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Rabbits07 - May 5

this isn't infant care related, but I know people who have actually had babies are more apt to know the answer. My step-son's girlfriend is 24 weeks pregnant. She was telling us last night that the baby is breech and the doctor plans on doing an external turn to get the baby into a head down position on June 1st. Isn't it kind of early to expect the baby to be head down??? She has a ruptured disk in her back and she said that her OB said that the baby being in a breech position was just causing too much pressure. I was concerned as this is our first grandbaby and she has had some unexplained bleeding through the pregnancy already and I thought that sounded odd. Should a baby be head down already at 24 weeks?


austinsmom - May 5

not to my knowledge.......they did not check me nor were the doctors concerned about what position the baby was in until the 37th week of my pregnancy.......I was told that they flip positions so much breech one day head down the other.......what guarantee do they have that if they go in there messing with the baby that the baby will not flip back of its own accord after they have went in a turned her head down?? Really it sounds odd to me as well I think I would ask more questions of the doctor for a greater understanding of just what they are actually thinking and trying to accomplish.......


HannahBaby - May 5

If they are doing the verison to help with her back than its more about her back, and not turning the baby. They usually dont do the external versoin until the very end because it can cause the membranes to rupture and cause the mom to go into labor. The baby may flip back around again. It does sound a little strange but they are doing it for a special reason.


YC - May 5

I was breech until about 38 weeks. They planned to do the version but luckily the baby flipped. I would a__sume, like HannahBaby that this is more for her back than anything else as babies can sometimes flip themselves at the very end. I would encourage her to get a second opinion especially because there has already been some bleeding. Let's hope that the little one flips itself by this month so she doesnt have to worry about it. I was very worried about the dr. attempting to flip my baby because it is risky. I wish her all the best.


jas - May 5

I was breech until a few days before I delivered. I agree with HannahBaby, if they are going to attempt something that drastic this early, it's more about her back then it is her baby...


HannahBaby - May 5

I worked on a maternity floor for about a year and they really monitor the baby after the version, and usually induce labor because the versions are dangerous. I would have your daughter get a 2nd opinion as well.



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