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DDT - December 26

Happy New Year ladies!! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Xmas with your lo's, family & friends.


DDT - December 26

Hi ladies! Caden is officially pulling up (on everything!!). He started doing it on Xmas Day. He is getting lots of boo-boo's now...poor baby. He is also going to get his 2 front teeth any day now. I can see the white outline on his gums. They have been bothering him. Xmas was great....Caden got spoiled. He got so many new things, and I've told the family to hold off on the toys until next Xmas. For his birthday new clothes for the summer will come more in handy. How were all your Xmas's? Caden is obbessed with stacking and fitting things into each other right now. He is also now onto his straw sippy cups. Still not a fan of finger foods even though he had all that delicious Xmas food at his disposal. Okay, best be off...I will pop in again tonight.


KimS - December 26

Yeah!! Caden!! congrats on pulling up... I understand about the boo boos, Logan has a permanent yellow bruise on his forehead!!hahaha Logan too got spoiled sooo many toys, but I got a lot of clothes to. My ex has a huge family and Logan is the youngest in his family so he got lots of clothes from them, which is awesome.. only problem everyone got him 18 month sets... he's wearing 18 month tops but still on 6-12 month bottoms.. so I may have to buy a couple of pairs for daycare. Christmas was good, my ex was a bit of an idiot but what can you do right? I told him if he wanted to come over christmas morning to open gifts he could, well he showed up and I'm not sure he should have been driving, judging by the smell of liquor off of him!! he then sat in the recliner at 7 am and did not move until 8:30... urggg I fed Logan we opened his gifts from us, then I sat on the floor playing with him and putting his toys together while daddy half slept in the recliner.. I was soo disapointed in my ex... his dad used to do this and I really thought he would never... all I can say is that it won't happen again!! I will not have Logan's christmas memories be of his dad smelling of booze and too tired to play with him...he won't remember this year so I didn't make a huge deal... anyways that's my vent.. DDT, Logan's had 3 teeth on top poised to come in for weeks... not really bothering him either.. seems like Caden is really good with his fine motor skills huh! Logan has stacking cups and such but he'd just rather eat them! Logan's new skill is standing up anywhere.. so he's not crawling at all anymore, that and he is imitating me, so I've been showing him things it's really fun.... OOPS forgot to say, Logan said his first word Christmas eve... my friend came over, she looked at him and said "Hello Logan" he looked up at her and said "Hi".. it was sooo cute!! he hasn't said it since. okay enough babbling for me for now, I'll pop in later! Kim


mamagoose - December 26

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas! We did, but I was busy busy busy yesterday trying to cook Christmas dinner, get Tyler all his meals, snacks and naps with the hub-bub in the house, and unwrapping presents. Tyler made out like a bandit... I gave him a walker/ride-on car, which he loves pushing along and walking behind, he got bath toys from 4 different relatives, so now there will be so many toys in the tub there's no room for him.... my mom gave him a huge Fisher-Price dump truck that he LOVES pushing along the floor and crashing into things, and he got lots of books, etc. My MIL gave him an artist's easle (for a 10 month old??) and was kind of offended when we said he might not be ready to use it for a few years... And for Christmas dinner, we pulled his high chair right up to the fancy dining room table with all of us, and he ate turkey, dressing, and all the veggies, and then drank a whole sippy cup by himself. Such a big boy! Then, right in the middle of present opening, he stood up from sitting, without holding onto anything! He just got himself into a "sumo squat", then stood right up for about 10 seconds, balancing until he just casually sat himself down. Everyone started clapping and he got a huge proud smile on his face. What sorts of toys did your lo's get for Christmas? We definitely have way too many now, I think I'm also going to ask relatives not to buy him anything else for awhile. Ironically, his favourite 'toy' has to be this cardboard box that's about chest-high on him. He pushes it around and walks behind it, but gets mad when he crashes into a wall and gets stuck, lol. DDT- Wow, what a big day for Caden! Pulling up and his two front teeth! Time to pack up the table cloths and move all the house plants and knick-knacks up, hehe. Well I have to clean up the carnage now that all the relatives have gone home. Dh is of course sitting on his arse playing video games, he'll probably stay like that until New Years...


DB - December 26

Hi ladies! Sounds like everyone had a good x-mas! Audrey got spoiled as well! She got SOOO many toys and clothes! My MIL went a little crazy, but I guess it's too our benefit! Audrey got that incrediblock toy, that baby grand piano, a learning frog, a learning dog, a push/walk toy, a rocking giraffe, and too many more! I don't need another toy for quite sometime, but what is her favorite "toy"...climbing the stairs...she would do it for hours if I let her! Kim-sorry about your ex. That's terrible of him to do that to you guy's. If it were me I would've been p__sed off, but you're right, Logan won't remember, so what can you do? DDT-whoo hoo on those teeth! I'm still patiently waiting here for more! And the standing! Isn't it the cutest! mamagoose-I still can't believe Tyler used to be the "immobile" baby! What a little mover! Well, Audrey had her ear re-check today. So far so good. The doctor is wondering if allergies aren't responsible for her e.i.'s? He said if she gets another one pretty soon we will go see an allergist to rule that out. Poor girl!! Well, I guess I can procrastinate no longer! We are leaving for vacation at 5am tomorrow morning and I'm not packed all the way yet! Traveling with a baby is a lot of work! We have so much stuff to bring just for her. I'm sure she will be just a peach on the plane. I am guessing we're in for a no-nap day, which means she will be a pill! At least her ears will no hurt one bit during the flight! I'm so glad we will have so much time with Audrey (almost two weeks!). I'm really going to push the sippy cup on her. She's starting to do really well with it, so I think I will start offering her that instead of the bottle (well, one bottle at a time). Her appet_te is still small, but seems like it's getting better. If she could live on cheese and yogurt she would. Ok, gotta go...I will try to check in if I can otherwise you should hear from me by January 10th! Then it's time to TTC!!! WHOO HOO!


DDT - December 26

Hullo again! I checked Caden's gums tonight and there is a blister type bubble where his left front tooth will break through. Should be anytime within the next 2-3 days. Caden also got lots for Xmas: a Leap Frog table, push & ride car, V-tech music toy, books, Leap Frog Little Touch Leap Pad with some books for it, V-tech phone, FP Ball popper train, Mega Blocks tub (250 pieces!), chunky puzzles, some clothes, some bath toys....and much more. We are going to invest in one of those Step2 toy bins for his room. We will need the storage and those things are huge! KimS: Sorry to hear about your ex. Hopefully it doesn't happen again. How many teeth does Logan have now? hopefully those next 3 come out soon. Yeah, Caden seems to get really engrossed in his cups & stacking rings. He gets this thoughtful look on his face as he attempts to put a lid on a bowl or fit a small bowl into a big bowl. I also throw down a pack of Uno cards and he scrambles through them picking out 2 of each matching card...and then he eats them...haha! I LOVE the imitations! Caden does it when we are are laughing. If df and I are laughing he will force out some chuckles just to be a part of the conversation. Congrats on Logan's 1st word!! and just out of the blue...ahhh... mamagoose: Haha mentioning the easel...I gave Caden some of those crayons made for 12 month olds a few days ago. I was showing him how to draw. He punched some holes into the paper and that crayon went straight into his mouth. They have been put away and probably won't be brought out again for another few months. I agree, 10 months is too young for a easel. I don't think it would keep his attention for long. But it will be very fun in a year or so! Oh, I am jealous of your boy who eats anything and everything. I wish Caden would be as adventurous with his finger foods. It feels like we haven't moved forward in that department for a long time. Congrats on Tyler standing all by himself! Wow, he has gotten far in a short period of time. When does he start daycare? I just realized today that I have about a month left before work starts...yuck! DB: Enjoy your trip and your time with Audrey!! Good luck on the plane...and I hope the docs find the culprit for all these darn ei's. Will Audrey drink formula in her sippy?


DDT - December 26

BTW I wonder where chrissi has gone?? she hasn't been on for quite a while.


Justine1 - December 27

Hi ladies. Glad to hear everyone had a good Christmas. We had a lovely Christmas here in Paris at the inlaws and will stay until the New Year. Sophie and Nick both got loads of toys - they are theonly grandchildren on both sides so they get very spoilt. Sophie got a kitchen and Nick a car but Sophie said she wants the car and Nick can havt the kitchen. LOL just like her Mum! The meal here was a bit different to an English one but it was very nice - we had champagne and canapes then scallops then turkey and peas then salad and cheese then chocolate cake. We alos had an English Christmas pudding we'ld brought with white sauce. My SIL and BIL were also there. Found out my SIL has to do IVF like we did but in her case its due to age - shes 41; we're not supposed to know that though. Sophie and Nick and now me are not too well with the flu - Sophie has antibiotics as its given her conjuctivitis - Nick has it too. Hope everyone has a great New Year - we'll go to a party with DHs friends here which should be great.


KimS - December 27

Hey ladies, well I'm getting sick and I think Logan is too!! urrggg.. anyways for toys, Logan got a leap frog table, little people car garage and farm house, busy ball popper, v-tech music thing a step 2 desk, toy box and easel, and lots more!! mamagoose, the age on my easel is 18 months, my sister said once they start daycare they get proficient quickly at colouring and such. She said the easel is perfect for next summer, she said to stip him down and put him outside with paint!! and then the house doesn't get dirty...I have tried colouring too but he's more interested in playing with the paper. DDT good luck on the tooth, I hope it comes through quickly.. Logan's has 3 teeth in and 3 more that have been sooo close for weeks, I can see the whole tooth under his gums, oddly enough he's been grinding his 3 teeth.. aaahhh it goes right through me...DB hope your flight goes okay!! glad to hear Audrey is feeling better...what kind of allergies does the doc suspect? environmental? Justine glad to hear your christmas was good.. and sad that you're all sick!! get better soon! mamagoose that's soo cute about Tyler standing and then sitting.. ahahaha.. well I should get to bed, I'm starting to not feel well.. Kim


mamagoose - December 28

Hi everyone... I was wondering where Chrissi's been lately too, I haven't seen her on cafe mom in a little while either, maybe her computer broke down or she's too busy with all the holiday stuff. Well, Tyler gave me the surprise of his lifetime today. I put him down for his morning nap, and about 45 minutes later he still hadn't fallen asleep, I could hear him in there making happy squeaking noises. So I finally figured maybe he wasn't tired, and when I went in there... he was standing there with NO PANTS or DIAPER. He'd taken his pants and diaper both completely off!! He'd also chucked the diaper across the room so it was lying by the door, about 6 feet from his crib. Of course, he had peed while diaper-less, and I think he was standing up when he did it because most of it was on his bumper and the floor beside his crib... I was so shocked! I asked him how he got his diaper off and he just had this huge grin on his face... I guess I'll have to make sure he sleeps in onesies so he can't do a repeat of that one. Silly boy! He's picked up two words this week that my mom taught him. One is "Wow" and the other is 'book' (but it sounds like "boug" when he says it). 'Wow' is such a funny one... if someone says "Wow, look at this Tyler", he replies "Wow-wow-WOW!" Kim- That sucks you're sick, maybe its all the holiday overload. I'm traditionally sick the first week of January, just from a few weeks of running around stressed out. Hopefully not this year! Justine- Aw, poor Sophie and Nick, the flu is awful on its own, let alone combined with conjunctivitis! Hopefully it clears up quickly. DDT- That's so smart of Caden to match up Uno cards! I think Tyler would just destroy them if I tried giving him those, he's more of a rip-and-biter, loves destruction. DB- YOu are probably already on vacation, so I'm sure you're having a blast right now! And then back and into ttc mode, so exciting! OK dh is calling me to go watch a movie now, ttyl everyone.


DDT - December 28

Hullo! Argh, Caden came down with a very runny nose today. He doesn't seem to be under the weather so I don't know if its related to teething or the start of a cold. He's also been tugging at his ears the last few days. The one tooth has started breaking through with just one side of the tip out. I hope this doesn't drag on because it obviously bothers him. He also HATES me wiping his nose. Anyone's lo's started throwing tantrums yet? Caden has this thing for the laptop now and whenever he gets close to it I shut it...well, he arches his back and kicks his legs while yelling in an angry voice. I also get the same reaction during diaper changes (That is becoming quite a task!!) And now that he's pulling up sometimes he doesn't get the right footing and gets SO angry with himself and me...go figure. We are off to visit df's Mom on the Island tomorrow. It's a combo Xmas/New Year celebration because we never saw her over the Xmas holiday. We will be back on the 2nd. So, have a GREAT New Year everyone. Don't go too crazy...hehe...yeah right!! things change when there is a lo in tow. Justine1: Glad to hear you had a great family Xmas, but I'm sorry to hear your lo's are sick. KimS: I hope you both feel better soon...argh, there are just so many bugs in the air...everyone is getting sick! mamagoose: I cannot believe Tyler took his pants AND diaper off. How did he manage the pants! quite complicated. I would have been SO shocked! What a clever boy! but not so great for you! I have a friend whose ds at the same age used to take his diaper off ALL the time and smear his poop everywhere. So gross! I hope it doesn't come down to that for you and hopefully he gets bored with it quick. Ahhh...isn't it strange to hear them communicating. I giggle every time Caden says a word. He says light (or "ight") because he is entralled by them. And doggie (or "oggy") just because he LOVES our dog. Okay, have a good night all...I haven't even packed yet! ahh!


Justine1 - December 29

Hi everyone. Nickgave me a real surprise yesterday. He'ld been given a push along car for Christmas and Sophie was sitting in it and Nick was walking along pushing Sophie in the car! He did it for a few metres and I got a few pics of that. MIL is driving me mad at times - keeps telling me I'm feeding him wrong as its not in her schedule for him. Argh. Shes also been giving both the kids bottles with 15 per cent alcohol in them and she keeps wiping their noses and holding them down by the neck so they scream and their noses are bleeding. DB - Hope you have a great holiday. Kim - Sorry to hear you're getting sick, its the season for it I think. DDT - Hope you have a great New Year at the inlaws. MamaGoose - Thats sweet Tyler says Wow, its one of Sophie's favourite words too. Nick only really says Hiya and Daddy. Sophie said about 10 to 15 words by this age.


mamagoose - December 29

Hi everyone. We've been having a wild morning here, and it's only 10:15. First, Tyler's bottom two molars have cut through. They're HUGE! He has a runny nose, and I don't know if he's caught dh's cold or it's because of the new chompers. Funny, I never expected the molars to come in before the canines, but I was looking at a diagram showing the order of tooth eruption in babies (hehe, I think 'eruption' is such a good word to describe it too) and apparantly that's normal. The thing that's making my morning wild though is that sometime during the night, a chimpanzee mama sneaked into Tyler's room and did a baby switch on me. This new monkey baby I have is climbing everything! First, he has this big cardboard box he's been using as a walker, pushing it around. (Gotta love how his relatives give him hundreds of dollars worth of fancy toys, and all he wants to play with is an old cardboard box.) Anyway, he pushed it up against a wall, and next thing I know he's on top of the box standing on it. And it's waist high on him! So I ran over to save him before he fell, and while I was putting the box in the recycling, he pushed his dump truck up to the coffee table and used it as a step to climb onto the coffee table! As I was hustling over to save him, he got onto his belly and slid off very gracefully, even landed perfectly on his feet. All of this was taking place in a matter of seconds. So, after this we went upstairs for a diaper change and as I was washing my hands he followed me into the bathroom, went over to the tub and stood up beside it, which he does all the time. But then, he grabbed onto the shower curtain and before I could grab him, he started using it to pull himself over the ledge and into the tub. Of course, the curtain rod isn't made to hold his weight, so he pulled the entire shower curtain and double rods crashing down, which fortunately landed on my head instead of his. AAHHHHH!!! Everyone said "Oh, now your life will change!" once he started crawling, but I was so baby-proofed and prepared, it wasn't a big deal. But this! This is insane! Nobody warned me about climbing! How can I baby-proof against climbing? Give him a helmet? Never leave his side? Groan.... DDT- Have fun on the Island, that's great Caden is a good traveller. We might give Tyler a second try and go away in January... we went out with friends to walk along Broadway and W 4th in Vancouver yesterday, and Tyler ended up falling asleep in his Baby Hawk, which kind of gave me hope that if we went away, it is possible for him to sleep someplace other than his crib. I think I figured out how he got his pants off... he was wearing stretchy cotton sweatpants with an elastic waist at the time, and when he stands up, sometimes they're too long and he's standing on the bottom of his pants. He tries to step onto his bumper in his crib repeatedly, and all that stepping must have dragged his pants right off him. The diaper was the easy part, he loves picking at the two sticky tabs... I REALLY hope we don't have a poo-smearing incident, I'm definitely keeping him in onesies now! OK I can see he's completely torn apart his room while I've been writing this, I'll see if I can harness the little tornado...


KimS - December 31

haha mamagoose, I was laughing reading your post!!! I can't believe he got his diaper off!! I think you are in for it.. my sister had to put her son in overalls, it was the only thing he couldn't figure out how to get off! I just said last weekend how Logan wasn't a climber... then my mom got him this step 2 desk.... and I keep finding him standing on the top of it!!! I guess he just didn't have anything he could climb on! I can't believe Tyler has so many teeth.. we're still at 3 with those 3 top ones right there...for the last month.wow justine congrats on Nick walking with the push car that most of been so amazing to see. Hey DDT hope you have fun on the island.. and Logan too hates his nose being wiped, when he's sick I wait until the snot hits his lip..gross I know but it's the only way!! Logan throws minor tantrums if I take a toy away, he is easily distracted though. Well no new developments for Logan.. he's pretty much sleeping through the night.. sometimes wakes at about 9- 10 pm, I can handle that! well nothing exciting for me tonight, I'm going for supper with my mom either Red Lobster or the Keg..


chrissi79 - December 31

HI LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!! My Goodness, I am a BAD LADY!! I have missed you guys!!! how was everyone's Christmas??? Trying to read thru a few of the posts here...PLEASE forgive me, I've not been able to find time to get on here in a while!!! Just been so so chaotic (a lot more than I expected!!) over the holidays...with DH being off too, we've just been on the go constantly...Plus, my busy toddler is EVERYWHERE all the time!! LOL She's a pro walker now, and she's getting up with no hands - its crazy!! so she's VERY VERY busy!! hahaha Aww...how are all the little munchkins doing?? I had to pop in and say hi - I am having serious withdrawl from you guys!!! :) GTG change a smelly diaper, I will check in later...hope everyone has a GREAT New Years Eve!! :) ~Chrissi xoxo


chrissi79 - December 31

Ok, while I have a minute...Adrina is occupied with her Bounce N' Spin Zebra LOL....a couple other updates: So she knows where her head, toes, and now nose are, so cute. I am noticing that she actually pays attention and knows what most objects are now too...she is eating pretty well - but not so into the bottle right now. She loves her sippy cup with the straw - so do I !! haha The poor thing got a cold last Sunday - so its been over a full week of congestion, runny, stuffed up, snotty nose YUK!! AGAIN! Guys, I can't believe she's 11 months already!! :( Where does this time go to??? I have no clue what i'm doing about her bday either....what are you ladies planning?


mamagoose - January 2

Hi everyone! I'm with ya on the busy holidays, hopefully things will slow down a bit now. Can you guys believe that in roughly a month, our lo's will be celebrating their 1st birthday?!! Tyler's birthday is on a Saturday this year, so we'll be having his party on his actual birthday... I can't believe it's almost time to send out invites and make plans! I don't have any creative themes or anything lined up, I think I'll just do an afternoon party and serve cake and appies. If I get really creative, I might make his cake into Bob the Builder; Tyler's his biggest fan. Chrissi- That's fantastic that Adrina is walking so well, she's officially a toddler now! Tyler is so close, I think he just has to get the guts to do take that first step. He loves his car he can push along and walk behind, I think that is his favourite Christmas present. Well, I'm really hoping he'll fall asleep for his nap soon, he's been whining in there for 20 minutes now... we have Gymboree today at a new time (11:15am), which is kind of c___ppy for his nap/lunch schedule... he's in this weird transition phase where he's dropping down to 1 nap a day right now, so he's unpredictable. Plus he's getting over a big cold, so that doesn't help... ttyl everyone.



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