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chrissi79 - November 26

Here we go, my screen was taking forever to get that thread up!! hahaha


dedaa - November 26

Hey there girls! Been awhile! I cannot actually remember the last time I got on this thing! Im still alive in case you were wondering. LOL Now that im in school full time seems as though its hard to get much of anything else done. My days are so long! I start off at 6am and I do not get home till around 6pm. So when I get here I just basically cook supper, bathe the kids and off to bed. Although, it is starting to catch up to me now. Im really missin all the time I used to have with them. I am already looking forward to my xmas break. Well sorry to cut it short I will try to be back on here soon! To update some more! Hope everyone is doing well!!


KimS - November 27

Hey Ladies, well it seems everytime I think I almost have Logan's sleeping under control, he gets sick and throws it out the window!! yup we were up almost all night.. poor kid was just crying and crying and crying.. then coughing which sounds a little croupy!! yikes I hope he doesn't get that again! my friend babysat Logan for a couple of hrs on Saturday night and her daughter had croup, I brought Logan over after her daughter was asleep and didn't let him play with any of her toys... I hope it's not croup!! aaaahhh well I hope everyone elses' los are doing better than Logan this morning... Chrissi how's Adrina feeling? DB how about Audrey? is it another ear infection? when does she get those tubes? DDT it must be nice to have Caden back.. okay and dh too!!hahaha mamagoose how's Tyler, still not napping?? aahhh what's up with these kids!! it's a good thing they are all soooo cute!!hahaha


DDT - November 27

Morning ladies! I am DEAD tired. Caden was up 4x last night in 2hr intervals (9,11,1,3) and up for the day at 6am. Why oh why! So, my welcome back to mommyhood didn't start off with a great foot but it was SO nice to see him again. As soon as he saw me he actually started crying like he had gotten a shock. He is too cute. I am suspecting seperation anxiety again....he is so prone to it. I couldn't even walk into the kitchen this morning without him bursting into tears at the sight of me leaving (BTW our living room & kitchen is open plan). Why is he so good for his Daddy? He slept 12hrs straight each night and took 2hr naps (!) while away. That's why I think his seperation anxiety is completely directed at me. DB: Is it another ear infection? I bet you can't wait for those tubes? by how much do they lessen the chance of anothe ear infection or is it impossible to get one with the tubes? dedaa: You are a busy woman! How long will school and this new schedule last? Glad to hear from you again. KimS: Is croup contagious? It seems the "nightly wakings" bug is spreading amongst our lo's. I better get something to eat before the monster decides his nap is over. TTYL!


chrissi79 - November 27

Hi girls, I only have a quick sec, Kim, Adrina has a virus of course...we just got back from the doc a little while ago...poor baby...she's SO not herself :( makes me so sad...she's just sleepy, whiny and uncomfortable...still has a fever too...I finally got her to eat some fruit today, she didn't touch an ounce of food all day yesterday. She has been drinking though....so I managed to get a total of about 6 tbsp of fruit in her since this morning though. Uhh, I hate when they are sick and so thrown off....she JUST got over a cold!! BAHHHHH!! Anyhoo, gtg take care of a few things while she's resting...Talk to you girls a bit later, hope everything is well!!


DB - November 27

Hi ladies!! I haven't read everyone's posts yet,but wanted to give a quick update...Audrey seems more herself today...so I guess no e.i.-THANK GOD!!! Maybe just an off couple of days (she was a pill yesterday too?!?)...My RE appt. went FANTASTIC. It's a new doc in the same practice. I LOVE HER!!! She is even nicer than my last doctor!!! She explained some things to me that my last nurse had not! Like I DO have PCOS..My last nurse told me my bloodwork and ovarian u/s were normal, but the new doc looked back and said I DO have polycystic ovaries and my LH is over 2x what my FSH is!!! BUT, my insulin and testosterone are normal...She said I am "lean PCOS" meaning I dont' fit the "all PCOS women are overweight and hairy", but I do have this. Now, everything makes sense, like WHY I don't ovulate (my hormones are way out of whack) and why my sides hurt every now and again (cysts)!! So, I am so relieved to understand better what is going on with me! The bad thing is she wants to do a sonohystogram (fill uterus with saline and do an u/s) and hsg (dye in the tubes) to check that I didnt' develop any fibroids or blocks in my tubes after delivering Audrey. So, I am starting my metformin tonight and when/if I get my period before our trip I will do all these tests before then, if not they will induce my period after I return and start all the tests and then I will start the clomid and such then. I told them at this point I don't want to get pregnant until we are back from our trip (ya know, one last time to party hopefully!)...BUt, I am very happy with how it all went....Ok, gotta go make this munchkin some dinner and when she's in bed I'll come check back on everyone's posts..I know I missed a lot!!!


DB - November 27

Ok, now that I had time to read....mamagoose-tooth #5!!! Gosh, I'm so jealous! I think it's great he's getting all those teeth!!! Especially since he's been digging table food! Aww, walking by x-mas...amazing! Remember how non-mobile he seemed!?!?!? My how quickly these kiddos change! dedaa-good to hear from you! Hopefully your weekends are pretty open so you get to spend time with everyone? Kim-Poor little Logan! I sure hope it's not croup!!!! Yikes!!! I hope you get some rest tonight! DDT-sounds like major sep. anxiety huh? I hope you get some rest too!!! That is like a newborn's schedule all over again...Oh as for our tubes...12/5, one week!!! The tubes should greatly lessen the chance of ei's since it allows the fluid to drain and not build up so there's a much less chance the bacteria can party in there and cause ei's...if she does get one you can usually put antibiotic drops directly in the ear! Much easier than trying to get them in her mouth! Chrissi-poor Adrina too! My gosh everyone's sick!!! Audrey's nose is like a faucet since last week...literally just RUNNING all day and all night long. She had a grand total of, hold your breath, 11 oz all day! HORRIBLE!!! I'm scared she's going to LOSE weight! She'll get weighed on Monday at her pre-op physical. She barely ate any dinner either..UGH! Ok, gotta go! Anyone heard from gavinsmom?


Justine1 - November 28

Hi everyone. Sorry its been a while. Nick has been really ill. He had gastroenterotis last week plus a really nasty cough and cold plus up to 4 teeth coming through, 2 definately anyway. He didn't eat for 5 days and was throwing up water. Poor baby bear. I'm completely shattered as he didn't sleep for 4 nights. I'm at my parents now and he's much better. Sophie is fine and hasn't got any bugs - yay! Thankfully we didn't catch it either. We're off to Madeira (Portugese island) for a week in mid December which will be good. Got a nursery set up for Nick and Sophie for when I go back to work in January. Amanda - Welcome back. Thats a long day - hope school is going well. Kim - Sorry to hear Logan is sick. DDT - Sorry Caden isn't sleeping well. Chrissi - Sorry to hear Adrina is sick, its the season for sick babies I think. DB - Glad your RE appointment went well.


DDT - November 28

Morning! Well, it went much better with Caden last night. He woke up 2x but managed to put himself to sleep after a few mins. I needed the sleep! I was doing PU/PD with him when he woke up and holding him for a few mins but after reading "The Baby Whisperer" for some answers last night I read that at this age you shouldn't even hold them but pick them up and put them right back down. I was rocking him a little in my arms and I guess it was turning into a bad habit. Also, according to the book he should he sleeping 1.5 hrs min for each nap and if he wakes up before that I have to do PU/PD. He is getting into an over-tired cycle. I hope I can fix the mistakes I've done. He is taking 3 short naps a day instead of 2 long naps. KimS: are you starting infant potty training with Logan yet? I plan on starting in 2-3 days with Caden. It's going to take a little work but I'm interested to see if it works in the long run. I would ideally like him to be potty trained by 18-24 months. I know when I go back to work the whole process will take longer because daycare aren't willing to do it with him which is understandable. Oh well, it can't hurt anything to try. chrissi79: Poor Adrina is sick! Poor girl....hopefully its over quickly and she can be back to her usual self. DB: Glad to hear your RE appointment went so well. So, you'll start TTC in Jan or Feb? And it sounds like Audrey has a cold. Poor baby seems to always have something going on. I am glad that at least those tubes will rule out a lot of new EI's. Keep us updated on her weight and the ear operation. Nope, Gavinsmom seems to be MIA. She is probably being kept busy by Gavin. Hopefully we hear from her soon. Justine1: Poor Nick! All these sick babies! I hope Caden can bypa__s the nasty bugs of winter...its so hard though with all those germs in the air this time of the year. I hope Nick gets better quickly and luckily the rest of the family didn't catch it. I couldn't imagine two sick lo's at the same time! Have a great time in Madeira, and have a great Xmas if we don't hear from you before then. Going back to work is looming up ahead for several of us. No fun!


DDT - November 28

Ladies!...Caden has been napping for 1hr 10mins so far...are pigs going to start flying???


KimS - November 28

Hahaha DDT, I'd say Caden heard you threatening to do pu/pd for naps too!!! My sister always says 3 days to break a habit so hopefully if you're consistent that's all it should take. I don't think I'm going to try the training, Logan is starting daycare in January and they won't do it so I'm just going to wait... but will try "early" since like you I want him trained 18-24 months, both of my sister's kids were (1 boy and 1 girl). Justine good to hear from you, sorry Nick has been soo sick, glad to hear he's doing better and that the rest of you didn't get it!! DB glad to hear your RE appt went well, hopefully Audrey will start eating more... I'm sure she's fine but it's always such a worry. chrissi how's Adrina? Logan was a bit better last night but still slept on me in the recliner for most of the night... it's not tooo bad since I do sleep a bit too. Question for you ladies, when do you teach the los to use utensils? or do you just stick with the finger feeding for a while? Feeding time has become a magic trick since Logan wants to hold the spoon, I help him put food on it and he's so proud when he makes it to his mouth but I'm afraid to fully let him since he won't get as much food...Any thoughts? Kim


chrissi79 - November 28

Hi girls!! Adrina seems to being feeling much better thank goodness...although she is the most clingy baby ever!! DDT - I think we have some major sep. anxiety issues right now!! YIPPEE! haha She's still off schedule a bit though...DB - Audrey's not eatin' well huh? Aww...she must be going thru something...I'm sure she'll be fine. So her pre-op is next week, huh?? Finally. I hope everything goes well, and it solves her ear issues!! Justine - good to hear from you, aww, poor nick - and you!!! Yikes, that's a lot of teeth!! :( I hope he's feeling better soon...Kim - I can't believe we're talking about potty training already!! These kiddies are growing so fast!! DDT - Glad Caden was napping better for you!! Ok, so I feel like since Adrina got sick on Sunday she's totally reverted with walking...she was doing so well and now I feel like we're back at square one...maybe it has to do with the fact that she has to be one inch from me at all times!! hahaha...oh kiddies..ok, gtg get myself ready...we have dinner with the in-laws tonight. :) TTYL girls


DB - November 28

Hi girls. chrissi-I bet as soon as she's better she'll be back up walking around everywhere!! I guess I'm lazy when I'm sick!!! Justine-aww, the poor thing! I hope he's feeling much better soon! DDT-yay for long naps! Audrey's naps have been bad lately. I know she NEEDS 1.5 hour naps MINIMUM or else she's crabby in between! It's terrible when she refuses after only 45 minutes. UGH! Kim-that's great Logan is holding the spoon!!! Audrey won't do that either, but she loves to pick up food herself. What if you have a spoon and he has his and you alternate his spoon, then your spoon? I don't know how feasible that is?! Ok, Audrey had a fun day at daycare today. She's so happy there chasing around other babies! I have to work this Friday so she gets a treat this week...2 days of playtime! Ok, gotta get to bed..I'm beat!


DDT - November 29

Hullo ladies! Caden completely rejected his breakfast this morning...he didn't even have 1 bite. Very strange for him...hmmm. His naps went great yesterday and he still took 3 of them. Strange! He seems to go down for his 9am nap without a hitch but his 12-12:30pm afternoon nap is more of a fight. It took me 55 mins of PU/PD to get him to finally take his nap. BTW he's figured out how to stand up in his crib. Just did it today about 3x....for the last few days he's been using our legs to lift himself up to standing. He also likes us to "walk" him around the house while we hold onto his hands. KimS: Like DB has suggested I would give Logan his own spoon to self-feed and then you have your own spoon to try and get some spoonfuls into him. Let him practice with his own spoon. chrissi79: Yes, definite seperation anxiety issues with Caden at the moment. Continous whining all day for me to pick him up. I have to distract him just to get him off me for a bit and it usually doesn't last for very long. I'm sure Adrina is just feeling too sick to walk. Maybe she just doesn't have the energy for it. I am sure she will be back at it when she feels 100% again.


mamagoose - November 29

Hi everyone, I haven't been on in awhile, busy doing I don't know what I guess. Tyler's still getting up once or twice a night, he hasn't slept through in over a month now. I don't mind too much, but I don't want this habit to continue too much longer, since in February I leave for work at 3:30AM and I won't be here to give him his midnight snack! Only 1 month left of nursing, and then I have to start weaning by necessity, not choice. : ( I could keep the bedtime nursing, but the rest have to go, since he'll be in daycare. I've been trying to get him to use a sippy, but he makes a disgusted face when it's formula in the cup, and refuses. I hope he likes regular milk, I guess we'll just go straight from b___b to cow's milk come February. DDT- Have you had to use pu/pd on Caden yet? That was one chapter in the BW's book that I couldn't wrap my mind around, I guess that's why they say some techniques work for some, some work for others... after reading it, I just knew Tyler would be confused and I would be too frustrated! Good luck, hopefully it works for you guys. DB- When do you get back from your trip? I'm almost nervous to ttc again, it still seems like yesterday that I was pregnant and then taking care of a newborn! I was looking at my calendar, and I start my firearm qualifications on Feb 14-15, so once those are done I'll clear myself for ttc again, lol. The bullets we shoot are high in lead, and the noise of the shots can cause damage to a developing embryo, so there's no preggos allowed up at the range. But dh and I were talking and thought it would be good to have baby #2 around this time next year, so we'd have to conceive around late Feb/ early March. Who knows, nature has more control over that than we do, it will happen when it happens I guess! Kim- That's great Logan is interested in holding the spoon! I agree with DB, maybe if you want to make sure he's still eating a lot, you could give him his own spoon and you have another to feed him with as well. Well, Tyler woke up a little earlier than I hoped, he only slept an hour. I don't hear anything right now, I really hope he's fallen back asleep... fat chance!


DB - November 29

HOLY CRAP I GOT MY PP AF!!!! Can you believe it! All by myself...no bcp or anything needed!! I'm quite shocked still!! I'm happy to get some of my testing done before January! I got tomorrow for my baseline blood work and ultrasounds, then next week I can get my hsg and sonohystogram done! Whoo hoo! It'll be nice to get these all out of the way and not have to worrry about scheduling as many tests when it's time to ttc!! YAY!!! Mamagoose-we are going to be gone from 12/27-1/9....so if I have regular cycles I wouldn't be ttc til end of Jan early Feb, but who knows..I may not get my period again for another 2-3 months?!?!? But, once we're back from vacation if I haven't had another period they will induce it and we will begin. I'm nervous too about ttc, but now I can't shake the idea! I'm sorry you'll have to wean, but maybe you could keep up the bedtime nursing? I would venture to guess that Tyler will do much better with cow's milk. bm and formula are such different tastes. Formula is like cardboard!! DDT-I'm sorry Caden wouldn't touch breakfast...BELIEVE ME, I know how that goes! Audrey ate and ate and ate at dinner and she was sooooo happy today! She just got to bed a little bit ago...WAY past her bedtime, but she was in such a good mood! I'm sure I'll be paying for it later! And YAY for Caden standing! Audrey hasnt stood up since Sunday :( ugh, who knows when she'll decide to do it again! Ok ladies..I shall update tomorrow at some point and let you know how my first batch of tests go!


chrissi79 - November 29

Has anyone's LO had Roseola??



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