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Wellis10 - March 7

I currently have WIC which pays for the formula, but it's similac w/ iron. I have found that my lo's tummy gets very upset with this formula. Why I don't know? He does ok on th enfameal, will wic pay for this too? If so how do I get them to understand that I need a different kind?


Trina_ - March 7

I don't know where you live...but here in Michigan...they recently changed Wic. Wic use to be good for similac....now its for enfamil. I'm not sure why it was changed...but it happened here about 2 months ago.


Emily - March 7

I am not on WIC but I know it verys from state to state. I would talk to your doc or your local public health office. They should be able to help. I would think that they would have to have a plan of some sort for those who can not use one kind of formula or another. It may be as simple as a note form your doc. Just ask. If you are not sure where to go, call your peditrition, they should be able to point you in the right direction.


Wellis10 - March 7



aurorabunny - March 7

Here in MO, WIC gives us whatever type of formula we ask for, I didn't realize that it was different anywhere else. Either way, we get Enfamil Lipil from WIC. Emily is probably right, if they are not willing to give you Enfamil, a doctor's note might do the trick.


Wellis10 - March 7

I live in Va...they only give you a certain kind. I called the ped. She said that a note from them will probably do the trick. So well be going to see them tomorrow. Thanks so much!


Erynn21 - March 7

It does depend on the state, you should talk to your dr. They can tell WIC to give you whatever type of formula your baby needs, and then WIC will give it to you, at least that's what they do in Washington.


soon2bemomof3 - March 7

i'm on wic and they had to change my ds formula to a higher calorie one, they did it with no problem cuz I had a dr.s note to change it. ask your dr. to do the same and they will change it.


Ashleyg - March 7

i also live in virginia and am on wic...they will give us any type of similac, but no other brands that i am aware of...goodluck


luviduvi - March 7

The reason why most states pay for the Similac is b/c that is the form that healthcare says is the "best" The reason why I know this is b/c when ds was in the NICU, we said we wanted to put our son on enfamil and they made us feel like neglectful parents b/c of it. I was p__sed b/c our dd was on enfamil and did beautifully with it and is smart as a whip. We did go with the Similac after their reasoning why enfamil was bad, however, we switched ds onto the Isomil at 6 weeks and ds did very well on it.


punkin01 - March 7

in AL i just called my WIC office and told them my babys symptoms (she was having problems with the lactose in formula) and that her pedi was closed (he closes 1/2 day on wednesday) and they hadme bring in what she had left and gave me a voucher for the cans i turned in for the lactose free so if there is a reason they should change it for you they do here........


punkin01 - March 7

now they did tell me if that kind didnt work and she needed a different brand her pedi could write her a Rx for it and they would change it ....hope this helps


Felisha - March 7

you have to have a doctors note saying that it is a medical condition for them to switch formulas i know that for a fact in colorado i just moved here and just got on wic and had to switch for enfamil to simalac



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