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Mind Blowing - November 23

Who would have thought from going from pg symptoms,and light periods and not being pg comfirmed. Feeling like your hormones are back to normal even though you have gained weight during the false symptoms,still have the weight on and was discouraged,over the fact,depressed that none of your clothes fit The dr did testing but before it was comfirmed the results,the dr believed I was going though perimenopause. So I went to the health food store and bought health products for my symptoms. I feared to believe there was something growing in my stomach thinking cancer, or something worse. Long story short 2 months later the dr says my estrogene levels are up and I am comfirmed pg to my surprize,heartheat and all,and to boot being 22 weeks 4 days pg at the time of comfirmation. Now is you mind blown too reading this........Lisa*9


wow - November 23

Your story is REALLY mind b__wing. How is your pregnancy doing?


Lisa*9 - November 23

I'm glad in wasn't cancer. First time around being pg I had cancer on the kidney,and my kidney was taken out at 24 weeks pg.


erica - November 23

Hey wow that is mind b__wing, i didnt find out til I was 24 weeks, so iknow how that feels. the first ultrasound I had they were ble to tell me that its a boy:P i had symptoms but four false preg tests, and all that. I now have a bouncing 7 week old sitting on my lap:P gotta love surprises:) How old are you? How are you feeling now? Keep in touch, i have msn messenger and yahoo messenger if ya want my sn to talk just let me know:)


erica - November 23

wow dont think im some sorta weirdo i thought i was in the teen preg forum, as im am a teen. You might not even need any advice or anything like that, i feel like a fruit for posting that now. But the offer to talk still stands. good luck!!


bump - November 24



Lissi - November 24

Congratulations! That's amazing! At least you have a good reason for getting fat now. :) Can you feel the baby moving yet?


Lisa*9 - November 24

Yes LIssi I can feel the baby move even the dr told asked me the Q. I said yes but I didn't know what is was. The way our bodies are so complex,it never dawned on me I was pg all the time,sounds silly I know, but it is true. Thanks for asking.


Lissi - November 24

It must have been a huge relief to find out what was "wrong" with you. Only 18 weeks left! That time will just fly by. I guess you have a lot of shopping to do! :)


Lisa*9 - November 24

No it's my third and I have to track down my jolly jumper from my nephew,buy a swing ,cradle,send money to my brother in law to send the girls baby clothes out, retrieve my baby boy's clothes from a friend 5 hrs away in calgary ab,same place where Chelsey lives. buy diapers and more recieving blankets,but that is all I have the rest. Saved everything except fot what I lent out.


chelsey - November 24

Congratulations Lisa! I knew you were trying really hard to get pregnant! That is awesome! And to find out so far along? Great!!!! I am so happy for you!


Lisa*9 - November 24

Thanks Dhelsey for the well wishes,mind b__wing at least I am more then half way though.


Shelly - November 24

Congratulations,that is an amazing story!!! I am so happy for you!!


Lisa*9 - November 24

Sorry Chelsey for typing your name wrong,and Shelly thanks to you also for the congradulations.


Wild and Crazy - November 26

Hi Lisa*9 , I like the t_tle of your post , say lets go flatten the tires on the doctors car for being so stupid . That just amazes me that any proffessional could be so wrong its as fascinating as any of my stories 'really' ! anyway we love ya !!!


monica - November 26

Congratulations... it is amazing....when my mom was pregnant with me they thought I was a tumor....good thing she got a second opinion.


lisa - November 26

congratulations, at least youve only got 18 weeks to wait instead of the usual 40!!!



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