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andy - October 12

My dd is 6 1/2 months ans she used to be such a good sleeper , slept thru the night since week 6 to 4 1/2 months but ever since that day she has been getting worse , first was 10 to 7 then 10 to 6 then to 4 then to 3 and then 6 again but used to get some milk or rocked a little and sleep so fast but 10 days ago she decidedit was war time , and she has been getting up at 12 , 1 , 2, 3, 4 ,5 ,6 then 8 ,,,, I am so exausted ... its 3 am and I havent sleept 2 hours straight since the 1st ... I know it is not hunger since at 6 she wont even take 4 ounces ,, she just starts cryin g and will stop the second I GO GET HER ... the thing is I am so sick right now , headache and flu ,,, and she wont let daddy help since she will start screaming if she tries to get her ... Please any pointers on what to do ... she has been crying now for like an hour and I am officially suffering from insomnia because if there is any cance of she falling asleep I can't fall asleep right away .... she is getting her bedroom finished sometime this week and I trully don't want to be runing all around the house at midnight ... she goes at bed sooo fulll , like 9 ounces , she is definitelly not cold , NOTHING HURTS , since I can tell because the moment I get her she will stop ... and she is now extending her naps ... of course since she is tired ... but I can not nap I have thigs to do ... please help HELP...She is on this clases where they learn to crawl , get stimulated , masages and everything else , and the teacher told us LET them CRY ... She has a cousin that is 2 months older and my SIL let him cry like for 2 days the moment she heard that AND HE SLEEPS FROM 9 to 7 now ... I so much want that , I don't want to be up at 12 noon or anythin like that but I am starting to worry about slep deprivation for ME AND DH , I also suffer from extreme migraines and I am so worried that this stress and sleepless nights will triger one ... please please what should I do ... Enjoy your sleep ... andrea


DB - October 12

Go get the book "healthy sleep habits happy child", read it, let her cry! I know not everyone is pro-CIO, but it sounds like you are desparate, so I would let her cry and learn to self-soothe. If you run in there everytime she makes a peep then she expects it and will continue to cry until you come. You will have a hard few days but then your dd will definitely sleep longer. She is probably in a cycle of sleep-deprivation which is causing the problem to be even worse!!


CWeber - October 12

My lo sleeps great and is 6 months old. Usually from 8pm (wakes between 4-5am for a feed) and goes back to sleep until 8am. My rule is if it is less than 4hrs I won't get up and will let him cry it out. Or if I do get up I will give him one chance with putting his soother in and if he spits it out he is sol ;-) You need your rest too. Also what about trying to wake her up and shorten he nap times during the day. If she is tired enough she should sleep. Almost sounds like she is changing her days and nights.


crystal74 - October 12

I say let her cry it out. I waited till Lincoln was between 4-6 months like the book says to let him cio. He now wakes up maybe once a night usually to be changed and eat but sometimes he sleeps right through the night. I also have him in his own room and close the door so the cats won't bother him but I also think that keeping the door closed will let me get some more sleep when he wakes up for no reason and then just soothes himself back to sleep. I think your little one needs to learn how to soothe herself back to sleep by letting her CIO... Also Lincoln would wake up alot when he was getting teeth. I didn't realize it till they popped in and then felt bad for thinking that he was doing it for no reason. Check out her gums, are they swollen?? She might be getting some teeth and a little tylenol would help or get some gripe water found in the nutrition department of your grocery store. I have used this stuff from the beginning and it was given to me by my mom who used it. It's safe and all natural and helps with all there tummy troubles, hiccups, gas, teething and colic. Good luck


pebblesnbambam - October 12

andy.. you are not the only one. I am actually feeling physically sick right now due to lack of sleep I am sure. DD was up every 2 hours last night... AND... took her time to cry herself back to sleep. Fed her at 12 ... but other than that just went back up and reswaddled her. She moves around soo much that she bumps her head on crib sides and that gets her p__sed... I am soo exhaused. DH is not waking up so it leaves me... I could just CRY right now.. soo tired!!! I have read healthy sleep habits.. and agree and try to follow it.. but I have another child who sleeps on teh same floor and don't want her to wake him up ... so I tend to rush to her too soon.. ?? You are not alone!!!


wailing - October 12

Sometimes when they are going thru a big developmental milestone like crawling or sitting up they have a REALLY hard time staying asleep. I just went thru this w/ ds at 15wks b/c he was starting to roll over and found his legs and feet. He was a great sleeper until then (8-6). Then he was up every 2-3hrs for 2 wks. I thought I was going to lose my mind so I did tons of research. They all said the same thing that if they suddenly start waking up again it's prob due to a developmental spurt (not like a growth spurt). Eventually they will grow out of it...but if it doesn't get better soon then maybe try the CIO method??? At 6 months it's safe and maybe neccessary to break this bad habit/cycle. Good Luck, I know it is sooo hard right now!!!! Stay positive


DDT - October 12

I think its time to let her cry it out. She's waking up every hr and thats just ridiculous!! Do you jump up at every peep she makes? let her moan and cry for 5 mins because she may be able to put herself back to sleep. Do you feed her at night? if you are then stop. At her age she can make it through the night without a feeding. Up the amount she gets fed during the day if you think its truly hunger. Also, NEVER let her sleep more than 2hrs at a time. Like someone else has already sounds almost like she has day/night mixed. At her age she needs no more than 4-5 hrs nap time a day. GL. I hope you get some rest soon. Maybe hubby can watch dd during the day on the weekend and you can nap??


andy - October 14

thank you so much for all your responses ... I am officially letting her CIO ... I tried for 10 days just giving her some water and rocking her but apparently she decided she liked water and once even drank 4 ounces at once ... So the water trick was not helping , once I was sooooo tired that I put her next to me like at 4 am and she slept like an angel , I woke up at 7 and tried putting her in her crib and she started crying ... so for 3 days shes been CIO ... Friday she cried from 2 30 till 5 30 yesterday just 3 30 to 5 so I think we are improving ... Just not to sound extremelly mean I do go check her if she is ok , touch her to see if she has fever or try to soothe her by touching her back but I believe she is finally making some progress because she woke up at 8 30 today after crying for 2 hours . ... yes I used to go evry peep thinking something happened but now I kmnow it is all just for attention ... well she is definitelly teething since she has her bottom 2 already , and she is most definittelly NOT HUNGRY since she is eatuing 7 to 9 ounces at night ... Thank you so much I will post again as she progresses :)



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