For Thise Of U That Have Preemies That Are Now A Year Old

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Natalias Mom - February 18

Just wondering if you continued to feed formula at a year or did you go ahead and start on regular milk? My dd will be 1 on the 9th of March and was not sure if I should give her regular milk or wait to her adjusted age to give her regular milk.


Natalias Mom - February 19

Anyone ????


ashtynsmom - February 19

What did your ped say at her 12 mo visit, or have you had that yet?


Brittany - February 19

my ped said it was ok to stop formula and start milk at the one year mark


newbie - February 19

i changed my dd to stage 2 formula at 10 months and then to regular milk on her birthday. she was born about 6 weeks early.


Natalias Mom - February 19

Her 12 month visit isnt until after her 1st b-day just was wondering what other ppls experience was. My dd was 6 weeks early too. Newbie, How did ur lil one do on the reg milk? Did you feed whole or 2%?


newbie - February 20

I give her whole milk. She loves regular milk. Now she will pick her milk over juice! One down one to go, she drinks from a sippy but wants her milk from a bottle. you win some you loose some. My doc told me because she hit her milestones at the right time that I was to treat her as a full term baby. So I think that may have something to do with it. When did you DD start on baby foods? Have you started table foods yet?


Natalias Mom - February 20

I started her on baby food at about 6 months. She does have table food in small amounts though she does not have any teeth yet. When did your lil one get their first teeth??Newbie?


jilly01 - February 20

Nathalias Mom, so OT but my DD is going to be one on the 9th too!!!!!


newbie - February 20

I believe she got her first tooth at around 9 months and the other 3 came shortly after. I although she started on soft table foods before that.I really didn't expect her to get any teeth until after she was one! I really feel that DD was healthy because of the steriod shots they gave me before she was born(I had toximia).


CShell - February 20

my son is a 32 weeker he turned 1 in Jan. We have started whole milk but he still does not like it real well.


Natalias Mom - February 21

Wow !! Jilly01 that is great !! My lil one is just cutting a tooth today!! Horray!! (newbie) I also had the steroid shot, I got mine at about 33 weeks then had her the next week. I had an irritable uterus and just kept on going into labor since about 30 weeks or so, I was in and out of triage so many times it was ridiculous. The last time they gave me magnesium they also gave me the steroids and the Dr. said after 34 weeks that they would not stop my labor anymore. Low and behold I started to bleed and they thought my placenta was abrupting , 22 hours later I had my Baby Girl, healthy as can be weighing only 4lbs 15ozs she only had to stay in NICU for the night for observation and came home with me 2 days later.


newbie - February 21

hey natalia's mom, your DD weighed one ounce more that my DD when she was born! Seems our DD's have somethings in common.


newbie - February 21

also is your DD "talking" yet? I have a friend whos little girl is 2 months older than DD and she is "talking" up a storm, but DD still only says Hi, mama, and dada. Those are the only clear words she says other than that she still just babbles.



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