So Fustrated

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karen - January 20

Ok We have some family members (in laws to be excat) who are in need financially. We have always been able to help here and there. Now it is a whole new sitution and our circ_mstances have changed . I was not working for four months(leaving everthing on bf and our savings). I have a new job staring Feb 1 so things will get back to normal soon. The thing is they do not seem to UNDERSTAND that we cannnot help them right now. They want and that is it. I have tried to explain a million times and they still keep bugging . It really is getting on my last nerve. I am afried to say some really mean things (on my mind) and distroy our relationship.


karen - January 20

Sorry I know it it is OT, just have to VENT>. Oh yea had a talk with bf and he agrees and will talk to them again.


Christy - January 20

No offense, but it sounds like you've become their personal interest-free lending inst_tution. Tell them the bank is closed. They will get over it. Next time they bring it up, tell them you guys are broke and were actually wondering if they could help you out. You know, turn the tables on them. Maybe they'll get the picture and drop it. Or just tell them you're broke and to please stop asking you guys b/c you're in no position to help them at this time. I know it's family and all, but I have a problem with people who habitually borrow money. They usually don't pay you back and have the nerve to get mad at you when you ask to be repayed. It should not become your and everyone else's problem that they can't get their act together financially. Sorry 'bout the generalizations, but that has been my personal experience with those situations. Hope I didn't offend you. :)


karen - January 20

Girl at this point nothing like that can offend me. I guess I am part to blame for always being there and always giving. It has jus t become too much now.


Jbear - January 20

Tell them you were glad to help them in the past, but that right now you really can't...look up public a__sistance in your area, and if they're really that bad off, suggest that they go and apply. Or suggest that they go get a payday loan...there are some people who will just bleed you dry if you let them.


Barb - January 21

I agree that you need to draw the line somewhere too...but I just also wanted to say that maybe you should also remember that it is a great blessing to be able to help those who are in have been blessed with financial stability and you will be rewarded for your generosity to others : ) just remember that when you get frustrated....that may be able to help repair some of the hard feelings you have for your seem to be a wonderful person with a giving heart = )


Shannon - January 21

hmmmm, they sound like leechers to me, no offense. maybe you could offer to help them in other non-monetary ways.



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