Long Term Repercussions

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Rabbits07 - February 12

Okay, I'm sitting here with a butt-naked Mason latched around me. Ever since our near drowning incident he cries and stiffens and fights me when it's bath time. Once I finally get him in the water he settles down after a minute or two, but I can tell he no longer enjoys it as he used to and is still wary. I expected some fear at first but it's still an everyday occurrence. Do you think I've scarred him for life?


kellens mom - February 12

What? A near drowning...where was I? I suspect he will take his ques from you. Are you still apprehensive? Maybe you can work through the issues this summer with a kiddy pool.


Rabbits07 - February 12

Yeah, a couple of weeks ago I was getting Mason out of his baby tub and he slipped out of my hands and face first in to the water. It was very scary for both of us, but more so for him I know. There was no cpr or anything involved (though I'm now signed up for a cla__s because I totally freaked when I thought he wasn't going to start breathing again and I didn't know what to do)...anyways, I guess I am still a little apprehensive. I am taking alot more precautions....latex gloves for a better grip and only a couple of inches of bath water, plus draining the tub before I get him out....but every time it's bath time I think about that moment. I know I am doing everything possible to keep him safe now, but the thought of the what-if's still haunt me at bath time. You think he may be picking up on my apprehension?


Emily - February 12

It is completely possible he is picking up on your apprehension. My dd tipped out of her floaty in my moms pool one days and it was very hard to get her comfortable in the water again. It was one of those things, where my sis had a hold of the ring but had turned around to talk to me and she took a dive and slipped out of my sis hands. My dh was right there and caught her. All she did was swallow a bit of water, she didn’t ever stop breathing, but it was scary still and we had to coax her back in the pool and then she didn’t' want to stay in long. We made her get in and out a coulpe of times, but didn’t' force her to stay in if she didn’t' want to. She got over it. Continue to do what you are doing. Stay calm and try to make it fun for him. I seriously doubt you have scared him for life! It will take some time as I bet it was very scary for him!


LisaB - February 12

You can try sitting Mason in the tub without water and giving him a sponge bath then add water and bath with him and get him in the tub all by himself he may just need to be reintroduced in a way he feels safe


LisaB - February 12

Ok I meant take all those steps one at a time til his comfort and confidence level is up.


sahmof3 - February 12

Aww... no, I doubt for life ;-) Probably he'll forget about in a few more weeks! Maybe a fun new bath toy in in order lol?


kellens mom - February 12

I like the new bath toy idea! How old should they before they appreciate bubble baths (sorry for the change of topic...I have been wondering this and figure that you might know)


Smilefull - February 12

hey, just an idea but why don't you get in the tub with him; it'll work both by rea__suring him, and creating a new experience and memorie to build on. Once he's all comfy with the water again you can get out before him and let him be by himself for a little bit, eventually you won't have to be with him in the tub.


olhdw101 - February 12

Poor little guy. My now 8 year old had a toilet overflow on her when she was potty training, she was mortified and to this day she does not like to flush the toilet, but will. Up until a couple years ago she refused and always but the toilet paper in the garbage…..nasty…


Lisastar9 - February 12

Rabbits when my ds was 1 year old in a kiddie pool he sliped backwards,I was 3 feet awat didn't catvh him ontime he went head over heals to this day only in the last two months Caleb DOESN"T cry anymore having water poured over his head for hair washing. Before he had the incident at 1 he loved the bath and water over his head. I think in the end you might have a screamer when it comes to water over the head is all I am sayingfor a couple of years.


shelly - February 13

ditto lisa b.rabbits that must have frightened the life out of you,i was to nervous to bathe ds for ages when he was a newborn dh did it. and then when i felt confident enough i used one of those plastic things that he lies in and even now i use one that he sits it.i was so scared of dropping him when hes so slippery.it was the one thing that i was really nervous about. hsi wariness should go soon and you can both enjoy bathtime again.



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