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Narcissus - December 18

At what age did your children first learn to throw a ball? Aja has been throwing a ball for the last month but the books say it should be at 15-18 months. He is also about to take his first step and is standing unassisted for 20 seconds or longer. I am hoping he is way ahead of the game. He did not learn to roll over until a few months later than books suggest, so I am feeling very excited about this!


Tami - December 18

Hey Narcissus-I have no idea as you know my little Kailey isn't even three months yet! I just wanted to congratulate you on your smart little boy! :)


Lisastar9 - December 18

Now you get to be excited about chasing him in the future.. Have fun cause he will run on you. LOL. I liked my kids to be slow at walking,we shall see what happens with this the future.


Narcissus - December 18

Thanks, Tami!! He is pretty smart, in my opinion. I hope I am looking thru colored lenses... Lisa, I am already warn out chasing thru the house. He is very curious about the "other rooms", lol!!


TC - December 19

Thats weird that a book would say 15-18 mos. At work (when I worked) we always had problems with the 8,9,10 mo olds throwing b___s. I swear that these kids were accurate. Congratulations on your "pitcher". Maybe he could throw a ball for the Yankees or throw some bull and be a politician. LOL!!!!! I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. That is what we used to say at work.


Narcissus - December 19

TC, that interesting. I always thought this was the right age for ball throwing as well. My son can throw it half across the room. He throws everthing now, after shaking it like a rattle first!!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 19

Yay Aja, my son is only 4 mos, but I can't wait til I can toss a ball to him!


monica - December 19

caleb caught a ball the other day...I know it was a fluke but I thought it was cute....


Lol - December 19

When the books say that it is normal for a 15-18 month old to throw a ball, it's because it is a deliberate throw. A 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 month old is not purposley trying to throw the ball as a toddler is.


TC - December 19

LOL, a child from 8mos and up can and do throw b___s and other stuff deliberately. It is a game that many of them initiate and remember to play whenever they see a ball. Also, if they are not deleberately throwing the ball, please tell me what they are doing. They pull their arm back and release the ball when their arm is forward. They also do more than once. What are they doing?


FF - December 19

Brody is almost 5 months and he always throws his toys! I don't think it's on purpose yet.. that part will come later I guess ;)


amanda.d - December 19

To: LOL, If you go to it says that as soon as an infant can grasp throwing is not far behind. Like TC said if its not intentional then what is it?


Lol - December 19


Lol - December 19

My point is that they are not conciously thinking that they are to be throwing the ball, it is almost a reflex to open their hands and the ball is loose whereas a toddler throws and makes a concious effort to do so.


Lol - December 19

Also guys, it's not LOL, the Lol is part of my first name. I'm not LOLing at anyone. :o)


amanda.d - December 20

OK well i see your point but what if they are doing because they want to. Sorry bout the name thing Lol. The sad part is, is that we can pick this apart and go no where because no one actually knows what a baby's thinking compacity actually is, so I will have my opinions and you yours, but I am on the fence with this, until my child proves me wrong.


Heavenly - December 20

Ha, Ha...Lol. You LOLing gagger!



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