Calling All Fall Mommies PART 1

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crrodgers - October 20

Hello Ladies, Congrats to all of us and our little bundles of joy! Lets keep on chatting for all that very needed advice about newborns. This is a great place to share our happy thoughts, our stressful times and just a place to speak our minds! I hope we can all make some time to keep in touch!!!


lissica - October 21

Hey claudia, it's great to be over here finally. I am finding it harder to get on here but it's not too bad. Has cayden's belly b___ton healed yet? I don't know how long it will take but i'm guessing nic's will fall off soon. I can't wait cus i get all nervous cleaning it. It looks painful. Anyways, i hope the other girls find us over here.


frozenfeet - October 21

I've found you ladies...motherhood is great but I have no time todo anything else! Piczo is sorry it took so long!! Ill be in and out!


crrodgers - October 21

Yeah ladies, I can't wait to get all of us over here! Yeah, Cayden's belly b___ton and the skin from the circ_msition fell off at about the same time. It's so much easier to clean and bathe him now! I'm glad you ladies are taking to motherhood well cause being a first time mommy isn't easy! Sarah, Boston is adoreable!!! You guys are too funny with the team outfits!! My guy wears SF 49ers but thry keep losing, so I don't know if he should keep wearing it! LOL!!!


docbytch - October 21

Hey I hope you guys don't mind if I join this thread. It's nice to see some familiar names on this forum. My ds was born 10/ big baby too...10.5lbs! Wondering how you all are adjusting to having a new baby around?


lissica - October 21

Sarah, oh my goodness is he ever cute! I can finally appreciate people's baby pics now that i have one lol. I like the one with the team canada stick. :)Claudia, i can't wait till Nicholas' belly clip falls off. I am going to call tomorrow to make an appt for the circ_mcision. Do babies fuss a lot over it? Hey docbytch. Yep i recognize you too from 3rd tri. Wow 10.5lbs. Did you have a section or natural? So far on here all of us have boys! I am adjusting rather well i would have to say. I never thought i could handle any less then 7hrs sleep but now 3hrs at a time feels pretty d__n good lol. Are you girls bf'ing? My b___bs are like rocks right now. I have so much milk i need to squirt a bunch in the sink first before feeding him otherwise he gets lazy and won't latch. They are smart little buggers.


docbytch - October 21

I had a c section. There's no way he would have fit going the other route. In addition to the other complications I had during the pregnancy...I could likely have died trying to have him the ol' fashioned way. Thank god for surgery! My baby is a boy too...his name is Derek. He eats a ton and basically wants to be held constantly. I am having trouble adjusting to the screwed up sleep schedule of a new mom...and right now I have it easy because DH is here with me for four more days before returning to work. Problem is that when he works he is gone for days at a time (airline pilot) so this will leave me totally alone with the baby. Yikes! Newborns are hard... I can't wait until he is just a little older and able to socially interact and enjoy things like his at us...etc.


docbytch - October 21

Oh and boy got his circ while we were still in the hospital...he apparently did great.


lissica - October 22

docbytch, it's nice your dh is home for a few days still. Yeah that would be hard to get used to being alone with baby for a few days. My dh is off for a little while but when he goes back he can be gone for some overnights as well. (he's a police officer) and i will be dreading those nights. Do you have any pics of derek? I have some on I wish we could have gotten the circ at the hospital but i don't think they offer it anymore.


socalmom - October 22

Hi gals...great idea Claudia to start a thread over here! I don't know if any of you heard but there were a bunch of wild fires in San Diego county over the weekend and now pretty much all of San Diego is on fire and a lot of people need to evacuate their homes, one of the areas is where Jessica lives...I hope she and her family are ok! I however live in the mountains of the far east part of San Diego and there are no fires here and the wind is b__wing any fires away from the direction of my house! Things are crazy here right now, I don't know how all of our friends are that live in San Diego, our phones are not working (land or cell) it is very nerve racking!!! Anyway I'm glad that everyone is doing well and all the babies are happy and healthy!! Sarah... I read your birth story that sounds crazy, I'm gonna check out the pictures in a few!! Lisa.. Hunter had is circ_mcision about a week and a half after he was born (out patient and the doctors office) I went into the room with him and saw the whole thing...he cried a bit during, but pretty much slept the rest of the afternoon, he seemed to do pretty well with the whole thing...good luck! I'm still pumping, never did get the b___b thing down, I was planning on returning the hospital pump this week (but we will see with the fires) then I was going to use my PIS for as long a I can, I have a pretty good stock in the deep freeze! Docbytch 10.5lbs...good golly I agree a section was the way to go!! I'm glad Derek is doing well!


crrodgers - October 23

Hello Ladies, I'm glad your all joining! Poor Jessica, I hope her home is ok....that whole thing is tragic....It's not even about losing your house to a fire, the sad part is losing the memories, the pics, and all that is meaningful to a family! Liss, Cayden was circ_msized in the hospital and I was told that they give them sugar water to keep them calm, supposedly it affects them like vicodin or morfin works on us. Welcome docbytch...I'm glad you are here, I always enjoyed you posts on the third tri! Hey Socalmom, I'm glad to hear your home is safe! I had a hard time b'feeding at first, now he won't take a bottle! I sometimes feel like he is not getting enough milk from me. Latley he has seemed very ga__sy and sometimes he will make a sound like he is choking, it almost seems like he has reflux...he is not a big crier, but when he gets ga__sy he'll let out a big cry till he burps, farts, poops or spits up. I've been giving him the little drops for upset tummies, which helps.


crrodgers - October 23

Hi everyone, it's me again. Well it's 2:15am PST and I have gotten about 30 minutes of sleep so far. My little man is here hanging out in his swing not sleeping! He has been ga__sy all night. I gave him the drops, but they do not seem to help today. I'm going a little nuts, especially since I have to be up by 7am to take my daughters to preschool and daycare and then I have to go to work....I'm so not looking forward to that! I hope everyone else is sleeping nice and peaceful! Wish me luck on getting some sleep!


docbytch - October 23

Wow crrodgers...going back to work already. You just had your baby not that long ago... That's gotta be hard so soon. I am returning to work myself sometime in November....but the fortunate thing about it is that I can work totally around DHs schedule so we never have to leave him with a daycare or sitter. I am not against sitters or daycares in any way for kids...but the first year is hard. I am grateful to have a job that will enable me to do so. What drops are you referring to? Derek is somewhat ga__sy and he may also have a touch of reflux. Kiddo sure eats a ton though. To those in SoCal...I sure feel for ya. Having grown up in socal seems every year fires rage out of control. I hope all of your homes are okay!!


tonia - October 23

Hi ladies! I found you! Lisa, congrats on your sweet little man! I saw your pics and he is so darn adorable! ; ) Claudia, are you taking your lo to work with you? I am only planning on taking 3-6 months off and am already feeling guilty about leaving Kenadi at a daycare! AND she is only 4 weeks old right now! lol! How is b___stfeeding going for everyone? I don't think I am producing enough milk for Kenadi because sometimes after she has fed from both sides, I have to give her at least one to two ounces of formula too. That is, at least once or twice a day! I feel really bad, but I need her to be fed! I hate thinking that she is hungry and in pain. ; ( I am sure it will be fine at least she is geting the majority of her food from me. Sarah, your lo is darling too! I must say we all have a bunch of darn good looking little babies! Well, Docbytch, you have a BIG baby! : ) Welcome, by the way!!!!


jacobsmom - October 23

Hi ladies. I just found this site a week ago, so I hope you don't mind if I join in. My ds was born Sept. 14, so he's almost six weeks. He was 7 pounds even, but has gained a lot since. We had to have a c-section because he was breech (he switched position eight times in the last month of pregnancy and kept me busy with doctor visits). I'm bf and so far so good, but it'll be a lot harder when I go back to work. I'm not quite ready for that yet though. With the c-section I get eight weeks leave, but I think I'll try to extend it if my doctor is willing to give me a note. Thankfully my district (I'm a high school teacher) does provide daycare, so at least I don't have to worry about that. Can I ask how soon you all are planning on returning to work, if at all? Anyway, nice to find you!


docbytch - October 23

I should be back to work by the end of November. I am an ER ds was born 10/9 via csection due to HTN, GD, and large size (10.5lbs). Its been just over two recovery has been very good. I could probably go back a lot sooner...but the adjustment to having a new baby around the house has been harder than I expected. It's what I get for waiting 21 years between #1 and #2. He will at least be able to spend his entire first year either with mom or with dad at all times...because I am a per diem nurse who can create her own schedule to work around whatever needs there are. I tried did not work well. My ds is too big and too hungry all the time....the kid literally never detached from the b___b during the times I was doing it. Now he gets pumped b___stmilk and similac sensitive.... He eats a ton.. Theres no way I could have exclusively b___stfed him!


lissica - October 23

Hi girls. Welcome to the thread jacobsmom. Glad to hear the bf'ing is going good. Hopefully you can get an extended leave from the doc. I am still undecided as to when i will return to work. I told them january but i might wait till march. Hi Gina, glad to hear your home is safe. I totally forgot about jessica's house being over there. I hope she is fine. How long will it take the circ_mcision to heal? I have my lo booked in for an appt Nov 1st. His cord clip just fell off today and i put it on the coffee table for a sec then left the room and the d__n dog grabbed it and chewed the hell outta it. Eww who would have thought dogs would like dried skin on a stick. Sorry if this is TMI but that was after he dragged out all my bloody pads out of the garbage and ate them. Why are dogs so disgusting? Anyways....Claudia, so sorry to hear about your lack of sleep. It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to wake up so early. I put Nic in his swing at night too lol. He loves it and i lay beside him on the couch waiting for him to fall asleep so i can move him to the crib. Usually by 6am i can put him down and i can sleep in my bed. He will sleep 4hrs straight which is soooo nice. Hi tonia, glad to hear from you. It sounds like kenadi is quite a hungry baby. Bf'ing is going well for me. Now that my nipples are healed it's ok. I have to drain my b___bs in the sink first though. There is so much milk.



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