A Big Boy Bed Already

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ssmith - January 23

I was just talking to my sis-in-law, and she said that she has just set up a toddler bed for her son (my nephew). He will be 19 months old on Saturday. This seems really young to be in a bed instead of a crib..... What do you think?


Lisastar9 - January 23

I have heard it has worked for parents starting early,as for me we never used a crib. We used a king size bed with bed rail.


sahmof3 - January 23

My oldest son was almost 3, and my daughter was 22 months when they made the move. My youngest son is 18 months and as soon as I can find a day to get the toddler bed from my neighbor (she's loaning me one) I need to move him. I don't really want to so young, but his chest is at the top of the crib rail with the crib on its lowest setting and I'm afraid he will soon fall out. Anyway, I plan to put those doorknob covers on his doors (he has a door that opens to the hall and one that opens to our master bath (his bedroom used to be the office to our master suite))... anyhoo... so that he can't escape and get into trouble.


sahmof3 - January 23

...my older two moved right into normal beds w/ rails, as Lisastar said, but we are now out of beds lol so ds will have to use my neighbor's toddler bed until we get him a real bed ;-)


Rabbits07 - January 24

I couldn't imagine that myself unless as sahmof3 said they had the things where they couldn't leave their room. I would be so paranoid that they would get up and wonder around and get hurt without me hearing.


BreaunasMommy - January 24

my dd will be 19 mths on the 30 we got her a dora toddler bed for christmas.She absolutely loves it. She is very good about staying in the bed but sometimes she will get up for a bit and play, We also got a video monitor so we can see everything she does and there is nothing in her room that she can get into that she shouldnt and we keep her door closed so she cant escape lol.


Robyn212006 - January 24

My son is 20months and has been in his toddler bed for 3 months now. He loves it and I never had any trouble.


ConnorsMommy - January 24

I'm moving my ds into a toddler bed when he's around that age (19mos.) because i'm having another baby in April. The new baby will sleep in the pack and play till he's about 3 or 4mos. but after that, I'm going to move him into my first ds' crib.. and i'd rather buy a toddler bed instead of buying a second crib.


hello - January 24

One lady i know told me to hold off, they cannot get out of a cot


iemc19 - January 24

Mine all got put into a bed with a rail by that age - they were just too confined in a cot and stopped sleeping so well...the minute they hit a big bed they slept like angels - mostly!!


mcatherine - January 24

My son was really young, too young imo, like 15-16 months. He kept climbing out of the crib though - so we had no choice. I remember we started using the baby monitor again so we could hear him if he got up. (and he did - a lot) He loved his little bed!


Emily - January 24

My dd was 18 mos. I wasn't really planning on doing it so early. One day I set up the bed in the spare room and got everything all cleaned up. I was 4.5 mos pregnant with our second and wanted to give myself some time to get her used to the idea of the bigger bed. It wasn't a toddler bed, but part of a bunk bed and sits low to the ground. We also used rails. Plus I have another one that we can use for my next dd. They can't be used as bunks anymore, but work great as singles.....anyway the day I set eh bed up, my dd wanted to sleep in there. so I put her in there thinking I would have to put her back in her crib before the night was up but to my suprise shew slept all night (which she had not been doing) To think about it now I am sure she was just ready and that she didn't have enought room in her crib and that was what woke her up. I really think it depends ont he child. Mine was ready....I doubt my second one will be that early but I really can't tell she is only 7mos but she just seems to be content to go at a slower pace than her sister.....


cae - January 24

Ditto Rabbits...My fear would be that he would quietly get up and get into things, and I would be sound asleep. I can see myself using the video monitor til he is 10..lol



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