Gt Lt Whats Everyones Babies For Halloween

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nelly - October 10

Just wondering babies in costumes are so cute. My daughters are 5yrs and 3 months. They are the cutest and fattest little pumpkins for halloween.I can wait to take them out and get their picture made. What about everyone else? :~)


P - October 10

I've been called Pumpkin since I was a foetus and when I saw the little pumpkin costume at The Children's Place I had to have it!!! lol I can't wait to get some pics of her in it. She's seven months old now.


soleil - October 10

Hey my 9mo. baby girl is gonna be a lady bug! Its soo cute, its a dress with wings, u can see her pic on my website, at the very bottom under ARIANA GISELE you can see pics of her tryin it on,,,, I cant wait til halloween to take her out!


Narcisuss - October 10

I think Aja will be a monkey. I need to find the right costume first.


angela - October 10

i bought that pumkin custome for my victoria she's 5 months old now i tried it on and she looked so adorable i had to try really hard not to eat her up :) i'll post pics of her after halloween


Jadyns Mommy - October 10

Jadyn is going to be a flower. The headset for the costume has the petals around her face and the body suit is the stem with leaves as the collar. Its so cute. She is only 5 months but we are taking her trick or treating with some friends. I will definitely be taking a ton of pictures and have them on her website :-)


N - October 10

My son is two and he's going to be nemo (found the cutest costumes from the online disney store.. it even has a gimpy fin) and his best friend who is coming trick-or-treating with us is going to be dory.. I am so excited. They will be so cute :)


Jamie - October 11

We have decided not to dress her up this year...she'll be just under 3 months, so too young for Trick or Treating, and Halloween isn't as widely celebrated here in Germany anyway. year.


Lissi - October 11

We don't really do Halloween in England and they only make costumes for older children. I can't wait to see all your cute pictures though! :)


Rachael, Mommy 2 Lucas - October 11

My 2 month old Lucas will be a pumpkin! He is so cute!


Michelle - October 11

My daughter is 15 months old and last year she was a pumpkin, but this year she is going to be a Longhorn Cheerleader. Ha Ha! My husband is a longhorn freak!!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 11

I DONT KNOW!!! We have about 3 costumes! She has a zebra costume with a mane and everything! It is really cute, but we also have a red hot chili pepper and a little stinker (skunk) costume. I dont know what she is going to be. So many decisions...


momma - October 11

this may soud crazy but my little one (6 mos on friday) will be a hot pepper i have to cut a hole in the bunting so she can stick her leg out but she will be soooo cute. (her dad and grandpa put tobasco on everything) it even says hot stuff across the front


Calvin - October 11

A lion! We've been practicing the roar too!


Anna - October 11

Well I cant really make up my mind Addison Jade is going to be 3 months and ive been thinking pumpkin, flower , lion or lady bug. I went to the Childrens Place and they had the cutest costumes I couldnt make up my mind


Amanda N - October 11

My daughter is 5.5 months and is going to be a cow. her dad loves cows so he picked it out. :)


Liz - October 11

My son will be 2 months around halloween and we've picked out a purple/green dragon for him. It was that or a really cute bat costume. Hard decision but I think we picked a good one.



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