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sahmof3 - January 29

I'm getting ready to go to the store soon... hopefully someone will see this before I leave. I have always used Desitin for my kids' diaper rash and it was a cure-all for us with diaper rash. But, my daughter has diarrhea (again!) and is back in pull-ups for a few days (again!) and her bottom is so sore and some of the little spots are bleeding. I have Desitin (well the Johnson & Johnson brand)... but it's not doing anything to help! I am going to get some real Desitin as this J&J doesn't seem as thick and pasty, but is there anything else that has worked for you all? My poor girl!


in the woods - January 29

Diarrea causes fungus-induced rush that is not really a "diaper" rash. However strange it sounds, the best cream would be the one used for "athlete's foot" - anti-fungal. I used clotrimazole cream USP 1% -- "antifungal agent", when my son had red - bleeding sking from diahrrea.


piratesmermaid - January 29

I am addicted to Burts Bees Baby diaper ointment. It is my fav by far, we have yet to get a diaper rash using it.


sophiasmom - January 29

Aquaphor works wonders for both my kids. It is clear so it is messy. My dd gets worse diaper rashes than my ds and Aquaphor is just great. I will put it in the evening and by the next morning is gone... hope your dd gets better...


sophiasmom - January 29

Sorry, I meant "it is clear and not messy"..


Nerdy Girl - January 29

I forgot about another really good one that my friend recommended to me. It's called "Triple Paste." That also works really well.


apr - January 30

Do they sell sudocreme where u live? I know they do in the UK. That works wonders. Good luck. I had that with ds for a few weeks. Its calmed down as well as his diharrea (sp?). Thing is, once his diharrea stopped his rash miraculously went away too lol. I think thats the only REAL cure for it, although creams do help soothe. I also washed his bum under warm water every time I changed him


Rabbits07 - January 30

Sorry I didn't see this yesterday......as far as diaper creams go I've always liked the original desitin, not the creamy. The J&J that you mentioned is the same consistency as the desitin creamy and I don't like either. They don't seem to stay on well like the original desitin. If dd is having accidents on herself then I would recommend corn starch in her pull up. I've always used it anytime my babies were raw or had diarrhea. It can be messy...especially in a pull up...but it works wonders on a rash!


christa0120 - January 30

I am a believer in AQUAPHOR HEALING OINTMENT. My first son had a diaper rash from the minute he was born...literally...(I used the wrong wipe on his b___t while on all the meds from csection and it burned his skin) After 3 weeks and trying everything I could, we finally got the Aquaphor (make sure it is the HEALING OINTMENT) should clear up in 24 hrs or atleast be noticibly different.



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