Can Babies Drink Water

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Ronni - July 10

Hi, I was wondering if babies are allowed to drink plain water. My lo is 3 months I have not given him anything but formula but he must be thirsty, it is so hot outside!! Between bottles can babies be given a little water to cool off? Any help appreciated!


Lindsey - July 10

I live in england and my health visitor has said to give my ds a few ounces of water a day to prevent dehydration. As long as the water is boiled and then cooled then it is ok. Check with your own doctor though as i know it's different in the US.


Lindsey - July 10

My ds is 3 1/2 weeks.


erenimi - July 10

I was told that too much water can poison babys and even kill them. Dr. said MAYBE and ounce is okay. When its hot i try to just add an extra 1/2 ounce to her formula.


luvbendict - July 10

When my baby was 3 months old the dr told me that water is not necessary. The dr ok me to give ds water when he started solid food (6 mths old). I just gave him a few spoonfuls after feeding. If you afraid yr baby is dehydrated just consult the dr.


mommie2b - July 10

My doc said that 2 oz every other day is ok.


mommie2b - July 10

Use nursery water


jas - July 10

A few oz is ok..


ash2 - July 10

my dr. said that a few ounces okay, but only if he will be outside for a prolonged time like the beach or picnic or outside with other reasons.


Annette - July 10

My son won't drink milk unless he is REALLY hungry. But NOT when he gets thirsty so I have been giving him a couple oz of boiled or bottled water now and then. I don't want him to get dehydrated, and at this point I don't care if the doc says no. I can't force him to drink milk even if very watery.


krnj - July 10

My dr said a few ounces are ok but too much water can lead to water intoxification that can kill infants since their kidneys aren't fully developed.


hello - July 11

i was told yes if its a very hot climate at that age so yes some cooled boiled water would be good, just dont over do it


Amy_mommy - July 11

my little one is 3 months old......and doctor said dn't give water........just formula is enough.....but i just started to give her water a few days ago because it's HOT...and i think she's dehydrated! a few oz though.....maybe 2 oz, per day


AudreyS - July 11

Dr. Told me they didn't need water when they were that young, once they start solids, around 6months it is fine..Right now formula is all your baby needs..



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