Question About 3 Month Olds Naps And

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nelly - October 14

My daughter Natalee will be 3 months the 17 and she stays awake all day pretty much. She takes (if Im lucky) 2 naps one,at 15 mins and one to 30 mins. A total about 45 mins a day sometimes at night she will take another 15min one but not all the time. She does sleep almost all night though only waking up once between 4-6am. I know Im lucky to have her sleeping all night but I cant get anything done during the day. I have a 5 year old to and it seems like she still slept alot at that age. I was just wondering. Also she is not to fond of going out in public she always cries, anyone else out there?


Fabienne - October 14

My son had a stage like that - when he was about 2 months old. He hardly ever napped !!! With time though, it changed and at 3 1/2 months old, he takes 3 naps a day (abt 1h or more each)


nelly - October 14

Thanks, I hope she starts napping a little more. Dont get me wrong I love the little boogar and playing with her its just if Im not right there where she can see me or if Im not talking to her she cries. I cant clean I have to get a shower at 10 in the morning and go ahead and get ready for work and I dont have to be there til 3:30pm. She does not let me out of her sight.She is a nosey little thing.:)


karine - October 15

My daughter sleep 4-5naps a day. LOL and they were each about an hour, and she slept all night!!! yeah i was lucky, and my son he would wake and stay up no more than 1 1/2hrs at a time, and go back to sleep. he is almost 2 now, and he takes one nap from 1hour to 2 1/2hrs. And daughter is now 3, and she naps one in the afternoon, for about 2-2 1/2hr. i guess i just got lucky with my kids, i hope with this third baby that he will be a good sleeper too. LOL


Erin - October 16

Nelly, my daughter is 2 months and she does the same thing! Few little "cat naps" during the day....but she doesn't sleep through the night yet....hopefully soon!!



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