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Boo! - October 31

Happy Halloween everyone! The Exorcist scared the h__l out of me. So did the 1st Nightmare on Elm Street. How 'bout your scariest movie ever?


Jamie - October 31

I am such a wuss, I can't watch ANY scary movie. Seriously, the Wizard of Oz gave me horrible nightmares. But, I think my all-time scariest movie would be The Ring. In fact, while I was in the hospital after having the baby, my husband grabbed a whole bunch of videos for me to watch, including one unmarked tape - when he started to put the unmarked tape in, I freaked out so bad...


Narcissus - October 31

The Ring is soooo scary!! So is The Shining. I am a horror fan until the lights go out, then I lay awake all night waiting for the boogey man to get me.


Lissi - October 31

Nothing beats Nightmare on Elm Street! That's the only film to give me recurring nightmares. The other one that still scares me is Halloween, but if I turn the sound down when I watch it's fine. :) Music has a powerful effect.


Lissi - October 31

Oh, I forgot! Has anyone seen The Grudge? Scared me so nuch, I had to keep my hands over my mouth to stop me screaming in the cinema!


BBK ® © - October 31

Sixth sense.... before that the shining


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 31

Texas Chainsaw Ma__sacre (only because they never found the guy) The Ring, I am with Jamie I am a wuss too, things like Scream, 6th Sense, etc scare me!


chelsey - October 31

There are sooo many that freak me out! All Nightmare on Elm Street Movies (I used to have reoccurring nightmares when I was a kid!), Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Ma__sacre (b/c its a true story), Hello Mary Lou Prom Night 2.... and all Halloween movies (Michael Myers)... I watched Halloween Ressurection the other night, I had to run up the stairs and jump into bed from the door way! I was scared something under the bed was going to grab my toes!


monica - October 31

the one movie that scared me so much I could not sleep was the blair witch project....thats when I thought it was true....but still its a freaky movie.


Lissi - October 31

Friday 13th movies just make me laugh. They've got so many horror cliches in them, they're just hilarious! :)


chelsey - October 31

The first 2 or 3 scared the bejeesus out of me, the rest like "Jason takes Manhattan".....not so much! Or "Jason vs. Freddy".....gay!!


Eryn - October 31

The Exorcist I swore I would never see again and I love scary movies.


shelley - October 31

Anyvody see " The Exorcism of Emily Rose" that was sooo much scarier than the exorcist, but similar!!!! I don't think its out on dvd yet


to shelley - October 31

Any scary movie that is also a true story, makes me sh*t in my pants!


Steve's Mom - October 31

Blair Witch Project was prettygood I live in a very wooded area, so after I watched it, it kind of freaked me out.


Narcissus - October 31

Poltergeist was scary. I had a large doll that sat in a rocking chair in my room. I removed her the night I saw that movie.


chelsey - October 31

Good one Narcissus! That movie was creepy! Remember IT? The one about that freaky clown?



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