FEB 07 MOMS Part 5

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DDT - October 30

New thread for November ladies!


DDT - October 31

Quick post because little Caden is already up from his nap after only 45mins. Gosh, with Gymboree today he probably won't take his afternoon nap so I'm in for a treat by 4pm. mamagoose: I am dressing Caden up in his Halloween outfit but probably only for the 1st 1/2hr or so (I have to take some pics!) and then I'll put some other clothes on him. His outfit is also pretty thick and fleecy, and taking it out today and looking at I realized it will probably be a little too big for him length wise. I got 12-18 month because the measurements matched up to him....oh well! Df's Mom just recently moved to the Island (about a month ago) and they live on the outskirts of Nanaimo. So, quick drive off the ferry. They live about 5-10mins from the beach so it will be nice to take walks down there. Yes, I don't think Caden willl do well with the unfamiliar setting either...nevermind our dog (who is coming to) who is absolutely terrified of anything "new" or "different" Okay gotta run...the whining is becoming a little more persistent....


KimS - October 31

Hey Ladies, mamagoose, I too need to refill the candy, we missed halloween here last year since I was working out of town, but our neighbours said they only had 6 kids!!! thank goodness since the dog barks every time the door bell rings and I was worrying about how to get Logan to sleep!!! we had an exciting moment yesterday, Logan took 3 steps all by himself!!! I can't believe it!! today I got him on camera taking 2 steps.. anyways I'll be away until next week, we are heading to Newfoundland tomorrow.. wish me luck in the airplane!!!by myslef!! yikes.. the good news I'm flying first cla__s!hahahaha it's all on points so why not huh!! I'm back Tuesday morning... hope everyone has a great halloween and weekend!! Kim


chrissi79 - October 31

Happy Halloween mommies! Mamagoose, holy CRAP that's a LOT of kids!! EEK! We have like 40 hahahaha Oh my, Tyler had a good sleep huh?? That's awesome!! Finally...man! That's so cute, Adrina does that too where you say Jump and wherever she is turns into a jumperoo!! Ok, Adrina has been a little fussy today, not her happy self...I think her top teeth might be bothering her...she keeps pushing at her top gums and biting EVERYTHING...here we go again...ok, pushing my luck now, she's refusing her pm nap right now!!! AAHH!! TTYL!


priya79 - October 31

Just an update...Sudhi was a horrible baby yesterday and didnt go to sleep till 11.45 pm...Every time I put her in the crib she screamed like anything (Later by enetering the bedroom she would start to scream)...I mean real scream....We would come out and she was content laying on me...Go in..scream...The same thing happened from 9.00 to 12.00 and finally I ended putting her in my bed and cosleeping..I was dead tired and wanted to sleepp...She caught my hand in one hand and held my face in the other and slept..That was cute though but she was a halloween ghost baby exactly on Halloween...Lol...just wanted to vent..


DB - October 31

We had trick or treating on Sunday (our town is lame), so thankfully I don't have to worry about that tonight! Audrey was so cute as a little lamb today. I will upload the pics on her babysite tonight!!! babysites.com/sites/dawnbelasco......Wow, mamagoose, that's a ton of kids...we probably get close to 150 or so, I thought we had a lot!!! Chrissi-ooh, maybe a top tooth huh?!?!? We're still waiting on some more...still only 2 teeth! Kim-wow, we've flown 1st cla__s one time...bc we couldn't get other tickets..it was AWESOME!!! Have fun on that flight!!! DDT-hopefully Caden will sleep a bit in the car??? Priya-I hope you get some more sleep tonight....Well, Audrey is NINE months old today.....Can't believe it!!!! Haven't heard back from our "family friend" doctor yet...I'm so anxious to hear what she has to say. Hopefully she gets back to me before Friday so I can have her opinion before Audrey sees the doc!?? Anyone else NOT looking forward to changing our clocks back? This is going to cause sleep issues....I just know it!


DDT - October 31

Happy Halloween everyone! Well, the plan was to go out trick 'n treating tonight but Caden was NOT in the mood...and neither was I. Argh no afternoon nap here. Total of 45min nap time and NO he doesn't sleep in the car seat anymore like he used to. I can't imagine where he gets all his energy from. AND he was the grouchiest baby at Gymboree because he slept so little in the morning. I don't know how to get him to sleep for longer. I've tried PU/PD but it just doesn't work anymore...he thinks its play time. I've tired CIO but 9/10 times he will just whine for an hr instead of sleeping. What else can I try?? I left him in his crib for 30mins this afternoon hoping he would fall asleep and gave up after the crying kept on esculating. When I went in there he had a slight bloody nose...WTF!? How did he get that? He wasn't crying hard enough to cause that, and there was no way he could have whacked his nose in there. It's a mystery! So, I'm trying to take it day by day with the naps but what if instead of getting better or even staying the same it gets worse? Because he's such a needy baby and not mobile yet there's not much I can do when he's awake. It's tiring! He constantly wants "up" and then "down"...the cycle continues all day...what a vent! sorry...KimS: I hope you have a great time in Newfoundland. Hope the flight went well! chrissi79: I hope Adrina gets another tooth real soon! How far have the others pushed up? Caden's one tooth appears to be all the way up now. mamagoose: Wow, that is a lot of kids! and a lot of candy...lol! Glad to hear Tyler is doing better in the sleep department...8:30am! that's nice. My late mornings are 6:45am now and I count myself lucky lol! Caden went after my dog today and she growled at him...so he went for the blinds instead. She is such a snob! priya79: Hopefully Sudhi was just acting up because of Halloween. I hope tonight works out better and she goes to bed earlier. DB: I will check out those pics after I've done posting. Happy 9 months to Audrey! and I was also thinking about the whole changing clocks today...that will effect Caden for sure...its going to suck...okay good night everyone...


DDT - November 1

Oh I forgot to mention...Caden was moving around quite a bit this afternoon. But the funniest thing is how he did it. One leg with foot flat on the floor while the other was knee on the floor. Very funny looking when he was moving but he got to where he wanted in that fashion. I suppose he is making progress on crawling but he will only do it when he's in the right mood and the target is tantalizing enough. I hope my last post didn't come off a little too down about him...I love him to bits and realize that every baby is different...and I love him for who he is...but on bad days things can start becoming a little frustrating...haha I felt bad for venting so much on my little boy!


chrissi79 - November 1

DDT - don't feel bad, we ALL go thru those days/periods - venting is good!! Especially to people who fully understand where you're coming from :) That's so cute that Caden has started moving around like that - that is EXACTLY what Adrina STILL does! hahaha...once in a while she'll put both knees down, but usually its her left knee and her right foot LOL Too funny! My goodness Adrina is SO clingy today!! and she has not stopped!! (not unusual though haha) Honestly, she is go go go go go today!! But yeah, super cling on baby! :( And I swear, I cannot get her to sit still for one second, changing her diaper has become REALLY fun!! Yeah...she's busy rolling, sitting grabbing at anything and everything...Its becoming a 2 person job!! GEEZ!! Last night was a bust...Halloween just isn't like it was I tell ya! We had like under 10 kids...WTF is that???? Brutal! We put Adrina in her costume for a little bit, but the she was loosing her patience...too cute though! I swear she's gonna walk so soon too...she's getting good and standing on her own...yesterday she did about 10seconds at one point, and then turned and sat herself down! AND she pushed herself up last night on her own, not holding anything or pulling...EEK!! CRAZY! I don't see her top teeth, but she was pushing at them for a few days, so maybe they were just moving down...her teeth are up almost halfway...so we'll see how long that takes! haha Ok, gtg put her down and get a few things accomplished!!! I can't believe its November 1st ALREADY!!!! AHHHH Christmas is right around the corner!! LOL


mamagoose - November 1

Well, Tyler has officially become a tummy sleeper. The last 3 nights and every nap he's rolled onto his tummy as soon as I put him down, and he falls asleep that way. This is so weird, he hated tummy time so much for the first 8 months of his life, and now he can't stand being on his back! He even whines when I change his diaper and fights to roll over. Anyway, the new sleeping position comes with its own problems... He soaks through his diaper at night when he's on his tummy. I guess on his back it has more surface area to absorb... He's in size 3, which fits him perfectly, but I guess I have to try size 4 for night maybe. Darn, I just bought a giant box of size 3 Pampers! Well, we didn't get as many trick-or-treaters as last year, only 205 this year. Where did they all go? And now I'm stuck with all this surplus candy, NOOOOO! DDT- That's too bad about Caden's napping, what a tough dilemma. Like you said, his needy/persistent personality is a hard one to tailor a solution to... I think these boys are at an age where they're crying out of frustration and anger, and trying to get what they want! CIO worked for Tyler when I put him down and didn't go back in at all, have you tried doing it that way? I think whenever I went back in, it just reminded him of what he was so mad about. And don't worry about sounding down or negative, I think I've called Tyler every name in the book and threatened to send him back where he came from more than a dozen times, lol! Chrissi- yikes, you're going to have a little walker on your hands pretty soon, holy smokes! That girl has places to go! My brother started walking at 9 months and my Dad said it was like taking a kid on his first day of flight school and sticking him into a fighter jet (he's a pilot, hence lots of airplane a___logies at my house lol!). OK I should get out of my pyjamas, it's 11am!


DDT - November 1

Hi ladies! Okay well this is strange but Caden is crawling!! Was I not just complaining of this yesterday??? He is obbessed with our sliding door blinds and just gets up and goes after them every time I put him down in the living room. And now as I type he's turned around and is after his toy box. He does half frog-hopping style combined with his one foot flat/one knee down crawling approach. He looks like a crazy wounded animal. I find when he's naked or only in a onesie he moves around better. He's still really rough around the edges but I'm SO happy he's attempting to move around. Oh yes, and Daddy found him sitting up in his crib this morning (first time ever)...and then when I went to get him from his nap this morning there he was again sitting. I think he's trying to make a point...that Mommy should just shut up and be patient...lol! Oh and to put the icing on the cake he slept for 1hr 45mins for his 1st nap. How bad do I feel now! lol! Okay, I am starving and got to have some lunch so I'll check in later today to respond to some of you.


DB - November 1

YAY for Caden!!! He sounds JUST LIKE how Audrey crawls...She still isn't crawling like "normal", but she gets where she wants to go and is getting pretty darn quick!!!! SHe is IMPOSSIBLE To bathe now!!! All she does the whole time is try to stand up and she can pull herself up onto her knees so easily now...ugh...I have to find a solution to that or else I'll never be able to bathe her when dh is gone! Oh and DDT-trust me, I understand...the Friday's I'm off when Audrey is being a little peach, I get soooo frustrated because of course at daycare all they say is 'we wish she was here every day, she is the happiest baby, every baby should be like her'...maybe I'm just boring to her, LOL!!! And she only took 1.5 hours of naps today TOTAL, which we all know my little crab likes her sleep!!! Again, she was awake for a good hour last night. Mamagoose-once Audrey found out how comfy sleeping on her tummy is, she never went back! So funny...she used to hate TT too and now she's also impossible to change and get dressed (haha, like Adrina!!)....it's madness in the morning when we're trying to get out of the house and she's pulling her diaper off if I'm not quick enough getting her onsie on! Wow chrissi, walking already! So cute! I am guestimating Audrey to be pulling herself up to stand in a few weeks...maybe cruising by x-mas?!?!? Who knows!!! Hopefully she waits til Dec 27th when we leave for vacation...because I swear if my MIL gets to see her first steps I may hang myself! Tomorrow is Audrey's 9 month appt. Can't wait to see her stats! Oh and our family friend ped. recommended tubes only because it's cold and flu season and she thinks Audrey would be in for more e.i.'s and she thinks this time is SOOO important for listening to words and sounds to prep for talking...I agree..so we shall see what our doctor says (whom this dr. knows and said I should trust him...hehe, and on a side note he is the most handsome older man, hhahaha!)...Ok, I will update some stats tomorrow...lets' pray Audrey sleeps through the night...oh please God!!


chrissi79 - November 2

Isn't that funny that Caden, Audrey AND Adrina have all taken to crawling that way? Looks so akward if you ask me!! lol But hey, they are going, so I guess, let them go...hahaha. DB - For sure Bath time is turning into a 2 person job! Adrina is a disaster in the bath...she splashes like crazy, and kicks and pushes off the end of the tub on her back, and goes flying up the tub...lol its hilarious!! and she too loves to try to stand and climb out! I need a slip mat for in there! The hardest part is AFTER the bath though...she does not want to sit still for ANYTHING!! UHHh....so hard!! Ah well...they are just active I guess. Hope Audrey's appt. goes well, let us know how the ears look and stats!! Crossing my fingers for you that her ears have cleared up a bit! DDT - wow, nice nap for Caden! Wouldn't you guess that they ALWAYS prove us wrong...like whenever Adrina does something new - last week she was giving me kisses when I asked her to for eg. - its like as soon as you tell someone they were doing it they just DON'T want to!! haha Yeah SUUURRRE she was doing that...LOL Yesterday Adrina had ONE nap all day - 1.5hrs thankfully - she got up from that at noon and would NOT go back down for her afternoon nap!!! Errrr...she was SO busy! And super clingy!!! AHHH...thank goodness I had plans last night with a few girlfriends! DH had to deal with her lol she went to sleep right away, and only woke up once I guess from a bad dream or something but went right back to sleep when I put her pacifier back...but then she woke up at 6:30 this morning of COURSE! Ah well...Anyway, happy Friday everyone - I can't believe its already friday AGAIN! These weeks are flying :( TTYL ladies! ~Chrissi


mamagoose - November 2

Haha, Tyler does the standing up in the tub too, and he always launches himself face-first at his bath toys, so he'd be constantly underwater if we didn't keep a hand on him! I've been meaning to get a sticky bath mat thing for awhile, we've been sitting him on a washcloth for traction, but it's just not cutting it! OK I have a question-- Is it common for babies have temper tantrums at this age? Tyler has started having them when he doesn't get what he wants. For example, when I change his diaper, he insists on having his own diaper to hold while I do it. Unfortunately, he's started tearing at the new diaper with his teeth so I don't give him one to hold anymore, and he gets SO mad and screams in anger at me! He stiffens his whole body, his face turns red and he gets this incredibly p__sed-off look on his face and shrieks at me! It would almost be funny if he didn't scream so loud, sometimes I swear my ears are bleeding after a diaper change... Plus, trying to put a diaper on a baby who is holding himself straight and rigid as a board poses its own challenges. DDT- Yay for Caden!! He was just waiting for the point where you gave up hoping he'd crawl soon to surprise you, lol! In one of my baby books, it says that the one knee/one foot crawling style is just as common as the two knees when they start off, and some babies stick with that style. I bet he'll have an easier time pulling up on stuff if he's used to getting a foot under him. Tyler set a new personal-best for himself last night, he went about 10 steps forward while crawling while dh and I were watching. He still needs some fine-tuning, he takes bigger steps with his hands than he does with his knees, and always seems to end up on his belly and having to start over, haha. He still goes backwards more often than not though! The little bugger got up at 3am last night and I ended up feeding him, that's two nights in a row. He seems genuinely hungry though, so I'm going to entertain the idea that it's a growth spurt for two more nights, and if it continues then he goes back to the school of hard knocks! OK, I must go clean up after dh again. He had his study group over last night and they trashed the place, sigh. On the upside, I managed to get them to eat most of my leftover Halloween candy and a box of Girl Guide cookies, hehe. Better on their hips than mine!


DB - November 2

Well, real quickly...Audrey was a PEACH today...talk about crabby!!! Anyways, she is 18lb 4.5oz (25-50%) and 28" (50-75%). SO, the doc said if she gets 1-2 more ear infections then she will get tubes. I say one more and then tubes. SHe still had fluid in her ears so I'm not sure I'm going to keep taking her to the chiropractor?!?!? I have a feeling within a week she will have another e.i. since she has a runny stuffy nose right now! UGH! Anyways, he gave us the ok for dairy as long as her tummy seems ok...so we tried yogurt tonight. She LOVED it!!! I only gave her 1/2 of a container since I'm scared it may hurt her tummy. OH YEAH! Guess what!!! Audrey did a "real crawl" at the doctor today! Like 6 "steps" of it!!! She looked so cute!!! Now, of course she is back to army crawling!!! Ok, gotta go..hyper baby and we're going to try to get her to crawl more!


DB - November 3

Well, we sucessfully kept Audrey up til 6:30pm last night (although she woke earlier because of it!)..and kept her up til 9:30am instead of 9am. So, so far so good! mamagoose-YES YES YES to the temper tantrums. Audrey will get stiff as a board like that too. Diaper changes are close to hell now! I try to distract her with some sort of toy or rattle. Pee diapers are easy because of course they need less wiping..Poop diapers suck because they take longer and she has so many crevices and cracks to get to!!! UGH! Plus, she almost always tries to reach down at it! Anyhow, question for chrissi and priya-Do you put your girls in dresses often? I mean obviously in the summer it was easy because a) they weren't as mobile, b) you didn't need tights etc...My MIL has bought Audrey 4 dresses in the past month and they just seem such a pain...not as easy to crawl around it or play in!!! I mean I plan to dress her up (literally) for Thanksgiving and x-mas, but other than that dresses seem a pain! I prefer jeans and a cute top!! Oh well, I think I'd love to have a boy next time so I dont' have to worry about dresses, hehe~!!! Last question-how long does it take you all to get through a big can of fomula? Seems it takes me a week?!?! Audrey seems to be tolerating my bm, so that is helping is save some $$$...we're going to Sam's Club today to buy a couple JUMBO cans, haha! Ok, gotta go shower while the munchkin naps!


DDT - November 3

Good morning ladies! Well, I am horribly lagging behind in posts but I've just been busy with Caden and getting ready to leave today. Caden woke up in a whiny mood so I'm hoping after his nap he's feeling a little better else the 2hr ferry ride will be hard. Also, I won't have help from df as he has to sit in with our dog on another level entirely. Hmm. I hate getting ready for trips because I always feel like I've left something out and I usually do. mamagoose: Caden doesn't have fits like you describe but he's a big whiner for sure. He can carry on with this constant whining sound forever it seems. He crawls over and keeps touching my leg to get up even when I'm sitting right next to him. I think I'm getting insight into his personality and he will be a clingy mama's boy for sure. DB: Glad to hear Audrey loved yogurt. Its nice to be able to branch out a little now into dairy foods. I hope she tolerates it fine. We go through a big can of Similac in about 1.5 wks. Caden drinks 3 8oz bottle a day so thats 12 scoops a day. He has actually been drinking less for the last few days...about 18oz a day. This is normal for his age right? Okay I've got to go get ready now. I will post again on Tuesday. Have a good weekend everyone!



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