Feb 07 Moms Part 4

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DB - October 10

Started a new one!!!


DB - October 10

Ok!! Priya-I'm sorry Sudhi's been up 2x per night! I understand how exhausting it gets!! Hopefully she will not make a habit out of this. RMC-so glad your m/c rate is so low! That's great :) chrissi-it seems whenever Audrey has a loss of appet_te, it's either due to getting sick or getting a tooth, so maybe a tooth really will pop up soon??!!! OMG-that cracks me up Adrina fell asleep sitting up!! I don't know how babies do it! DDT-poor Caden! Audreys' been the same way with this cold....snot bubbles, crusty snot all over her face! WHen I try to wash the crusty snot off in the morning she freaks out. If he keeps up the fussiness maybe you should get his ears checked? Hopefully it's NOT an ear infection..but you never know...Audrey's had fevers 2 of the 3 ear infections. Glad the beef went over well! Audrey seemed to like it too! Mamagoose-I'm glad to see Tyler is sleeping well. We just got Audrey sleeping from 6pm-7am before this stupid cold/ear infection. 7 am seems soooo late to me! It's great to get ready for work while she's still asleep. Oh and chrissi-thanks for the kind words about bf. I guess i just need to shake this guilty feeling that I didn't work at pumping longer. I'm sure in a couple weeks I'll be over it...BUT, I've already gained 2 or 3 pounds! I keep eating like I"m pregnant/bf....I had it good these last 17 months! Oh well, hopefully only 3-4 more months til i"m pregnant~hehe...So, Audrey's isabooties came adn they're flipping HUGE...like clown shoes!!! This girl has small feet! Anyone feel like their babies are starting to look more like "kids"? I can't help but think Audrey is starting to look like a little girl and less of a baby...well, maybe a little boy since she has no hair still, lol...it's coming slowly but surely...OK, my squash is done baking...time to mash it up.


KimS - October 10

Hey ladies.. well sorry to not have been around lately Logan was sick and then my ex and I have been fighting a lot urrgg.. I'll check in tomorrow.. I just wanted to tell you DDT that you can also give Caden Infant Dimetap, it's specifically for runny nose and nasal congestion, it helps to dry up the nose, you can give him this and tylenol (I asked the doc just last weekend) the only advice for the dimetap is to try during the daytime since it makes babies either sleepy or hyper...it helped Logan to sleep.. well must get to sleep, I'll check in tomorrow. good luck!!


chrissi79 - October 11

DB - eww, the snot bubbles! Yuk, Adrina had those...i'm telling you though, I bought the Benelyn vapour plug ins and it did wonders for her nose!! And Adrina STILL has no teeth in there!! She was up AGAIN last night at 2:30 I think...again to eat...I'm hoping this is just a growth spurt phase b/c I am not diggin' the night feedings again...no sirreeee DH and I are not getting good sleep at all. And of course he's a major whiner about it! lol cause he's the ONLY person ever to not sleep well. Uh huh. :) And DB- omg you did amazing, I did feel guilty too for a few weeks but eventually I got over it!! lol you will too....she will be fine!! Especially since she's eating food now! not to worry! Oh, that's another thing...Adrina this past almost 2 weeks has only been taking about 4 ozs. from her first two bottles, her night bottle is sometimes good, sometimes not so much, last night she did drink about 6 oz of it, and then woke up to eat in the night....man!! these babies are confusing!! :( lol Kim - sorry to hear you are fighting withyour ex. That is stress you don't need. Hope you feel better soon...TTYL ladies! ~C


priya79 - October 11

DDT: How is Caden now? Poor baby...It is so hard to see them get sick..DB: How is Audrey doind? Is she coming out of her cold? Sudhi got up at 2.00 this morning and we were tired that I put her in my bed and went to sleep. Like u said, hopefully that shdnt become a habit. It is great the nursed her for so long ALTHOUGH you are working. There is no need to feel guilty. You are a great mom to Audrey!!!:))) KimS: Sorry that you are fighting with DH..Hope it gets better soorn. Mamagoose: How is our little man doing? I liked the blindfolding idea as for the past two or three days, Sudhi cries so hard immediately when she sees the crib when I take her to lay her down. These kids learn so quickly! Chrissi: That should have been so cute of Adrina sitting and sleeping..That is funny!!! Hopefully that is a growth spurt. R u sure she is hungry or did u try patting her..Becoz recently Sudhi is doing this. Getting up at 2.00 pm and I dont feed her but just pat her and she goes to sleep. Once she gets up a little, she sits up in the crib and cries so hard till I pat her. I dont know whether CIO will work out for me again. DB what do you think? Can CIO be done with a kid sitting and crying?


RMC - October 11

DB - lol, Tre gets the same way with the crusty nose. I get so mad at the daycare, it seems like they don't even bother to wipe it throughout the day. We still have no teeth!!!!! chrissi - sleep is no good in this house either. Tre is still an up every 2-3 hours baby & he moans in his sleep which I heard was caused by teething, but I'm not sure.


DB - October 11

Hi all. Audrey is doing better, although her cold is still pretty nasty. Mine has lasted 2 weeks (well since that day I stayed home from work..ugh!)...hopefully her's goes away quickly! priya-well after Audrey was sick last time, she still kept waking up...I'd let her cio for at least 5-15 minutes, then I'd get up and rock her and put her back to bed...then she went back to sleeping thru with out crying...Now, again with the dang ear infection we're back to her waking at least 1-3 times per night..my dh doesn't even hear her! I have to make him go sometimes because she still tries to get at my b___bs in the middle of the night! Yes, the quality of sleep is poor, at best! Looks like we're all in a similar phase of non-sleeping-thru the night babies again!!!!! Kim-sorry about the problems with your ex...you are a strong woman!!! RMC- I know what you mean about daycare...some days Audrey's clothes have food all over them!! Drives me crazy!!! I know she's a messy eater, but put a big bib on her! chrissi-I wonder why she won't drink??? Audrey does still have those days..I see her sheet at daycare and it's like 2oz, then 3 oz, then 1.5 oz!!! OH MY!!! Seems lately she's been better about drinking her bottles though. Oh yeah, we are going camping this weekend! Except Audrey is staying with MIL....I know it's only one whole day without her, but we've never been apart for more than a night! I'm going to miss her so much..but maybe this will be a good way to dry up my milk without being tempted to nurse when she wakes at night. But, boy it's supposed to be 34 degrees tomorrow night!! We're going to freeze our a__ses off!!! Ok, gotta get to bed.


DDT - October 12

Good morning! Well, Caden has a cough to go with his VERY runny nose. I am constantly having to wipe it...and he HATES it. He doesn't want to nap and last night he wouldn't go to bed until 8pm. Just cried and cried even when we held him. He is becoming extremely curious about EVERYTHING that I can't even hold him for long anymore because he's is pulling down and out ALL the time(and god he's strong!). Is anyone else dealing with this? It's actually becoming a problem because I get so tired holding him. He's also started scratching my face and pulling at my hair. Not very gentle at all. This morning he woke up very early and I attempted to bring him into the bed with us hoping he would sleep for a few mins but no such luck. He was intent on getting Daddy's attention by tugging on his hair and pinching his face. He also acts likes he starving but only managed to gulp down 5oz. That doesn't seem "starving" to me. I hate when he wakes up just screaming and crying....its a horrible way to start the day. Anyways enough of my venting! lol....DB: I hope its not an ear infection, but he has no fever so I dont think it is. Glad to hear Audrey is getting better...hope you get better soon...2 wks is a long time to be sick (yuck!). Have a fun time camping! KimS: Sorry to hear about the fighting. Hope things get better soon! chrissi79: I have the Vicks humidifier in Caden's room. I LOVE that smell! Hopefully it is a growth spurt! It may be because she isn't drinking enough during the day. Maybe give her an extra bottle?? how much does she drink at night? RMC: That sounds like teething! Hopefully he gets his tooth soon!


mamagoose - October 12

Hi everyone... Tyler gave me a nice treat last night and slept straight from 7pm to 8am, and he is in such a good mood this morning. Shows what a proper night's sleep can do for a boy! Tonight my neighbor is coming over at 7pm to babysit so dh and I can go out to dinner... our first date since he was born! It should be easy for my neighbor, hopefully Tyler will be asleep when she gets here and won't wake up, so all she'll have to do is make sure the house doesn't burn down. Have any of you noticed your lo wants to share everything these days? The last week or so, Tyler "offers" me everything he gets his hands on. He'll be playing with an object and when he sees me come over, he holds it out to me, and loves it when I take it and then hand it back to him. It's like sharing is a game for him or something. Yesterday he even took his thumb out of his mouth and offered it to me too, haha! He was so close to real crawling yesterday. He got up on all fours, and turned himself around by moving one hand and then the other. He's also gotten really stable on all-threes (two knees and one hand), so I think he'll be getting the hang of it in the next couple weeks. All these babies getting colds, I guess 'tis the season. I have to remind dh to wash his hands as soon as he walks in the door from work... He's pretty good about it, he keeps a bottle of hand sanitizer in his car and uses it all day, so hopefully he won't bring us home any germs! DDT, poor Caden, hopefully you'll start seeing an improvement in the next day or so! Do you have a nasal aspirator to help clear him up? DB- Ugh, all those night wakings get so exhausting, I hope once you're both over your colds and ear infections the sleeping will go back to normal. When you said 34 degrees, at first I was thinking Celsius, which is darn hot (I think it's in the high 90's Fahrenheit or something)! Well, the furniture guys should be here soon so I better get dressed. They brought our furniture we just bought but brought double-bed sized slats for the bed frame, and we have a king size, so we've had a room full of half-a__sembled furniture the last 2 days. BTW, I took some pictures of Tyler out in the leaves yesterday and I have to share them! erinlyn.piczo.com, under "October Photos".


KimS - October 12

Hey everyone!! DDT I hope that Caden is feeling better soon!! I found with Logan that once we had a really bad night it was uphill from there!! Sucks about the dimetap... I'm not sure what I'm going to do the next time he gets sick...urgg...mamagoose I just looked at the pics of Tyler and they are awesome!!! I've got some leaves ones too on my website loganpower.piczo.com under 7 months, I have a couple of pumpkins bought that I want to use next for some pics.. maybe today since it is finally nice out!!! DB I hope that Audrey is feeling better.. and you too for that matter!! it sucks when they are sick... I know when Logan's sick he's up every few hours, and now that he's almost better he is back to his old sleeping routines. RMC glad to hear everything is okay with the pregnancy, when's your due date again? chrissi hopefully it is teething with Adrina... I know Logan the last 2 mornings has only taken 4 oz from his morning bottle... but he still takes 8 from his 2 afternoon ones.. I just make sure to mix the cereal with formula for the nutrients and keep an eye out for dry diapers...I laughed out loud when I saw that pic of Adrina sleeping sitting up... hahahaha priya79, I am a firm believer in doing what you gotta do and what ever works works, and if you decide to change later you just have to know that a few hard days at some point should work it all out!! I know I have done this at times... as for me my ex is mad at me since he wants to take Logan overnight and I won't let him... Logan is not a good sleeper, and my ex is not good in the middle of the night, when he still lived here, I'd hear him yelling at Logan "jesus I don't know what's wrong with you" when Logan was crying in the middle of the night.. so needless to say I've always had to get up in the middle of the night whether he was here or not!! Then he threatens me by saying he's going to take me to court to get an overnight... he hasn't even seen a lawyer yet, and I just told him that the courts will not force me to give an overnight until Logan is about 18 months... he freaked.. anyways I get kind of angry about it all since I don't want to miss out on anything in Logan's life and I don't think I should have to just because his dad was an idiot... I know at some point I'll have to but I'm just not ready!!! Sorry .. that's my vent for the day!! hope everyone is having a great day and a great weekend ahead!!!! Kim


DDT - October 12

Holy moly...!! Caden only just fell asleep for his first nap (its 12pm!). It's like this kid is on speed or something. You would never think he's sick. It's just go-go-go. I tried to put him down earlier and he was going crazy in there...when I walked in he had pulled one side of his bumper completely off and having a fit face-down into the mattress. On a side note: I get to go shopping today for a baby shower & 1st b/day. Should be fun...I love buying baby stuff. I will check-in properly tonight. I need to catch up on some things before this monster decides to wake up.


DB - October 12

Ok, quick post...I just dropped Audrey off for the weekend at my MIL's....SOOO sad!!! I am going to miss her SOOOO much, but I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning..and maybe even taking a nap!! Although the low is 34 tonight...we're going to FREEZE our a__ses off...ok, gotta go..we're supposed to be leaving in 10 minutes! YEAH RIGHT!!!! Have a lovely weekend everyone!


chrissi79 - October 13

Mamagoose, that's so nice of Tyler to let you sleep!! haha Wow, that's a nice stretch! Now if only we went to bed the same time they did!! Adrina pretty much refused her night bottle last night - only 2 ounces, so of course she was up at midnight to eat...she took 5oz, so not bad I guess...but still yesterday in total with that bottle she drank only about 14 or 15oz? :( Oh yeah, mamagoose, that's so funny, adrina is doing that too, she's "sharing" lol yum! I loove soggy puffs and mum mum's! haha Its so cute though! kim - Sorry to hear about this nasty situation. Terrible and when there is a child involved its sad. :( I hope things get better for you soon. DDT - how's Caden doing? Feeling any better? Its so funny how they have all this energy when they are sick huh? man all I wan to do is laze around when I have a cold. Oh yeah, Adrina had her first haircut yesterday!!! hehehe, she looks like a little boy now! lol Not really, but its funny seeing her hair shorter like that. It needed to be done though...it was getting crazy!! lol We finally got a gate up today at the top of upstairs...have to get the downstairs one up next. This child is quick!! DB - hope you have fun this weekend....enjoy your adult time haha...we all need some of that now and again. Dress warmly!! Hope you have/had fun!! hehe ;) TTYL girls!!


RMC - October 13

DDT - call Tre the monster becasue he's constantly scratching my face. I woke up to him swinging my head aroundby a handful of hair this morning lol. DB - 34 degrees, wow! It's still in the 90s here!


mamagoose - October 13

Well, my first date night leaving Tyler with a babysitter did not install much confidence in me... My neighbor came over with her 5 year old son to babysit so dh and I could go out to dinner. We left at 7pm, and Tyler was asleep in his crib, and returned home at 8:45pm... Anyway, Tyler was awake and downstairs with my neighbor and her son, whimpering and crying. She was doing her best to keep him happy, but he was probably so confused about who this strange lady and kid were, plus he's never been up that late in his life! She said he woke up 5 minutes after we left, and she couldn't get him back to sleep, and at one point he was crying so hard he was coughing and choking! It only took me 5 minutes to get him back to sleep, but I guess I have the 'technique', plus I'm familiar to him. Sigh... DB- I know what you mean about them looking more like 'kids'... I can practically see the change. Every day I see a bit more little boy, and a bit less baby! It seems like his personality is emerging a lot more lately too. Chrissi- How did you get Adrina's hair cut? Did you do it yourself? Tyler's hair is starting to get a bit long on top, but his head whips around like it's on a swivel, so I'd have to clamp it in a vice to hold him still, lol! Kim- What an awful situation, it's too bad your ex has to deal with it like that... Well, looks like it's time for Tyler's lunch, time to defrost some peaches!


DDT - October 13

Hello all! Caden is still sick! poor baby...and he is drooling like crazy! It's just running out of his mouth. I've had to start putting bibs on him again. I've also noticed that he's adjusted his nap schedule. He sleeps 7pm-6:30am, naps 30-45mins at 9am, 1.5hrs at 12pm, & 30-45mins at 4-4:30pm. Do you think if I put him to bed later he would wake up later? somehow I don't think so. But I suppose I can deal with it as he is going to have to get up at that time anyway when I start work in 3.5 months. mamagoose: Tyler seems to be doing so well! I'm sure it was nice getting out for a little while even though Tyler was up the whole time. Poor boy must have been in shock and worry when this strange lady picked him up. Yes, I do use the nasal aspirator continously throughout the day. He's even gotten to the point now where he doesn't fight me when I do it. He's not really stuffed up though as the snot is very runny. BTW I love the new Fall pics. Cute shirt! Nope, Caden isn't "sharing" yet. Question: How often do you ladies have to change diapers a day??? I only need to change Caden 4 times a day. Is this normal? If he has a poop diaper during the day then its 5 times but he usually poops in the early morning. KimS: I cant believe your dh would say that!! Why don't you let him have a few test runs at your place? Let him get Logan ready for bed, get up for Logan at night, and then up for the morning feed/breakfast ect. That way he can see if he's actually capable and you can see if he's actually fully competent for a night by himself. chrissi79: I can't believe Adrina already had her first haircut. Too cute! Caden won't need one for a long time. RMC: Yes, Caden seems to have become obbessed with our hair. I had to pull pieces of dried cookie out of my hair last night. So gross!


chrissi79 - October 14

Morning all - mamagoose...aww....that's not a good feeling when you come home to tyler being all upset. :( Its hard to leave them, especially when you know you just have the "touch" to get them to sleep and everything...I hope you enjoyed your evening out though :) I think we need one of those very soon :( I had a horrible dream that I was leaving DH last night, well not LEAVING him, but that I was all "torn" about someone???? WTF is that? But in my dream I was so upset, so weird!! I woke up all sad, and snuggled with him!! hahaha. We just haven't been gelling so well lately....just getting on each others nerves so easily. I guess lack of decent sleep, being in debt and everything else is just playing catch up. We are out at a surprise party next Saturday, so that should be fun :) DDT - aww, poor Caden...how long has he had this cold? When Adrina just had hers last week she was drooling like a MOFO!! LOL I guess since her nose was all plugged up there's just so much extra drool!! lol Poor things. Have you tried the plug in vapor things? I can't remember if you said you did. It really did wonders for Adrina's nose. Oh, and I went to my hairdresser for a cut - which I'm not sure I'm totally happy with, 8 INCHES OFF :( - so when I was done, I just held her and he snipped the back and ends, and what he could get to at the top. She was cranky at that point...but its better, no more tangles :) Ok, this monkey is tired and needs to go down for her nap, have a nice Sunday everyone :)



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