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mamagoose - December 19

Hey everyone... It has slowed down a bit around here, but I think it will pick up once the holidays are over. I know I'm super busy with all the shopping and preparations for houseguests, plus dh thought this would be a great time to have some drywalling guys in to fix up a project he bungled... Sheesh. Well... Tyler had the worst night of his life last night. He was up 5x that required me getting up to go to him, and probably another 5x where he'd let out a little yell and then settle down again. Around 2:45am we clued in and checked his gums... he's getting SEVEN TEETH AT ONCE! Holy moley... his right side top lateral incisor was cutting through so it was actually bleeding a bit, the bottom two lateral incisors are starting to cut through, and FOUR molars are pushing up so they'll break through at any moment. My poor baby... he was crying this sad, pitiful confused wail with big tears, rubbing his own gums. I gave him some tylenol drops and oragel, and he only woke up one more time after that. I really hope they all break through in the next day or so and this doesn't go dragging on! Other than that, he stood on his own a few times yesterday, once for over 10 seconds... he grabbed the remote control off the coffee table and was holding it with both hands, and didn't seem to realize he wasn't hanging on, then he casually lowered himself down onto a knee and sat down. He was so distracted by the remote, I'm not sure he even realized what he'd done. Anyway, soo much annoying stuff I need to do today, I guess I shouldn't delay any longer.


DB - December 19

SEVEN TEETH!!! Holy cow! Tyler's going to look like a little kid now instead of a baby! But I guess these kiddo's are all getting close to toddler-hood now! DDT-aww...Audrey's been clingy too. I call her Cling-on baby. I literally cannot do a thing while she's awake. I'm on the floor with her at all times! Is anyone else like this? I feel like I am over protective I guess, but she finds trouble if I'm not right there with her. I have to imagine Audrey is teething too?!?!? I see bumps, but no white, so god only knows when they'll cut through. DDT-did you have irregular periods before getting pregnant? Or were you on bcp? I didn't realize how irregular my cycles were til we ttc. I mean I was on the pill for years so of course I had 28 day cycles, but once I stopped the pill and I wouldn't get anything for 3 or 4 months I started to get concerned and that is when they found the pcos. NOT saying you have this or anything like it, but you never know I guess. Do you get a pap soon? maybe mention it then? Or just give your doc a call?!?! Oh, Audrey is moaning and groaning when she should be napping. I know she's dead tired and is fighting this nap big time. I need to fold laundry while she's "napping" gotta go!


KimS - December 20

Mamagoose... 7 teeth OMG!!! I hope they cut through soon!! Logan's been cutting 2 upper teeth for weeks!!aahhh not affecting his sleep too much so that's good. DB sorry AF showed up... good luck next cycle huh!!DDT hope that Caden is not as grumpy today.. is he cutting teeth too? hopefully he suprises you at daycare.. they'll be soo many exiciting things to discover.. I'm really looking forward to him going I think he's starting to get bored of me.. and my toys, although this time next week should be great.. my family has totally spoiled him.... good thing I have a big living room!!! well must get this kid to sleep!!! talk to you all later.. Kim


DDT - December 20

Hello ladies. Caden's upper gum is really swollen today. Hopefully he gets some new teeth soon! He was a very crabby baby yesterday and napped for about 1hr total. Of course as soon as Daddy walks in he's all smiles and I look like the liar...lol! We had our first family dinner together last night. Df got off work 15mins early so was home in time before Caden started reaching overkill. We had spaghetti hoping that it would entice Caden to take a bite. Lol! Fat chance! He wouldn't touch anything but let Daddy put it into his mouth. Silly Boy! He liked the beef chunks, but not the pasta. mamagoose: OMG! Seven teeth in one go! I have never even heard of that before. Poor boy, he must be in pain. Hopefully they pop out soon. And then he will just about have a mouth full of teeth. hehe! How was last night? any better? Congrats on Tyler standing...he will probably be walking in time for his 1st birthday. DB: I am on the floor with Caden about 90% of the time. Not because I'm over-protective but because he yells and screams when he sees me get up. Of course, it depends on his daily moods because sometimes he will play by himself for up to 45mins. There's not much he can get into because our place is small and I've got my eye on him the entire time. I didn't have irregular periods before the pregnancy. My cycle was generally anything between 28-30 days. I haven't been on the pill for about 6 years (except for that 2 month stint at 3-5 months pp). So, I know I never used to need the pill to keep me regular. I would prefer NOT to be on the pill if I can help it but if I need it to get my period jump-started then so be it. I think I will try the pill for 3-4 months and see if it get me regular. Then I'll go off it and see the results without the pill. If my body can't manage to maintain my cycle then I know I have a problem. I'll make a visit to the doc then. Gosh, I have a feeling TTC for #2 is going to be hard! I'm thinking of only starting in Nov '08 now so I have lots of time to get my period regular. My last Pap was at 6 wks pp so I'll probably have another in April '08. Perfect timing to question my doc. Okay, I best get something to eat before Caden's nap is up.


Justine1 - December 20

Hi everyone. Sophie and Nick had their first intro session at the nursery today. Sophie was fine and I could leave her for 30 mins or so at a time but Nick cried whenever I wasn't with him. I came back to find a lady holding him but he was still crying and they said to him its not that bad and he just looked at them as if to say yes it is! He wouldn't even let me put him down for more than a minute. The only time he liked it was when I took him with me to see Sophie and her group were eating for their Xmas party so he got a sausage, a sausage roll, 2 cakes and chocolate and was well impressed. Lol. They only give water so he had a grump about that - not his usual service! We go again tomorrow at 10am for a further intro session then they start in January for real. We may ask for Nick to be put in with the babies for a while as he prefers to be treated like a baby - lol! DB - Sorry Audrey's ill again. Hope you get to go to Paris. I find it quite city like and prefer other places in Europe like Venice, southern Italy and Rome but lots of people love Paris. Are you going to the Caymans for Christmas? That'll be a great holiday. Kim - Have a great time in Florida. DDT - Hope Caden gets teeth soon. I have the same clingy baby daycare issue - its hard. Sophie is so easy by comparison and has always been quite outgoing.


Justine1 - December 21

Just had second nursery visit and it went better thankfully. Sophie loves it and I left her for the whole session and she was fine - didn't even notice me walking in half way through and has already made friends! Nick cried when I left the room so I had to go back and spend 3/4 hour with him - he had a strop about a sippy cup - he can use them but not in a strop! So I'm going to give them a bottle for him. They then gave them fruit which Nick was very impressed with eating his own and several of the other childrens but holding Mums hand. He then went to play and when he settled I left and apparently he cried for a few minutes then played and then fell asleep which is better then yesterday. I got them to give him a key worker and she's really nice so I'm happy about that. I think we'll leave him in the tweenies room for now and see how it goes. Merry Christmas everyone!


DB - December 21

Justine-that's great it is going well for them! Audrey generally forgets about me the minute she gets into her room! She's moving up into the Infant B room soon....meaning she's BIG now! Where did this past year go?!?! DDT-any teeth cut thru yet? Hopefully Caden and Tyler cut those teeth soon so they're out of pain! Audrey has no sign of any more teeth coming in ;( She's so little and almost toothless people are going to underestimate her age pretty soon! She's done better with eating and drinking finally! She had a whole 17oz today! That is like a record for her lately! And she ate 3 whole meals. I pray she sleeps thru the night soon. Her right ear is infected now too. But you wouldn't know. She is acting fine. Thank god I had the drops already. It's just hard to keep track which day I started which drops and when to stop...ugh! Ok, time to wrap some presents!


mamagoose - December 22

Hi everyone... I can't believe it's only 3 days til Christmas! AAhh I feel like I don't have enough time to get everything done! My shopping's done, but I have to get all my groceries and turkey, my family's coming here for Christmas dinner. How did I get stuck with cooking Thanksgiving and Christmas in one year? Oh yeah, I have a baby that won't travel anywhere lol. Well, 3 of Tyler's emerging 7 teeth broke through today, and boy did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed. DB- Maybe Audrey will suddenly sprout all her teeth in one week... I'm trying to decide if it's good or bad that Tyler's teeth come in this way. On one hand, he suffers for a shorter amount of time, but more intensely than if he gradually had teeth coming in over several months. My mom told me I got 8 teeth within 2 weeks when I was a baby, so I guess Tyler comes by it honestly. Plus, we had guys working on the ceiling outside his room, so no morning nap. Then I had to run around doing errands all afternoon, so he slept 15 minutes here and there in the car, and then no afternoon nap. And now, dh's teenage cousins are here for the weekend, and they make such a racket I don't know how Tyler will sleep... luckily dh took them to a movie, so it's quiet right now. My dh's aunt (who is actually our age, weird) just had her baby today, and she's given me some hope, lol... her first labour was like mine: 10 days overdue, 36 hours of hellish contractions, followed by a marathon pushing, only hers was worse because they ended up using the vacuum and forceps. Anyway, for the baby girl she had today, she went into labour at 1am this morning (and yesterday was her due date), and the baby was born at 5am, 9 lbs even. I love it, only 5 hours overdue, I could handle that! Plus, they broke the family "curse" by having a girl.. there hasn't been one single girl born in his family in 50 years, but there have been 14 boys. When I had Tyler, nobody was surprised to see another boy, hehe. OK, I'm just blabbing now, I think I need some wine and watch some CSI reruns before all dh's cousins come back...


DDT - December 22

Quick pop in: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! I HOPE YOU ALL GET SPOILED...BECAUSE OUR LITTLE ONES SURE WILL. I probably won't be on again until after Boxing Day so I wanted to send my seasons greetings before hand. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!



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