Food Allergy

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excited2bemama - November 29

I gave dd bananas today(secondt ime she has had them) and now I notice that she has a small pimpley type rash on her face and chest. She is acting fine. Do I never give them to her again. Wait a few weeks/months and try again? Call the ped? Thanks.


KimS - November 29

Hey my ds has problems with bananas, if you think the rash is from them, wait a few weeks and try again. I re-introduced bananas 3 times and now haven't given them for 2.5 months, the doc told me to try with really small amounts so I'll be doing that soon. My ds doesn't get a rash, he has gastro problems..anyways same procedure.. good luck. My ds also had problems with sweet potatoes.


wailing - November 29

My ds didn't get a rash after bananas but it did constipate him instantly. His poor poops were coming out like little rabbit pellets! I would discontinue them, wait a few wks, try again and if u notice the same rash then you know it's the bananas. Then they say to wait a few months. But, it could be that the rash is just from drool or teasing. Only way to know is to stop and then try again later.


suze42 - November 30

well im gonna say that you should call your ped. My ds who is now 5yrs old, had a similar reaction to eggs at 1yr...i was SO freaked out that i never offered them not until it was too late for him to ever like them. Maybe if it doesnt interfere w/their breathing it is better to re=introduce...i dont know...but this time around w/my DD im going to be cautious but more aggressive b/c i do not want another picky eater like my son.....or im going to be making 4 different meals every meal time. UGH!!!! Good Luck..(BTW i think it is so normal to be over cautious---esp w/food allergies)


excited2bemama - November 30

Thanks ladies- I guess I will wait a bit and try in a few weeks. She goes to the ped monday for her 6 month check-up so I will ask then, The rash is super super faint now....


KimS - November 30

waililng, constipating is what bananas are supposed to do, that was how we knew it was a problem for my ds he pooped like 6 times a day instead of 1!!!


DDT - November 30

Yes, bananas are known to constipate babies. I don't think its even considered an allergic reaction. You need to balance his diet out more with those fruits that cause softer stools (eg. pears).


wailing - December 3

I did feed the pears after 2 days, and let me tell ya, they worked like a charm:) Now, I'll know to do both



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