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chrissi79 - November 29

Has anyone's LO had Roseola??


DB - November 29

Uh-oh does Adrina have that?


chrissi79 - November 30

I believe so...she had the fever for about 3 days, then when it broke she developed the rash that looks like it. She is being SOOOOO miserable this whole week :( I feel like running away...where is my baby!!!??? :(


KimS - November 30

Ahh Chrissi sorry to hear Adrina is not doing well!! hopefully today will be a better day! I find when Logan is whiny that my best bet is running a few errands.. I know it's harder now that it's cold out but I bundle him up and head out!! As for us, well I took Logan to the doc yesterday and he has croup and/or bronchitis!! the doc says it sounds like there is a pocket of infection in one of his lungs and that this might be why he's been sick so much lately, that maybe this pockey just isn't clearing up on it's own.. anyways Logan is now on antibiotics to try and clear this up!! he's still sleeping best on me at night, but luckily does nap well on his own!! DB that's awesome that you got your AF on your own!! yipee!! hopefully this means that it will be easier to conceive this time? DDT stay strong on the pu/pd, it works and you just have to stick with it... and expect a lapse or two.. my first time doing it, he lapsed on like day 5 and I was soo discouraged, but read more of the book and apparently that is normal. mamagoose hopefully Tyler starts sleeping through the night for you again... well must go.. talk to you all later!Kim


mamagoose - November 30

Hey everyone... Tyler was pretty close in sttn last night, he had an early 6:15pm bedtime (too cranky and tired), then woke up for a snack at 6am, then back to sleep until 8:15am. I guess 12 hours is a long time to go w/o anything to drink, so I'm willing to forgive that waking! Funny, though how he slept almost 14 hours, then needed his morning nap after only 1.5 hours of being up. I just got some great news... the Accused in the trial-by-jury that I have coming up is going to plead guilty on Monday, so the trial is cancelled and I don't have to give evidence, yay!! Too bad he didn't decide to do that earlier, by now the prosecution team and the police have spent thousands of hours on trial preparation. Oh well, at least he didn't get away with it. Chrissi- I don't know anything about roseola, poor Adrina! I hope she starts feeling better soon. DB- Wow, it's a shock when af suddenly shows up, eh? That's great things are going back to normal on their own though. Well, I don't really have anything else just yet, I might suck up some courage to go to the mall and do some Christmas shopping today, Tyler-willing.


DDT - November 30

Hullo! Well, it took less time (25 mins) than yesterday using PU/PD with Caden for his afternoon nap. Progress? we will see how it goes tomorrow and only then can I start getting excited that it may be working. Once again breakfast was not a hit with him...he only ate about 1/2 a bowl (so about 3tbsp). Maybe I am giving it to him too soon after his morning bottle. He's never had a problem with it before though. I usually wait 1hr 15mins after his bottle. Or maybe he's trying to tell me that cereal is old news. Hmm. mamagoose: I resorted to PU/PD for Caden's afternoon nap because I felt CIO wasn't getting us anywhere, and honestly it was tearing me up inside to hear him cry on and on. We also use it at night when he is unable to put himself to sleep. It does seem so confusing in the BW book...but I just flipped to the age-category appropriate to Caden. I bypa__sed all the other stuff. So, Tyler is waking up 2x to feed at night? It can't be a growth spurt after a month. You might need to resort to CIO or PU/PD yourself when the time comes. Have you had AF yet? Some days Caden can barely even make 1hr in the morning before he needs a nap. It's very strange...I guess they have their sleepy days to. I usually try to hold him off for 2hrs else the rest of his day is just messed up. Glad to hear the trial got cancelled. A relief for you! DB: Congrats on getting AF ALL by yourself! Its a sign...start TTC next month...lol! Glad to hear Audrey's appet_te has picked up again. chrissi79: I know nothing about Roseola either. Have you taken Adrina into the doc yet? let us know. Poor girl! KimS: Poor Logan! croup and/or bronchitis! hopefully the antibiotics gets working quick. I plan on sticking with PU/PD...its my last resort so I have to lol! Well, I am off Xmas shopping once Caden wakes up from his nap. TTYL!


DB - November 30

Real quick girls...looks like that wasn't af?!?!? I had spotting all day, then NOTHING today. I still had my b/w and u/s done...She said we will know more on Tuesday after my other tests :( BUMMER! Oh well, at least I can get my tests done...Ok will post again later or tomorrow a.m..


chrissi79 - November 30

Hey ladies - real quick, DDT - caden's refusing cereal too, huh? Adrina hasn't eaten any of her cereal the past few days either...gosh, seems like lots of us are having sleep issues!! Booo!! :( About Adrina - we went to the dr's on Tuesday and she still had a fever, and then it broke on Wednesday, and that's when the rash showed up...it was way worse yesterday, it looked so sore I wanted to cry for her.


chrissi79 - December 1

Hi girls, just a quick update - Adrina actually woke up this morning acting like her old self!! Thank goodness !!! :) I missed her...lol Hopefully she stays happy!! haha...she slept SO much yesterday - like a 3 month old..she'd be up for 1.5 hrs then back down again...WEIRD!! Anyway, this morning she woke up at about 7:45am, and took a nap at about 9:45, she had a good one too almost 2 hours...then she was up for about 3 hours and I just put her back down again for her afternoon snooze....She actually ate all but 2 spoonfuls of cereal today too, and ate her lunch, so hopefully this is the road to recovery and we are back on track!! :) (Crossing my fingers!!) How is everyone's weekend going? Kim - how is Logan feeling? Poor boy!! Thank goodness you got some meds for him :( DDT - did Caden sleep any better last night? PU/PD is very trying, i hear you...I hope he stops fighting it. How about cereal? Is he still refusing? DB - I hope your tests go well on Tuesday, that's weird about your non AF spotting...hmm....GL!! mamagoose 14 HOURS?! sounds like a growth spurt is looming haha...that's good news for you about the trial!! Ok ladies, gtg make some use of nap time :) TTYL - enjoy your weekend :)


DB - December 1

DDT-well, I commented on the cereal on the other thread..sounds like Adrina is in the same boat as far as that goes! mamagoose-that is awesome you don't have to go through that trial! YAY!! I love when stuff just works out like that! Chrissi-so it was roseola? Glad she seems to be doing much better!!!!! Kim-is Logan better since starting the antibiotics? I find Audrey is loads better even one day later. Funny the BIG difference it can make! Well, Audrey has slept through the night FOUR nights in a row!!! I'm still in shock! The bad thing is I can tell her night sleep is getting shorter...she was always a 13-hr per night girl and now it's like 12-12.5 (I KNOW, I'M NOT COMPLAINING, LOL!)...but now she's up at like 6:10am!! I just wanted to sleep til 6:45am this morning! BUMMER. BUT, like I said, I'm not complaining about it! Well, we're getting some snow here today! We were supposed to spend the night away for a party that is about 1.5 hours away, but I'm guessing we will cancel since there is supposed to be very bad icey roads...Not worth it for a b-day party! Ok, ttyl!


KimS - December 1

Hey Ladies, chrissi glad to hear that the old Adrina is back!!! and that she's feeling better. DB congrats on the sleeping through the night... I think Logan is getting close again.. thank goodness!! DDT no real advice about the cereal, but my friend had the same problem and she used to put the cereal in things and cook with it so that her daughter still ate it, like in spaghetti sauce and such.. some of the finger foods I give Logan I put cherio dust on them.. you could put cereal? it's just so darn nutritous, but like you said he gets lots of formula. How's the potty training going? Well Logan is feeling much better, and doesn't need to sleep on me anymore!!! Thank goodness. Last night he slept from 7-8:30pm then 9-5 am.. then 5:30 - 6:45, not bad really. I think I'm going to decorate for Christams tomorrow.. any of you have your trees up yet? how are the lo's with them? I love Christmas although it's going to be hard on my own for the first time. I'll be by myself Christmas Eve.. oh well.. Well must go..


mamagoose - December 2

We got a ton of snow today, about 11 inches measuring on our patio table, haha... I had to shovel 3x today (dh's back is out, and I actually like shovelling snow...). I took Tyler out for lots of snowy pics, hopefully I'll be able to print some off for Christmas cards. Kim- We have our trees (we have a mini fake one and a big real one) in our front entry and living room, which are gated off so Tyler can't get in there. When we do let him in, he bee-lines for the tree and immediately yanks off ornaments and pinches the lights, so I pretty much don't let him in there, lol! DDT- Tyler had about a week where he refused cereal, so mixed it in with other stuff and gave him a few days break from it, and when I brought it back he was normal again. In the meantime, I gave him french toast (with yolks only) and chunks of banana for breakfast. For our sttn issue, I guess maybe by some standards he is sleeping through the night, since he gets up around 6:30am. Some people get up with their babies at that time, I've just been feeding him and going back for another 1.5 hrs of sleep... so I guess if I got up with him for the day at that time, then he would be sleeping through the night, hehe. Dh made a big proclamation this morning that he was going to get Tyler up for the day when he wakes at 6:30am, rather than putting him back to sleep. Ha! I'd like to see that actually happen... Chrissi- That's great Adrina is feeling better, thank goodness it cleared up quickly, whatever it was. I've gotta run, dh is calling, so I'll check back tomorrow!


chrissi79 - December 3

Hi ladies...glad to hear things are settling down all around with us!! hahaha Adrina is good now - she was much much better as of Saturday, and her rash is cleared up now :) kim - we put our tree up about 2 weeks ago - mine and my sister's bdays are nov 25 & 27th so it gets busy then, and I like to have it up before december :) I love having the tree up!!! So Logan is better? That's great to hear!! :) Finally some better sleeping! :) DB - Audrey's getting back to it again too...?? YAY! She's getting her tubes soon? when is the appt? DDT - Adrina is taking her cereal again thankfully....I think she was just having a really hard week last week, poor thing, being sick, teething and hitting a growth sprut within one week can do a number on them I guess!! haha Oh geez, I hope we have a good stretch now!! lol Mamagoose - we got dumped on too on Saturday night...not that much though! YIKES!! haha Good workout for ya woman! lol Tyler loves the tree too? Yeah, I do my best to ward off Adrina from laying eyes on it, but its ok, the tree is sort of in a different room than we are usually in, so she doesn't see it too often...ok girls, she's down for her am nap - hopefully a good one - I'm going to attempt to get a run in :) TTYL! ~Chrissi


DDT - December 3

Good Morning! I can only pop in quickly as we are going out to the Xmas tree farm soon. I am excited...hot chocolate around a fire and with all the snow we got (wow, mamagoose!) it sets the scene quite wonderfully. Caden is back to eating cereal again....must have been some kind of phase. I think his seperation anxiety is starting to fade as well. Over the last few days he has been playing independently quite a bit without giving me a second thought. He is crawling like a madman and just goes where ever he wants...lol! This morning I was in the living room with him and he just took off into his room and played by himself in there. I got ditched! I even managed to make some cupcakes this weekend while he amused himself the entire time in the living room. Well, sorry this is so short...I will get back on here tonight and get update on all your news.


DB - December 3

Wow girls...talk about timing for her pre-op physical. Audrey's left ear is bulging (ie, she's about to have another e.i.!!), so her doc gave us some sample antibiotics to start today to prevent the e.i. from getting out of control! Thank goodness!!! He said he'd hate to see the surgery get pushed back if she had a fever! Wow, I'm relieved! It sounds sick, but I was sort of glad that her ear was bulging. I know, it sounds bad, but I was beginning to feel guilty for making her get tubes because she seems happy and healthy lately, but NOW I feel better since the cycle of ei's was about to continue on! So, my goodness all that snow! You guy's must've gotten our storm that pa__sed thru on Saturday night. We only got a couple inches as it was mainly sleet and ice! Those snowy pics sound cute!!! Once we get a decent amount I'll have to take Audrey out! It's supposed to snow here tomorrow a bit (only 1-3"). DDT-glad Caden is eating his cereal again. My MIL got Audrey to eat some this morning. Chrissi, I'm so jealous you are motivated to work out! I don't seem to have the time or energy to do it!! I mean Audrey's in bed at 6pm, I have no excuse!! Kim, I'm glad Logan is able to sleep in his crib again! The poor guy! Well, Audrey DID wake up at 4am...Now I know it was because of her ear...oh well, hopefully after Weds, all will be well! Well, tomorrow is my hsg and saline sonohystogram. I'm nervous...had to start antibiotics today since it's kind of invasive...ICK! They made me feel sick..yuck...Ok, Audrey's crawling under my desk...gotta go!


DDT - December 4

OMG! I wrote almost a book and then went to send it and bam! my entire post was gone! Here we go again: We didn't end up going to the tree farm because of the torrential rain we were having today so df went to the store to get our tree. We have never done that before but the tree looks really good. Caden hasn't really taken too much notice of it yet and we have barricaded presents all around it to stop curious fingers. DB: Sorry to hear the "AF" wasn't the real thing! My AF still hasn't shown her face since 5 months pp. I just know my doc is going to say "go on the pill" but I'm trying to avoid it. What else can I do to give AF a jump start? Do you ladies think I should go to the doc? is this abnormal? Caden also sleeps about 11-11.5 hrs at night and then about 2-2.5hrs during the day. Bulging! that sounds terrible! I am glad you feel more confident in the tubes now. Obviously Audrey is VERY prone to EI's so it will be for the best I think. Good luck with your hsg and saline sonohystogram (those names sound scary enough! lol!). chrissi79: Glad to hear Adrina is feeling all better! Any new teeth? Caden still only has the two. No sign of the 3rd yet. KimS: Glad to hear Logan is also feeling better and no longer using you as a cushion at night. That must be nice! Potty training is going better than I thought it would. He has gone 2x over the last 2 days. He actually loves being on the big loo because he has access to the toliet roll (lol!). Anyone know of a toliet roll guard I can get? I have a problem remembering to put him on the potty when he needs to though just because I have to remember to include it in the "new" routine. Today I completely forgot all about the potty training. I need to train myself to remember! We read or sing to him while he's on it and we put him on the potty after every bottle and meal (from the water in his sippy). We put him on 20 mins after and he usually seems to go after about 25 mins. You need to watch for the pattern. Thanks for the tip on finger foods. Too bad Caden won't eat any "wet" foods even when they are covered in Cheerio dust! All he eats right now are puffs, Cheerios (of course!), toast/bagels, shredded cheese, crackers & cookies. I've tried everything out there and he still looks at it like it has the plague. mamagoose: I love the snow pics of Tyler especially the one of him making a snow angel. Just adorable! Good night ladies!



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