What Is Nursery Water

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lauren - January 6

I'm just wondering what nusery water is. I live in toronto canada and i have never heard of it!


Shelly - January 6

It is purified water with added fluoride, it also has a baby up front.They have a website..it is :nurserywater.com


really it's just another - January 6

way to separate you from your money. The convenience may justify the expense which I imagine isn't very much until realise you are already getting the stuff from your local municipal. It IS a valid expense if your water smells like rotten eggs or if you have questionable well water.


Shelly - January 6

Well,I am not really breaking the bank at .99 cents a gallon.Also Lauren wanted to know WHAT nursery water is not if she had to buy it!!


uhm shelly - January 6

please don't get so defensive over your answer mine was just as legit as yours esp when you consider how often you will need to buy something you already have. I am sure it adds up over time.


karine - January 6

my dr. told me its not worth buying it...money making, thats all


Shelly - January 6

I don't think this thread was started as a debate wheter to buy it or not,she was asking what it was.I buy it,b/c I don't drink tap water,and if I don't drink it my son will not either.Very simple..not worth discussing it!!


Jenn... - January 6

Even though my tap water taste okay I do not trust it. I only drink the water around here if it has been filtered. Otherwise I buy bottled water. I also buy the nursery water, it only cost a quarter more than my bottled spring water. To me, that is not a waste. You should not use nursery water until your baby is 6 months, before then the flouride level might be too much for their little body to take.


uhm shelly - January 6

Ypu are the only one debating it. It is exactly what both you and I said it was. I am not putting you down for the way you spend your money because I don't care how you do that. I was just commenting on what I thought nursery water was after you so accurately described what it was with the nice little link.:)


Beccah - January 6

We get notes from our city EVERY YEAR telling us that the water has abnormal impurities in it. I buy bottled water for me and family.. and I buy the nursery water because it's a little cheaper than the spring water (has a better taste) plus it has flouride. I only use the city water to wash clothes, take showers and cook with.. never drink it directly.


TC - January 6

I boil my tap water and give it to my son. This is something that my family has been doing for yrs in this city. I never had a problem with it. I do, however, buy bottles of water for when we are going out.



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