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Lovely - January 23

Didja miss me? A little over a month ago, I posted about how I was admitted to the hospital for an emergency surgery, thought to be for my appendix, but turned out to be a double salpingectomy. Both fallopian tubes removed. one month TO THE DAY after this wretched moment in my life, I was brought to the hospital AGAIN, this time by ambulance, for an at the time unknown pain, that was so bad, I passed out in the living room, in front of my 6 year old son. He sat cross-legged and cried as the paramedics put an oxygen mask on me. Turns out I had gall stones. Not one to be outdone by mediocrity, MY gall stone lodged itself in a common bile duct, and had me sitting in the hospital for a 2 weeks, unable to eat or really wanting to. I had an ERCP, where thay put a scope down your throat, through your stomach, an into your pipes, looking for the delinquint stone. This hideous procedure turned out to be ineffective for me. What luck. The procedure, however, caused an already elevated enzyme level to sky rocket to concerning proportions. (My Lipase level, which should be no higher than 150, was a frightening 6800. Just for the record, 10,000 is life-threatening, and it goes up almost hourly) My bilirubin was scary-high and I was sick, to say the least. After discussing 'options' with my surgeon, we chose to take out my gall bladder on thursday, and repeat h__l-ish ERCP on monday. If that proved to be unsuccessful again, it would require an open surgery to remove the stone that could kill me. When I woke on thursday from the gall bladder surgery, I was told thay could not find the stone-again. Although, this time there is a twist. My blood work came back that my lipase was only 650!!!!!! The stone MIRACULOUSLY passed itself, after almost killing me!!!!! I won't need an ERCP OR an open surgery!!!!! I don't know who to thank for pulling strings for me 'up there' but WOW do I owe someone BIG!!!!!! I'm now on the slow mend, from having 3 abdominal surgeries in only 4 months. My blood pressure is real low, so I'm on Nazi-Ordered rest. With a husband who's a truck driver (who left the day after I got home) I see that being difficult. This has been GREAT for PP weight loss, though! The scariest part of this ordeal? My mil has come to stay with me!!!!! (Cue in horror music here) EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TC - January 23

Wow, you still manage to be comical even after all of that. I am so sorry to here what happened to you. You know my mom just had gall stones last yr. She called me screaming in pain and had to rushed to the hospital. Hers miracously pa__sed as well. It is amazing that these little stones could do so much damage. BTW, my advice for your mil is to stay in the bedroom and make her work. Bruh ha ha ha (evil laugh)


Mommy - January 23

Ahhhhhhhhh, that had to suck to say the very least. Glad you did okay through it though cause it could have been worse I'm sure. And your poor little boy having to see his mommy like that! :o( I feel so bad for him. At least you lost some baby weight LOL. Hope you feel better soon and take advantage of the Nazi-Ordered rest, because once you are better you are going to miss it. :o)


Grantsmom - January 23

All I can say is bless your heart darlin!!! I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm almost ready to endure gallstones to lose my baby weight! LOL! Try to milk the bedrest and free mil labor for all it's worth.


Christy - January 23

That's awful! I am so sorry for everything you've been through, but glad to hear you're on the mend. I hope you get well and back on your feet soon.


tiffani - January 23

Well Thank GOD you're alright now. What an ordeal, I can't imagine all the pain you've suffered. I'm glad to see you back, and wish you a speedy recovery. Can you atleast drink a beer to ease the MIL pain??? LOL :o)


amanda.d - January 23

Hope you get well soon Lovely!


keeks - January 23

All I can say is WOW!!!! Lovely, I am so very sorry to read about your ordeal. Believe me when I say, I know how bed sucks. Think of this time in your life as a blessing Honey. Remember God won't give us more than we can handle. Well, I hope you feel better soon. (((((HUGS))))


Dawn C - January 23

WOW!! Sorry to hear that. GLad you are on the road to recovery!!!!!


Lisastar9 - January 23

It's amazing what the body can endure. Hope you get better soon and your motherin law doesn't drive you crazy. My son who is five would not know what to do if something happened to me. Did your six year old call the albalance for you.


Lovely - January 23

no, THANKFULLY, the first attack happened the ONE night a week my DH is home, so he called, when he saw the pain I was in. I actually pa__sed out from it! I thought I was tougher than that... hmmm note to self, get more tattoos to convince self.... As for my boy.. he seems to be better now that I'm home. Who knows how that can scar someone, though! And speaking of scars, my belly looks like a road map now. Directions anyone?


Kristina - January 23

omg....I had gall stones once...NOT FUN!! Sorry to hear! =(


tiffani - January 23

Lovely~ This has nothing to do with this thread, but I just want you to know that you crack me up! I love reading your posts, as they are always witty and entertaining. Again, I hope you get well soon. :o)


Lovely - January 24

Thanks, Tif. And btw, I wasn't joking about my mil. Today she tried to kill us all. At 55 years old, she doesn't know that you have to OPEN THE GARAGE DOOR BEFORE warming up the car!!!!! I ran into an exhaust filled garage to open the door before we succ_mbed to certain daeth. I swear, the woman has the common sence of a potato. No offence to potatoes meant.



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