In Her Crib For The Night

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Barb - January 18

oh my... I put Trinity in her crib for the first time tonight and I'm feeling SOOO sad.....I don't think I'll be able to sleep! I don't know how everyone does it : ( She usually sleeps in her bassinet next to my bed....and I feel so's gonna be a long night!


Katie - January 18

Hi Barb- I know you will tell me the story when I talk to you next, but I'm thinking of and sympathizing with you now!! Olivia is asleep as well. Good night to our liitle darlings. p.s. can't wait to hear how many times you went in to check on her.


Sophie's Grandma - January 18

Ahh...they grow sooo fast. I to kept both my children in a ba__sinett next to me...then set up the crib in my room until they were almost a year old. My daughter is now doing the same with her 5wk old daughter.


KrYstaL - January 18

I just put the crib by the bed.


Barb - January 19

well...the crib doesn't fit next to my bed, our room is too small : ( didn't work last night anyhow, she kept getting up so I put her in her ba__sinet and she slept fine for the rest of the night. She kept waking up our 13yr.old who she shares a room with and she was getting I guess I'll try it again when she grows out of the basinett...I wasn't ready for that yet anyhow : / Glad to see I'm not the only one who has a hard time with this...haha....


HEATHER - January 19

I felt the same way, but just think now you can have Daddy/Mommy time with out being silent to not wake the baby!


Heidi - January 19

I had Emma out of her ba__sinet at like four weeks, moved her crib next to my bed, now she only falls asleep in the crib and when she wakes to eat she spends the rest of the night in bed with us. Ha ha!


Barb - January 19

hmmm...I really wish I could fit her crib in there next to our bed, but our room really is SO would litterally "swallow" the whole room...maybe I could try to "squeeze" the pack-n-play in there? oh boy....guess that will be my agenda for today : )


Barb - January 19

I got the pack-n-play in our funny it is now to "twist" your way in and out of the husband is not going to like it when he comes home long as I have my baby next to me, all is well : ) hahaha...


KrisD - January 19

That's what mine is in - the pack n play. We are supposed to try the crib this weekend (sniff, sniff). We'll see how that goes. Hey Barb - sometimes I climb out of bed for his bottle and run full steam into the pack n play. Then I go downstairs into the dining room where I smack right into the doorway jumper. These babies require a lot of c___p!


Barb - January 19

LOL..KrisD..haha...that's funny....I had a visual of that = )



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