Hey Narcissus

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Chelsey - January 31

Just wondering how you are doing! Headaches gotten any better? How is Aja? You haven't been around much lately, I truly hope you are feeling alright!!!!


Sarahsmommy - January 31

And what happened with the jury duty thing? Wasn't it you who got called for it?


Shelly - January 31

I am not Narcissus...duh...but wanted to say hi Chelsey! How is your munchkin?


Narcissus - January 31

Hey women. My headaches subsided once I took a muscle relaxer but I still have the seering ice pick ear pain that I have been fighting for 10 yrs. I went to a neurologist today and I am being diagnosed with glossopharyngeal neuralgia. Big word, look it up:) It may be due to a compressed cranial nerve and that requires surgery. My MRI will be this saturday. They gave me Neurontin to start and I have some c___ppy vicodin that I bought on the internet by faxing my medical records. Can you believe one can vicodin online? They sent me 90 10mg Vikes. Cost a pretty penny but it's needed. LMAO. Aja is doing well and everything else is okay. How are all of you? Feel free to post an update here:)


Shelly - January 31

Hey Narc,sorry about your "big word" neuralgia,that sucks!!! I can't believe you got Vicodin online!!! I am happy to hear your little terror is doing great.He is such a cutie!! Jesse is doing great too!


shaylanrae - January 31

aww... my mom had migrane headaches, and pa__sed them on to me! they are horrid, im so sorry. i havent looked up the big words yet, but i hope things are going well. thats just nuts you can get drugs online. i mean, it makes sense, you can get groceries online, too... but still. it seems a little out there. hope your meds are keeping you free of pain!


Chelsey - January 31

Hi Narcissus, sorry to hear about that "big word" neurolgia you have! (I quess I'll be learning a new word tonight!) You seem to get the worst end of the sick when it comes to being pain free. :( Online Vicodin? CUH-RAZY! Heck, you can buy anything online nowadays, hey? Glad to hear Aja is doing well! Whatever did happen w/ the jury duty thing? Gabriel's getting over a sickness, bronchitis apparently, and so are the rest of us around here. Bloody winter....... Hey Shelly! How's Jesse? :)


Chelsey - January 31

Weird.... it's entered my name in black....:(


Christy - February 1

Hey, Narc. Glad to hear you're functioning again and that Aja is good. MRI on Saturday? Have you ever had one? I hear the traditional, non-open-ended ones are a little unnerving. Hope you're not clausterphobic or anything!


Narcissus - February 1

Yeah, this will be my 6th MRI. I do just fine when confined if I close my eyes and meditate. This big word neuralgia sucks. I may need surgery but I will worry about that later. I have known about the online pharmacy biz for a long time. Three years ago, you did not even need medical records. You would fill out an online medical questionairre and bam, the meds were at your door the next day. No doctor calls, nothing. You could make anything up to get whatever you wanted. That all changed and now you need some proof of a condition before they will rx you anything. Still, the process is quite simple and a lot of pain patients go this route bc doctors are so afraid of the DEA these days that they will not rx pain medication. I am still up in the air about jury duty. I should know in a day or two.


Christy - February 6

Narci- how was your MRI and how are you doing? I've been thinking about you and I hope all is well with you guys! :)


Narcissus - February 7

That is so sweet of you to check in with me. I postponed it until this Sat bc I wanted to meet with an ENT before shelling out our "out of pocket max" for an MRI. What if, just what if, I had a problem localized in my ears and someone missed it and I wasted more money on tests? My ENT exam was normal despite the dislocated joints that pop in and out of place when I open and close my mouth. Nothing new there. Still having the severe, 2 day long occipital neuralgia headaches. I got more flexeril as that seems to prevent them and I am looking into getting a nerve block to prevent these as well. I was flat in bed on both Sunday and Monday. My quality of life is very low these days & I pretty much have a cry festival everyday. I think depression is setting in. I would love to catch up with all the regulars as I have missed you all tons!! I hope you will take a moment to fill me in on what is going on in your lives. Feel free to b___h and moan cuz that's all I can do anymore. I am truly defeated at this time in my life. Mo poor son, who has to watch his mommy feel ill all the time and play on the floor next to me while I lay stationary. It's really sad and I have nobody to help me, nobody. My dh is feeling the pressure of having an ill wife, tons of responsibility at his job, excessive medical bills, you know? We are just trying to get through this. I pray they find something clearly wrong in my MRI and fix it like you would a car. I can't live like this.


Chelsey - February 7

Oh Narcissus! I am so sorry that you are still under the weather, and you are feeling depressed! I truly hope that you can find some relief for your pain soon, and hopefully find some help for yourself, so you can get some well deserved "YOU" time! Big hugs!!!! Why dont you email me some time..... [email protected] ..... Anytime you want to b*tch or let off some steam, or even want to have a friendly chat, email me!!!! I am here for you.. ANYTIME!!!


Shelly - February 7

Same over here Narci........anytime you need a shoulder.It really sucks,I've been b*tching about my pains,my abdominal area still swells up,looks like after pregnancy,100000000000 gallstone attacks,c-section and gallbladder removal has been too much on my poor body,but I guess you out did me!! B*tch!! LOL J/K. Did it put a smile on your face? No ? Wasn't that funny huh? Seriously,I really hope you get over this one soon,this is the time to be enjoying your baby!!! Just like Chelsey,if you want to you can e-mail me too : [email protected]


Chelsey - February 7

You're funny, Shelly! Lol!


The real Lissi - February 7

Hello Narcissus! God I'm so sorry you're having such a tough time at the moment! You poor thing! I hope they find out what's causing the problem so they can fix it. We've missed you too, but it's hard keeping up with two forums. I think I'll hang out on this one for a bit. Nadya is pretty much the same, just bigger. Still hasn't rolled over! Bit worried about that, cos she's nearly 5 months. My email is [email protected] co.uk BTW. :)


bump - February 8

bump it up for Narcissus!



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