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shelze - June 8

Hi There, I daughter was born Jan 19th and I just want to see what all the other January babies are doing. My daughter just started to roll from back to belly but wont roll from belly to back.(crazy) Her neck control is very good and she just started baby food. She is still not sleeping thru the night, she still wants to eat every 4 hours.We are having a great time, she is the best!!! What are your babies doing??


alarsen - June 8

My dd was born Jan 25th and is also rolling from front to back and back to front. She had been holding her head up pretty well since birth (at birth she weighed 9lbs.) I started her on cereal at about 3.5 months and she loves it. She eats soooo well from a spoon...just gets a little flustered when she does not get it fast enough...hee hee she is a piggy. At her 4 mo app she weighed 17lbs 11oz and is 27 inches long. She is starting to get bored with her swing and demand my undivided attention. Its quite funny b/c she will wimper when I walk away and as soon as I come back she smiles this cheesy grin. It's awesome!!!! If you ever wanna talk email me [email protected]


mommabear - June 9

My little angel was born Jan. 12, and I can't believe how much she's grown! A month ago she learned to roll over from back to tummy, and two weeks ago from tummy to back. When I put her on her activity gym she moves around so much I can't take my eyes off her anymore. She also has been practicing sitting up on her own can actually do it for a minute at the most. Its so funny though when she falls on her face she won't even complain, she'll just fix herself and make herself and roll on her tummy or back. Isn't it amazing how they've come a long way from being fragile new borns to sturdy, bouncing babies! Things she loves: her teethers, bumbo seat, and going outdoors. She gets cereal once a day, but when she's at nana's, she gets more (the spoiling has begun). She's also started noticing the cats and gets excited when she sees the orange one. SHe's also trying to type something right now, as I have to keep taking her hands away from the keyboard. Thanks for the chance to gush about my dd here. I was just reading another forum that made me so sad.


cae - June 11

Hi everyone. My son was born Jan 26. He is starting to roll from belly to back. He hates being on his belly, he will cry very loud and get very angry, but as soon as he turns over to his back , hes got the biggest grin you have ever seen, it is so funny. lol. He eats rice cereal twice a day and just loves it. The last few nights after trying to wean him off his 2am feeding, he actually slept through the nights without a feeding from 8pm-6am-its great! Now, that he is much more aware of his surroundings, he is starting to get bored with his swing, he loves to be up and about. Oh, and he just loves his jumper. He could be in it for over an hour and have a blast in it. The best thing ever is when he wakes up, and I come in his room and he sees me, and there is a HUGE grin from ear to ear, you guys know what I am talking about, isnt that the best feeling ever? Also, watching him and DH play. I am not joking but I have taken well over 2500 pics since he was born and I've got them saved on my computer, im nuts over the pics. Everwhere I go, I have my baby in one hand and and my camera in the other. My husband think im crazy...lol.. He says we are going to have to buy a bigger memory for our computer to hold all the pics. I told him I am just getting started. lol It is so much taking care of this little guy. I could go on...and on.... but wont..lol. Hope you guys enjoy your LO, they are growing so fast. Take care all.


Madys mommy - June 12

My daughter Madyson was born Jan 15 and was the new years baby in our town. The race was a close one because the other baby was born just 4 hours after her. Anyway she is exclusively b___st fed and doesn't like the idea of eating pablum. I don; t know if she doesn't like the taste or if she is just not used to the texture. I'm in no rush to feed her solids because I know how much extra mess and work it can be. I have 2 older boys and they eventually ate solids. She is also bored of the swing and we have since retired it. She loves her exersaucer and jolly jumper. He sleeping schedule has always been great. Slept 6 hrs since birth and is now sleeping at exactly 9:20 pm until about 5 ish and back to sleep until 8am. She naps about 4-5 times a day and even more if we're in the car. She's been rollin since about 3.5 months. She's 5 months now andd weighs 17lbs. Very inquisitive and it is so cool watching her try to grasp objects. It seems like such a task. I love comparing other notes with mom's who have babies the same age feel free to visit our website and leave your email in our guestbook www.babiesonline.com/babies/l/littlepaige/


cae - June 12

Hi everyone. Just wanted to bump this thread up. Are there any other January moms here? How are your babies doing? What does he/she like and dislike. What knew things are they doing. Take care


dwc - June 13

Hey everyone, i love reading your post, they make me smile because I get to think of my ds. She was born Jan 29. She started rolling from front to back June 1st and shortly after that back to front. She has just last night started baby food, applesauce and rice cereal. She made the awfulest faces, like it was bitter or sour. She has been mostly b___st fed with suplment of formula from time to time since mommie started back to work. She loves her bouncer, but seems to hate her gym, I think it is because some of the things hang off of it too close to her face. She was born 5lbs 8ozs at her 4mo old check up she weighed 12lbs 8ozs and was 24" long, wow has she grown, my 6 year old is only 32lbs she is tiny like me and her dad, but this little one is going to be bigger I think... She is actually on the growth chart, where the other one was only one time at 5%. They want me to start her on growth harmones... I don't know. They think the 4mo old has hip dysplsia (sp) so if anyone has any advice I am willing to listen... [email protected] We go to get a second op soon from a specialist. I love those smiles and my dd also pokes her lip out soo far. I have to get pics of her making faces because of her food and that sad little face she makes. lol. She will roll her lip out and keep it there for a while and all i have to do is say something to her and she is back to all smiles. When she is on her tummy she pulls her knees up under her and pushes up in the crawl position. It is so funny because she will look up at me, like I did it and then she will loose her balance and she will look at me again, like what just happened/ too cute.. okay enough about us. I am loving this stage. Bonding is soo much easier now. Please, keep us in your thoughts as we go through the decision process of what to do for her hip and my olders growth problems. Thanks for listening.


cae - June 13

Hi dwc, Sounds like you are having a great time with your LO. Yes, I agree, bonding does seem easier at this stage, because they are more active. They are able to smile back at you, look for you when they here your vioice and babble when you are speaking to them-its great! Im sry to hear what you are going through with your children. I will be thinking of you and your family. I hope all goes well with your 4 month and your older child. Take care of them and yourself. God bless you all.



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