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Swtpea - January 13

I just had my lil' one the day after Christmas and his skin was soft and untouched for the first week. I know getting some, "baby acne" is normal... but should I be concerned with "too much"? Instead of having one here or there... his right cheek (face) had got them in lil clusters... making it all red... and looks more like a rash now than the acne. I can still see each individual bump and its lil "white head".. but some are so close together... it looks like his skin is irritated. I went to the dr. two days ago, and it had just barely started doing this... the dr didnt say anything about it, the next day tho... it really got red. I've tried wiping his face with a warm cloth, putting lotion on it, leaving it dry, even as far as putting vasoline on it a lil, and nothing seems to relieve it. IS it normal....?? will it go away... ?? should i call the dr. ?? He doesnt have a fever and he's eating fine... Doesnt seem to bother him... ?


Narcissus - January 13

If it's baby acne, it will go away over the next couple of weeks. I would avoid lotions bc that can make it worse. Also, don't pop any of the white heads. I would take him back to the pediatrician just to be on the safe side. Could it be an allergic reaction to something? Do you bf or use formula?


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 13

My baby got it too and I was so sad. I didnt want to take her in public b/c it looked so bad. I did ALOT of research, you will hear people say to put b___stmilk on it and it will help but I actully read that it is the mothers horomones that cause it. I had already stopped b___stfeeding (b/c of problems) but I was very careful not to get any that had leaked on her and not to let her in my bed (becuase I would leak on my sheets) After about 3 weeks it was completely gone and I think it was because she was not exposed to it.


AutumnsMommy - January 13

It sounds like the same kind of baby acne Autumn had when she was about 6 weeks old. It was pretty bad, but it went away in a few weeks. I would stay away from lotions and defintely keep gently washing his skin with a warm washcloth.


kaye - January 13

My son had the same acne you are describing, and I was embarra__sed! Don't use lotions, and obviously DON"T EVER POP THEM! It goes away so fast all by itself. And then cradle cap sets in...lol. Just keep his little face clean with warm water or warm water with just a tiny hint of baby soap in it. And yeah I heard the hormones in b___stmilk are the culprit, not dirt or anything.


Christy - January 13

It is your leftover hormones causing it. Once his body regulates itself, the acne will go away. Ben had it for a bit and it's gone for the most part. I just washed his face with a plain wet washcloth once a day.


Swtpea - January 13

Thnx Ladies, I'll call the nurse at the physicians office just to let them know. It doesnt seem to get better with lotion so I will definately stop that... I was either thinking it was from b___st feeding or from his daddy kissing him too much and his "whiskers" causing a reactoin... , I'm pretty sure its the b___st feeding tho... poor guy. Its only on his face, ... his chin a lil , mainly his poor cheeks and up to his temple, where he rests his head on my body/arm/b___st while feeding and the milk prolly rubs there. ? I get to take him to visit family tonite... at least I have a good answer for them lol. Again thank you.


Shannon - January 13

my baby had a bunch that covered both her cheeks. my dh called her his "little strawberry", as if they were seeds. i was totally bummed cuz she's so cute without it. they went away after a couple weeks. i didn't do much of anything, just occasionally wiping her cheeks with a wet cloth.


sugar+spice - January 13

my daughter had that real bad so i switched her baby bath to a sensitive skin one and started putting vasoline on her face. it worked for me. did you try it long enough? my dr. told me in some cases they actually prescribe cortisone cream to help clear it up if its bad enough.


Swtpea - January 14

Its pretty bad, the nurse said its all normal and unless it seems to become "infectious" to just wait it out. I have left it alone for a couple days, but from him rubbing his lil hands around his face, its rubbed some of the tips off the bumps and has left lil tiny scabs. The nurse said its irritation from b___st feeding from the milk sitting on his face and a lil bit of heat rash mixed. She said to just keep it clean... but i'm concerned it iwll dry out... I know that if its a heat rash putting lotions on it could trap heat in... , *shrugs* but i dont see the harm in putting a lil vasoline on for part of the day to see if it will help any.


Kathryn - January 14

I put b___stmilk on my son when he had this problem. I'm not sure if it helped any.



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