics on there..well ok...I'll go see what I can do about the guestbook....I have no idea. to "wondering"...I'm from Ohio :) we know eachother?? haha..


Liana - October 27

Barb, your daughters are both beautifull!!! And daddy looks so proud!!!!!! Congrats!!


Ruth - October 27

Barb, your family is so cute! Your daughter is beautiful, congrats. I'm going to set up a website on here as well. I'll let you know the address......



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