A Cold At 5 Wks

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Julie - November 21

I think my little one has a cold. He was up last night sounding like he was congested and I have been suctioning his little nose. It is his only symptom but I could hear him having a hard time breathing. We are going to the doctor this afternoon. I know there isn't much they can do for the little guy I just worry because he is sooo young. I have done everything to keep my house clean as possible I am a germ freak! I make my 3 year old sanitize his hands 24/7. I can't imagine how he got a cold I am so careful. Any suggestions to get through this would be appreciated.


Lesley - November 21

All babies get stuffy noses, and most the time it is not a cold. If you are too worried try putting a tissue with a drop of olbis oil on under his sheet. Only use a tiny bit though.


Julie - November 21

It sounds like he is really snorting during sleep like he is having a hard time breathing. Now that he is up and awake he seems fine. His nose isn't runny but I can hear it. When I suction it with the bulb there is a little mucus?


Brandy - November 21

My baby got a cold at 5 1/2 weeks. The dr. had me get "Little Noses," it's a saline solution for kids. I put a couple drops in her nose a few times per day, and it made her mucus thin so she could sneeze it out or I could suction it.


... - November 21

...it also sometimes helps to keep the thermostat around 65 degrees at night to prevent drying out babies sinuses.


Shannon - November 21

when my baby has some snot in her nose she snorts sometiems, especially when she's crying. i used the nasal aspirator, i believe it's called (the blue suctiony thing) on her the other day and got some of it out and she stopped.


Lissi - November 21

My baby had a cold at 6 weeks. I'm pretty sure she caught it from a toddler at the baby clinic, who kept wanting to hold her hand. It's impossible to keep them away from all germs. It is distressing when they are so small though. Definitly get a nasal aspirator. It really helped my daughter to sleep, although she still sounded snuffly. Keep his room cool but not drafty and let him sleep as long as he wants. My daughter slept through most of her cold and fed a bit less than usual.


lisa - November 21

my baby also got a cold at 5-6 weeks....i did the sucking of the nose...doc also said to get a humidifier...and that seemed to work great for her.


It's just a cold - November 22

Calm down, It's just a cold and you are wasting the doctors time. Unless they are not feeding or are miserable don't waste the doctors time. My baby had a cold at 4 weeks and it is common and making your poor 3 year old end up with a hand washing disorder is just madness. Ask at the drug store for some baby medicine suitable for his age and to aid with the cold. It won't hurt to give him some in the evening.


d - November 22

My son has had 3 colds since birth. He had a hard time breathing at night because of the stuffy nose and would wake up crying because it was bothering him and he wanted to sleep. I gave him tempra and sunctioned his nose often. He still got a cold even though I was b___stfeeding. I think its just his immune system coping with the environment. I heard that its good for them because it makes thier immune system stronger next time it faces a certain geram again. I don't think you can prevent colds 100 percent and when it happens you just have to bear at least one-two weeks of it. Did you hear about the recent study they found on how you catch a cold? Well they found that people with feet in cold water developed runny noses and a week later most of them developed a cold. When the nose is runny your nose is susceptible to catching colds more. So the old saying of mothers "don't forget to put on your hat mittens and dress warm" is true. Its important to check the hands if there cold, the feet and the head and keep them warm. If this is true for adults imagine the little ones.


Julie - November 22

Well my son had his one month appt. anyway so I had him check him out and he said it is probably just dry air his lungs sounded great and he hasn't had a runny nose. It seems just at night he sounds stuffed up? I put a humidifier in our room and he wasn't so bad last night. By the way the Dr. said not give the baby any medicine he is too young. The only thing you can do is give him nose drops and suction out his nose.


To it's just a cold! - November 22

You calm down, and stop giving people a hard time for worrying about their kids! There is no medicine you can give to a baby at that age! Idiot! They can't take anything until they reach 2 months. I know, because I checked with several pharmacies, and all they would offer me was saline nose drops. If a mother is seriously worried about the health of their child, they should always contact the doctor. It's best to be safe than sorry.



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