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afireinsideamanda - April 3

my almost 6 month old daughter, madelyn is really beginning to worry me. ive expressed my concerns with my pediatrician and he thinks its nothing, and im just being paranoid. but im telling you, i can feel it, SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT. madelyn has these episodes where she will look straight up with her eyes...they roll up,(not moving her head or faceyet) and then she throws her head forward and cries, then ten seconds later, she does it again. she just did it a counted 21 times before it stopped. im so so worried. sometimes her eyes shake, and she favors her left side, and always turns her head that way. IM SO AFRAID SOMETHING COULD BE WRONG WITH HER, IM SICK OVER IT. I'm so stressed out trying to work and take care of her. my pediatrician made me feel like a fool yesterday. i almost cussed him out. what should i do? take her to the childrens er? PLEASE HELP ME.


afireinsideamanda - April 3

oh, and ps her cry is not an angry cry, a hungry, or an attention cry with these. its A PAINED ONE


alisonelecia - April 3

I would absolutely take my daughter to the ER if this happened. Our Ped told us that if anything like this ever did happen (I worry a lot too) to try to catch it on video. I know this sounds crazy, but in all honesty I do always have the camera nearby because I take probably 25 pictures of her a day, or otherwise she's playing with my cellphone and I could grab a video of it on that. If it happens again, I would take a video (if you can ) and/or take her to the ER. I would DEMAND further tests. With our babies I think we can never be too careful. If you're pediatrician makes you feel like a fool, perhaps you need a new one. Please let us know what is going on if you find out. Hopefully it's nothing serious and is a normal behavior, but in all honestly, us mom's are not medical professionals and don't know how to tell if somethings normal and I say better safe than sorry.


ginger6363 - April 3

OMG! I totally agree with alison...get a video camera and/or take her to the ER immediately and demand tests. Seizures, or seizure like symptoms, are nothign to be dismissed and it's sad your pedi isn't taking it seriously. Good luck!


RLWilcox - April 3

GO TO THE ER!! If for whatever reason the test turn out that its nothing or your LO outgrows it or whatever at least you will have peace of mind. I would take her and if they wont do test.....go somewhere else that will. If you feel something is wrong and this isnt how your baby acts you of all people would know something is wrong. Mothers intuition is real.


Bridget - April 3

You know your baby better than anyone on earth. Take your baby to the er to have them tell you what's wrong, if anything. It sounds like your baby's ped has a c___ppy bedside manner and maybe you should cuss him out and get a different one. I got my ped to have my son get an ultrasound on his head (at 6 months or so)because I thought his fontanelle was puffed up instead of dented (I am a worrier too).It turned out to be something called benign intercranial fluid and it was no big deal but don't let any doctor push you around. I just remember we pay their salary and they answer to us.Ooooh, I am mad for you! Please let us know how things work out.


afireinsideamanda - April 3

im taking her to the er


docbytch - April 3

Amanda....I am sorry to hear what you are going through. If your dd does another episode...I would take her in immediately to be seen. There is a possibility she is suffering from what are known as "febrile seizures" which are not as serious as regular grand mal seizures. Febrile seizures are also much more common during childhood than at any other time. If you can....take her temperature the next time she has a problem. Have that information on hand to give to the ER staff or your doctor's staff when you bring her in to be seen. I worry that your doctor may be b__wing your concerns off because you are a young mom. Sad, but true...I have seen it as a healthcare worker and as a young mother myself when my own dd was born back in 1986. If she is having febrile seizures...they are very treatable. Don't hesitate to take her in to be seen if you are certain her behaviors are a change from her normal baseline. You know your baby best. Good luck and let us know what happens okay?


afireinsideamanda - April 4

i took her to the er. she had an episode right in front of the dr, thankfully. i know that sounds awful to say, but if shes going to do it im glad she did it right in front of the dr where she can see it, versus my explaining it. its hard to explain. they did a cat scan and bloodwork said they couldnt see anything abnormal but they scheduled an eeg mri. i worry though, might be epilepsy???


ginger6363 - April 4

amanda, I am glad you took dd to the ER and they are running tests. It's frightening, but seizures, if they are seizures, are very treatable. My dd had pet_t mal (stare off) seizures as a child for a few years and was on medication. He outgrew them and is fine now and does not take any medication. Good luck and keep us posted on the results of the eeg mri.


kimberly - April 4

Amanda, I am glad you are finally getting the help she needs! I hope she is ok! Keep us posted.


Crystal83 - April 4

Amanda- I went through something similar with my oldest dd when she was about 3 months old. We were playing peekaboo with her blanket, I would spread the blanket out over top of her and then pull it off saying "peekaboo!!" She though it was hillarious. But after about the fourth time I took the blanket off and all of a sudden her arms and legs went straight out to her sides and became very rigid and her eyes started bulging out of her head and she was turning red. I immedieatly picked her up and she was still stuck like that. It frightened me more then I had ever been in my life I started screaming. It lasted maybe 15 seconds and then her body relaxed and she started screaming. It was like I was picking up a doll. I immediatley thought maybe she had had a seizure. I rushed her to the walk-in clinic, becasue she was doing a lot better, and thankfully my Dr. who delivered her was working the walk-in. He saw me standing at the desk and asked what was wrong and I said I thought maybe she had had a seizure. She was still going into little episodes where she would go rigid, but they were'nt lasting as long. He saw her right away and he did a little a__sesment on her. Took her arms and put them together and then let them drop. Her startle reflex was still pretty strong. She had another little episode when he did that. I said maybe I scared her when we were playing. They did an ECG on her and found nothing. But for about a week after that she had little episodes whenever she was startled. Finally they went away and I have never had an experience like that again thank God. I truly think she had forgotten about the game we were playing and became extremly frightened. I guess I'll never really know. My thoughts are with you in trying to figure out what is wrong with your LO. Hopefully it'll just be something she'll grow out of. *hugs*


Crystal83 - April 4



margie - April 16

I have been wondering how your daughter is doing? Please post an update when you can!


denimb__terfly - April 23

margie are you a friend of amanda's on myspace? She wrote a blog about what happened.



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