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julieB - May 19

my ds had a circ_mcision last month when he was 1 month and it never seemed to heal right.. the doc gave him antibiotic cream to put on the sight. and hydrocortisone for the swelling (as well as putting it on his face for eczema).. When I brought him to the doc's for his 2 month shots last week I mentioned that there was something white and it looked like a st_tch on the side.. the on call doc was able to take some of it out, but every time she pulled and let go it would go back inside.. nevertheless she gave me antibiotic ointment for the swelling from the irritation.. I brought him back to his regular doc and he tried to use some kind of tweezer with clamp looking instrument to pull it out and kept cutting him up at the spot where the thread was, it was very hard to reach it at this point.. The doc says now that the "material will just absorb itself ".. and gave me a prescription for amoxicillin.. I am warry about giving my ds the medication.. What should I do.. .. What I think is that the thread that is tied around the area to prep for the circ_mcision has been cut and has now embedded itself under the skin.... My poor little boy.. what should I do???


julieB - May 19

I forgot to mention that , that was done two days ago and it is now healing ,, and low and behold you can still see the white thread burried inside..


Rabbits07 - May 19

Oh my gosh, I have never heard of that happening. The amoxicillin is just an oral antibiotic so I don't really see that there would be any danger in giving it...I would a__sume it was given to keep the area from becoming infected since there is a foreign object embedded in it. I would be concerned about that being left 'in there' though. I would go for a second (third) opinion and also take steps to find out EXACTLY what it is that they use to tie that off with and what it is made of. The only material I know of used in surgical procedures that the body absorbs is the catgut (sp?) st_tching. I'm sure if your doctor felt there was any danger he would be doing more, but I would find out more just to ease my mind for certain.


julieB - May 19

I forgot to mention that the on call doc did say that he may have to see a uroligist to take more evasive measure to take the material out..I spoke to the regular pedi yesterday and he said that the material will eventially absorb into the body, but I am not totally believing. I am going to NY in 2 days to visit my family.. so I think I am getting him checked out there .. I will call the hospital or another doc to find out before I go.. thank you.. I hate that my little boy has to go through this.. :-(


Mindi - May 19

Wow, I am so sorry to hear that. I am sure the antibiotic is fine. I will be getting my ds circ_mcised when he is born, and I hope I don't have to go through the agony of what you have went through. As far as the st_tch, don't be shocked if it doesn't disappear. When my husband was little, he fell and cut his chin. The dr. put blue st_tches in and to this day, when he shaves his face, you can still see a little bit of the blue st_tch that never dissolved. I hope your little boy is doing well and that everything works out for him.


julieB - May 19

I got a call from the regular pedi today and they referred me to a urologist.. they will have to recut and remove the string that was tied around it to cut off the blood supply before the actual circ_mcision was done.. the string is made of cotton, and not absorbable.. I knew that because of it still in tact.. I feel so bad for my little one.. He will be seeing a new doc when I come back.. I just worry about how much they will have to cut to remove all of it.. I know the knot and some from each side came out with it.. I never thought about the rest for some reason.. I wish it was st_tches.. Apparently they dont use st_tches anymore. They use a cotton string and a plastibell.. (more like a cuff , to keep its shape..).. My little guy is happy now but will not be when they have to remove it again.. Thank God my ds is still small , he will not remember, but I will.. So Mindi make sure the string falls out , in tact, with the plastibell .. Dont do what I did.. I waited too long and now the skin has grown around it..


julieB - May 19

Thank you Rabbit for making me realize that I will have to call the pedi and demand info on what the string was actual made of .. The doc would not even talk to me personally .. he had his receptionist tell me and give me the urologist's # to call and make an appt.. Thanks again..


HannahBaby - May 19

Wow, thats crazy. Thank god the hospital that im delivering at uses all metal instraments, not tieing here!!


julieB - May 20

if I would have known that the docs can use just metal I would have chosen that method.. incredible how much I have learned about circ_mcisions on the web.. lol... Hannah that is a good deal.. Good luck on your delivery



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