Stopping Breastfeeing

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brmi0202 - January 6

K so I have another question!! I have been br___tfeeding Cason for 5 weeks now. I am thinking about switching because it is becoming very fustrating! He constantly falls asleep during th enight because of the skin-on-skin contact, and I feel like my life revolves around his feedings. I feel very selfish saying that, but it would be nice to be able to go out with my fiancee and not have to worry about having enough bottles and pumping far enough in advance. I started him on one bottle today, and am doing 3 br___tfeedings for every one bottle. Can anyone offer advice/support for this worried mom??


Heidi - January 6

Yeah but he might still keep falling asleep while bottle feeding also! How is he doing with the bottle? Staying awake? I'd say when you switch b___sts, try to wake him up a little bit or maybe even change him. If it doesn't work out at least you did it for 5 wks. That's better than nothing!


C - January 6

I suggest doing both for as long as you can and then switch if you still want to. When I leave my son with someone, or go out with him, I normally use formula. I only pump once a day now because I hate it. I only suggest sticking with it because it gets so much easier and you may be happy you stuck with it. I like you I wanted some of my freedom back. My son is now over 8 months and I do 2 formulas and 3-4 b___stfeeds.


Heidi - January 6

Yes it does get easier too! Now it's like nothing at 12 wks. No pain, and she's more alert when she's eating. At 5 wks she was a little sluggish when she ate too.


Jenn... - January 6

If you stick with b___stfeeding, soon it won't take up so much of your time. You are almost done with the hard part. As their mouths get bigger they tend to become more efficient eaters and can fill their tummys faster. A quick way to fill your freezer with milk is to pump from one side in the morning while nursing at the same time. Your letdown is stronger and your supply is at its peak, so Cason should be satisfied with just one side.


Kay - January 6

You're almost past the tough part. It gets much easier between 6 and 7 months. BF is a front loaded job. The pay off is just around the corner.


jodie - January 7

HI. My son is almost 7 weeks and I stopped bf this week. He does great with the formula and seems to sleep better too. I am the same way as you I just feel like I have such a busy life that bf takes up all the time in the world. And like someone on another forum said formulas have gotton so good these days that there is nothing to worry about. I am sure you will get plenty of opinions from everyone...but make sure you do what is right for you...and not to feel guilty. Good luck!!!!!!!!



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